Today’s Clover (Jan. 23, 2018)

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I encountered this Clover two days after our area got a couple inches of snow. No snow on the roads – and 52 degrees outside. Not much chance of anything freezing. Yet this Clover – in his four wheel drive SmooooooooooVeeee – wouldn’t go any faster than about 43 MPH on a road with a speed limit of 55 MPH:

Worse, he wouldn’t pull off onto the shoulder to let the cars stacked up behind him pass. This behavior defines a Clover. Not slow, old lady-style driving. Inconsiderate old lady-style driving.

Driving 38-43 MPH on a road with a 55 MPH speed limit – the road completely clear, the sky blue and the sun shining – marks one as an inept driver who probably ought to let someone else drive.

Not moving to the right – or onto the shoulder – marks one as a Clover.

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  1. This behavior is because of the fear of the dreaded BLACK ICE! This apparently invisible stuff lives in blind curves and shadows. It leaps out onto the road surface like a deer, ready to cause mayhem!

    Taunt the black ice by driving the speed limit at your peril.

    • I have seen something in newer cars now that may account from a small fraction of this behavior. Man of them have an instant warning system alerting the driver to “possibility of road icing”. With sensors monitoring ambient air temp and humidity, this could be helpful, but I don’t know exactly how these sensors are programmed, nor where they are located. Is wind chill factor calculated in any manner? I suspect that the system programming has a large margin of error, if for no other reason, than to mitigate manufacturer liability. Then agian, the message could be generated by receiving outside data, say, from a local weather network, but I highly doubt it. Of course, ANY ice still needs to be at 32F or below, so at 52-55F it really shouldn’t be an issue, not that I would trust most of them to actually “think” while driving.

  2. What a waste of a perfectly good V8………….ugh…………….

    Why do they bother buying these powerful vehicles and then drive like that? I don’t get it.

    • Modern dick-measuring, and the women do it too. They don’t use it 99% of the time, but they have to let everyone else know they have it. Primary causes – Low self esteem and the availability of “instant gratification”, because they won’t be getting “anything else” instantly.


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