Tesla Posts Another Massive Loss…

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But you’d never know it from reading the coverage.

Here’s the first paragraph from an Automotive News article:

“Customer deposits for the $35,000-and-up Model 3 sedan helped Tesla Motors Inc. grow its cash on hand during the first quarter of 2016, according to an earnings report that Tesla released on Wednesday… “

Then, as an afterthought, the article mentions:

“… as it reported a wider net loss of $282 million.”

So, Tesla lost almost $300 million… but Automotive News chose to emphasize “customer deposits” for its not-even-here-yet Model3 (which may not be here until sometime in 2017 at no-one-really-knows what price) rather than tout the fact that the company continues to lose money.

That’s the relevant fact.

And they used to teach in journalism school that you wrote about facts in news stories… and didn’t blowjob a company’s projections.


And they ask my why I drink….


  1. Looks like Musk is running a scam a la “The Producers” – get a bunch of other people’s money up front and then disappear it when he declares bankruptcy. Only a question of when.

    • No more than a CEO salary + bonus skim. From what they are doing I’d say they are spending just about every dollar. Also he’s too high profile so it’s got to be legal. That doesn’t mean moral, just legal.

  2. Why do the fanboys lick Elon boots?

    For the same reason millions lick red elephant skin boots. And even more millions lick blue donkey skin boots. Rather than take responsibility for their own lives, they prefer imagining they”re some kind of noble American servants to some kind of noble American cause. They’d rather lurk under the table licking the boots of authority as part of Bastiat’s Unseen like some kind of domesticated human pet.

    This episode of the “Secret Diary Of A Call Girl” captures the ethos of the dom’s slaves, the “Second Handers,” quite well. Starting at the 7:54 mark…

    What about the sex? – There is no sex.
    – None at all? – How do you know when you’ve finished? – My watch beeps.
    I’m a goddess to my slaves.
    That’s what they want.
    I wouldn’t stoop to sex with them.
    Plus I’m a married woman.

    He knows? Of course he knows.
    Our sitting room’s a dungeon.
    That’s great.
    Is he in the business? Oh, Frank’s a professor but he’s often there in sessions.
    Pottering about making tea.
    It must be lovely.
    Sharing it with someone.
    It’s marriage.

    Not clean enough.
    You try it.
    – There you go.
    – That was bizarre.

    You’ve got to see for a lot of people, Belle, it’s a huge relief.
    Not being in charge? It’s not him doing these dirty things.
    His mistress is forcing him.
    He has no choice.
    Yeah, must be peaceful under the table.
    I think I’m starting to get it.

    Then you’re ready.

    Close the door.
    Clothes off.
    Wear this.
    Kneel here.
    Yes – Yes what? – Yes, mistress.

    Everything’s worked out in advance.
    The script.
    The scenario.
    Even the insults I’ll use have been agreed with him over e-mail.
    Hands behind your back.
    I’m not gonna bend down for you.
    On the chair.
    – Now you’re going to do whatever I tell you.

    – Oh! When we caught you trying to escape I could have had you shot.
    This way I thought it’d be more fun For me.
    Please let me go, mistress.
    Speak up.
    Please let me go, mistress.
    You’re my prisoner here and you’re not going anywhere.

    Yes – Stop moving.
    – Sorry, mistress.
    I shall have to punish you.
    No, mistress.
    I don’t think I could take any more.
    – Really? – Yes, mistress.
    – Please stop.
    – OK, get up if you want.
    No, I’m a bad slave.
    Yes, you are.
    But if you want, you can just get up.

    – Even here at this website, that’s mostly what you do. Fret about how you’ve been a bad slave. Talk shit about how you’re a better slave than all the other kinds of slaves that are out there. The socialist slaves. The muslim slaves. The royalist slaves. The communist slaves. When will you finally realize you need to get out from under the table and start living your own lives. It’s no place for a man, under the table of one state or the other. The salient point is don’t live under a table, you fool.

    • Hi Tor,

      I suspect part of the reason for Musk’s popularity – especially among Millennials – is the same reason behind the popularity of Bernie Sanders. He promises dreamy things … which will just kind of manifest, to the greater abundance of all….

      • The slightest blip on the labor screen at TM and “another” plant will open in Sri Lanka to no fanfare at all where everything will eventually be moved. Shipping fees as has been proved for millenia are cheaper than decent wages.

  3. So Tesla managed to lose even more money then VW?

    The minute taxpayer dollars go away, the next minute is Tesla’s last. I wonder how much longer this scam can be pulled off?

  4. Two Tesla execs leave as earnings loom

    The electric automaker is expected to announce another trying financial quarter Wednesday, losing 68 cents per share on earnings of $1.6 billion, according to analysts. Tesla lost 87 cents per share at the end of its last quarter, a much bigger drop than analysts anticipated.

    Employee review of Tesla: “It Sucks”

    Terrible money. Treated like a slave. Insane working hours. Arrogant and abusive managers.

    Why Tesla Motors Sucks Monkey Balls

    • Who knows for sure who even wrote the Monkey Balls article. I chose this other one because at least you can read it. Good stuff, unknown ink stained wretched internet ranter who might be Carson Evers

      By Carson Evers for EV Alternatives

      Monkey Balls are the most horrible kind of balls there are. Not only are they hairy, and matted with mud, bugs, scabs and crusty effluents but they stink in the worst way possible.

      Because of this, when people say that Tesla Motors, and Elon Musk, for that matter, “Suck Monkey Balls”, they mean it in a manner which calls into question the ethics and quality of the Tesla cars…


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