Slower Is Safer!

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Forget about getting there anytime soon . . . if you happen to be driving in New York City.Mayor-Elect Bill De Blasio Visits The Soros Funded Talking Transition Tent

The new gauleiter – oops, mayor – Bill de Blasio – is a true believer in the ancient mantra, speed kills! Therefore, there will be less speed in NYC. A new maximum of 25 MPH is in the works (see here). It would be city-wide. No car will be permitted to travel faster than the top speed of a horse.

No, scratch that. A horse – if it’s not a candidate for the glue factory – can run a lot faster than 25 MPH.

Courtesy of deBlasio, NYC travelers will revert to the slower than horse (and buggy) days of the 19th century.


It’s all part of de Blasio’s Vision Zero plan. God help us all. The idea is to slow everything up for the sake of  . . . sigh  . . .  “safety.” 

But wait. There’s more. There is always more.

Pedestrian advocates – yes, there is such a critter – don’t think 25 MPH is “safe” enough.

They want the maximum lawful speed dropped to 20 MPH.

At which point, why not just become a pedestrian oneself?horse and buggy

Which is perhaps the true object of this exercise.

Even 25 MPH makes driving almost pointless – except that you do get to sit down. Which is a good thing, given how long you’ll be sitting down.

A pedi-cab would do just as well.

Of course, with a max allowed speed of 20-25 MPH, even a pedi-cab will be in danger of receiving a piece of paying’ paper, courtesy of NYC’s Swinest. There are already at least 120 speed cameras salted throughout Manhattan; see here.  According to The New York Times, some 23,000 tickets – at $50 a pop – have been auto-mailed to hapless New Yorkers since January.

Smile – you’re on Candid Camera!

“We have an obligation to protect (drumroll, please) our children’s safety,” de Blasio eructed“And these additional speed cameras will play a key role in our efforts to reduce pedestrian deaths . .  by changing driver behavior to make us all safer.”

Which brings up an interesting – perhaps awkward question. Will the boars in blue also have to abide by the sacred speed limit? Or do they get to ignore it? You know – like they get to ignore the laws about brandishing (and firing) handguns?



Of course not.

“Speed” does not “kill”  . . . when it is done by the state’s anointed.

Or so we’re expected to believe. In the same way we’re expected to believe that “training” of the state’s anointed will eliminate the possibility that someone will fire a gun wildly in a public space, hitting lots of people who aren’t criminals (as here).    


Just as the state’s anointed get to shoot first and get asked few (if any) questions later, so also will they be granted legal leave to drive as fast as they please. Just squeal “exigent circumstance!” or “officer safety” or “hot pursuit” and it’s game on.

But because NYC’s Mere Mundanes will be operating at near-walking speed (they’d better – or else!) there will be more speed variance when the state’s anointed bum’s rush through the city. This is relevant because speed variance does kill.   wrecked cop car

Picture a crowded city street, jammed with cars. One car is weaving at 40, 50 – maybe 70 MPH – through the pack of cowed subservients gimping along at 20-25. The subservients are not expecting this. They have adjusted their driving on the assumption that the traffic around them will be operating at more or less the same speed.

Except when one’s not. Then – whack.

Or, consider those pedestrians. They get used to cars that are barely moving faster than they can walk. It’s safe to step off the curb, walk across the street… until that “speeding” man o’ the state in his exempted state of grace runs said pedestrian down.


In which case, a ticket (much less handcuffs) will not be forthcoming. Some desk time, perhaps.

DeBlasio says his “vision” is the elimination of traffic deaths in NYC by the year 2024. This might be accomplished if everyone – boars included – had to push their cars across the city.

But then “we” would need a new “vision” to deal with the burgeoning “crisis” of heart attacks and bad knees.

Oy Vey.

Throw it in the Woods?  

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    • That’s right, Clover. No one is forced to live there. Why, they can just quit their job, pack up and move!

      Love it, or leave it – right, Clover?

      • As many people as possible that I know – DON’T live there. Wouldn’t if you PAID them. They’ll commute in and work there, and grumble about the commute – but the horror of LIVING in the shitty?

        NO ONE is that crazy – except the clovers who make the world worse by breathing…

  1. This is reason #456,789 that I don’t live in NYC.

    What Comrade DeBlasio doesn’t understand is that he’s hurting himself doing this because thanks to modern technology, you don’t need to be anywhere near Wall Street or Madison Avenue to work there. You can live in a less-Cloverfied place and still work for a bank, brokerage or advertising agency.

    Expect people to start leaving soon.

  2. Dear, Anti Federalist

    Love your nic. Love, Love, Love it!

    Reading about the anti-Federalist papers was the third thing that, ‘Made The Light Go On’ for me. It was right about the time the city gooberment forced the cruisers out of the downtown area (in the 1980’s) and out onto the hyway where it was certain more deaths would occur. It was like a power multiplier for the Mad Women against Drunk Driving.

    I spoke out at the time.

    But it made no difference.

    Do you think they’ll next require all wheels to be square?

    I wonder how much earlier children will have to get up in the morning to meet the school bus? That sucks. For them, and their parents.
    They’ll get home at 5 P.M. But what is time when it comes to obedience to The State? I mean. come on!?
    [Coff: homeschooll]

    I guess this is the end of pizza delivered in thirty minutes or less?

    Anyway, do you think there is a big pay back from the city union for having to replace all the speed limit signs in the city? Or, are they just going to remove All the speed limit signs now that the local emperor has made his decree?

    Does this mean they will do away with school speed zones? Or do they even have them out that way?
    I hate the flashing lights in my town telling me to slow down, that I’ve just entered a school zone as if it’s a religious area requiring silence and obedience from everyone while at the same time indicating the school children are total nincompoops incapable of dealing with moving cars and that a fence separating pedestrians from cars is a tad bit too much of an inconvenience to the the city.

    And just Nevermind pedestrian overpasses.

    I can’t imagine the other horrors as to how this will cripple the economy there. But I could just imagine the Clover’s of the area skipping for joy while feeling a sense of power over their neighbors.

    I also couldn’t imagine the frustration people will feel as they try to drive down roads that are designed for thirty or forty mile an our traffic, yet the so-called ‘People’ are commanded to drive 25 m.p.h. Oh the frustration and tempers will flair.

    Of course I should Never Ever see this as a revenue generation mechanism.
    No sir.

    • Gotdamn, I’m so furious after reading V’s Diary of a Teenage Runaway

      I need to take-beer, many bottles of take-beer

      It’s dumbfounding the way they’ve managed to pervert total technological triumph and mastery into such puritanical buggery.

      I wouldn’t care if the Saudi’s financed an entire ISIS theater on American soil and conscripted every moo-slim into jihading north over the Rio Grande and beheading every single motherfucker earning a living through state power in Asshole America.

      Even child bride bangers muhammad and allah are more akbar than these assholes.

      Fuck ’em and feed their heads to the sharks and condors.

      Wait it’s MZF, must tame lizard brain, rekindle rational brain.

    • Helot,

      Why, thanks! The AF papers were an eye opener for me as well.

      That principled men tried to warn everybody what would happen, just like we tried to warn everybody 30 years ago, when MADD and their ilk first showed up.

      And I bet you, just like me, got laughed at when you warned people then, that seat belt and drunk driving laws would lead to road blocks and arrests.

      Although I never thought in million years they would go as far as forced blood draws.

      And Boobus is fine with it…

    • Helot,

      Oh, forgot, to answer you question:

      I think they will just pull all the signs. You’ll get dunned by big electronic signs as you drive in, messages about about “strictly enforced speed limits”, “crackdowns on speeders” and “traffic monitored by camera”, letting you know that 26 MPH will get you a SWAT raid.

      I can’t wait for the self driving people pods, that will dispense with all that, and just lock you in and drive you to the nearest enforcement center for punishment.


      I’m old enough to remember the NYC of Abe Beam and Ed Koch…and I prefer that world.

      The future is fail.

  3. @ Mike:


    I doubt it. People WANT this, “Red” Bill was appointed in a landslide. Any natural yearning for freedom has pretty much been washed out of most AmeriKunts, especially big city dwellers.

    People want three things in life, and this has pretty much always been the case:

    1 – To be Fed.

    2 – To be Entertained.

    3 – To exercise some Petty Power over their fellow man.

    Look at how people in your home town of Boston cheered and applauded the cops for marching them out of their homes at rifle point and locking a whole town down.

    On the anniversary of Concord Bridge no less.

    Sam Adams wept.

    • I agree with you, AF –

      Unfortunately, most people seem to enjoy servitude – or at least, do not object to it. And many very much enjoy “serving” others. The petty (and often not-so-petty) urge to control/direct others. It’s as common as pot bellies and has become so reflexive and natural most don’t even realize they’re doing it. Consider any town meeting – just about.

      “Our schools” need funding!

      “The children!”


      • Eric,

        That was a “light bulb” moment for me, a thunderclap, a diamond bullet between the eyes, to quote Marlon Brando.

        The day I realized that, in spite of our best efforts and people, freedom is NOT popular.

        Apply that knowledge across the board.

    • AF, it is sickening how the state where the revolution started has become the ultimate nanny state, I’ve expressed my disgust here many times over the clovers cheering their oppressors during the martial law tryout after the marathon bombing. Sadly that’s still a minority opinion, though there have been a few dissenting articles occasionally appearing in the lamestream media. My favorite part of that abomination was that the trigger happy fascists managed to almost kill one of their fellow oinkers while running through the streets shooting in all directions as if it was the wild wild west.
      A couple more years and I’m going to be Mike in Florida; the winters here (especially this past one) suck big time and at least in Flori-Duh I can defend myself with a gun against any douchebags who invade my space.

  4. NYers won’t push back. A few years ago Iceland lowered its speed limit from 60 to 30, and traffic deaths promptly doubled and have stayed higher.

    Here’s what will happen. The smucks using headphones will walk out in front of cars in record numbers. Maybe it’s time for car drivers to start suing these bastards for pain and crime. Record numbers of poor peds (cue Chicago) will start walking out in front of cars to collect the Chicago stipend for bodily harm. Anyway fatalities will only INCREASE. Blastio knows that. The undertakers know that, and probably pushed for this law.

    Another problem is that more CO2 pollution will occur (if you believe that shit). Cars will spend more time in a lower gear and use more petrol. Do I hear bells ringing for more tax revenue? More maintenance as these lower speeds fall under “severe use”.

    Too bad those planes only hit the WTC. They should have aimed for city hall instead. Then niyorkers would be in the streets cheering (well, most liberty lovers would be) as the control freaks ate their dust.

    • New York is an epicenter of Cloverism; has been for a long time. My worry is that – like gun “control” – this will spread.

      It’s biology, unfortunately.

      There are more and more of . . . them every year.

      • RE: “My worry is that – like gun “control” – this will spread.”

        Yes, it’s ‘directed history’, just like they say over at The Daily Bell.

        In the same way the set belt laws, the lowered drinking age, and any numerous other laws have spread across the land faster than the ‘New Wave’ of the 1980’s.

        Maybe this time it’ll be obvious to Mass Man that he is ruled, that he is just a subject toiling under an empire? That his life is All about serving the empire in it’s conquest of death and detruction.

        I won’t hold my breath.

        Mass Man is freaking stupid.

        Onward Christian soldiers! Psft!

  5. Have taken many cab rides in NYC where 25mph would be the minimum speed; can’t believe they could make a living with that limit. As you said, might as well walk, it would be faster. Hopefully there will be enough pushback to stop this insanity since New York is loaded with type A personalities who won’t be swayed by the saaaaafety argument. Will be interesting to see which side prevails, if it’s DeBlasio they might as well shut the city down.

  6. Low speed limits around schools have proven one thing, that kids no longer see themselves at fault when they run into the traffic. Their parents don’t seem to feel responsible either. It’s always the driver’s fault.

    Many times I’ve come around a corner in the suburbs and had to avoid kids playing footy on the road, when there’s a park not 50 metres away. Lower speed limits (from 60 to 50 k’s) have only encouraged this.

    The amount of time we already spend negotiating suspension-killing speed bumps, chicanes and staring at the dashboard rather than looking out for errant pedestrians is proving to be far more dangerous than just leaving us to our own devices.

    I hope DeBlasio (appropriate name if you know some German) discovers that his driver can’t get away from the angry crowds that wanna tip over his car.

  7. DeBlasio said in his inauguration that he was a firm “statist”. What human stupidity he is doing comes natural for a devout member of Marxist ideology. “Protect the Children”……I said it in previous postings…..never turn your back to anyone claiming they want to “protect the children”. They are frauds and arguing anything with them is a waste of time. They are control freaks who will murder children on a whim if it gets them one step closer to their dream and your nightmare.

  8. The obvious problem are all the wheels.

    Make everything tires and wheels contraband in NYC. Eliminated them from POVs, wheel barrows, hand carts, roller blades, bicycles, motorcycles, trains and delivery trucks. The law can be extended to include pulleys, pumps, bearings, bushings, shovels, fans, cups, plates, clocks, marbles, eggs and everything else that is even remotely circular or round or spherical.

  9. Eric you are only 1/2 right. Comrade DeBlasio already got rid of the horses and carriages in Central Park and gave the stables to his wealthy pals. He said they created too much pollution.


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