Tesla Not So Great, CR Admits (Finally)

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Consumer Reports recently gave the Tesla Model S P85D a nearly unheard of perfect score for its usability and performance. But on Tuesday the magazine yanked its coveted recommendation for the electric car.

The problem: Tesla (TSLA)’s Model S earned a below-average reliability score in a recent Consumer Reports survey of owners.

That doesn’t change or contradict the car’s perfect performance score of 100, but it will probably give some buyers pause.beat a Tesla!

The bottom line is that the Model S is fun to drive, with great handling and amazing acceleration, but it also suffers from more than its share of annoying technical glitches, according to the magazine.

About 1,400 Tesla owners surveyed complained of problems with the car’s charging equipment, center console area and things like door and windows. They also had issues with the car’s electric drive systems and they complained about rattles, squeaks and leaks in the sunroof.

Tesla shares slid 10% shortly after Consumer Reports released the survey.


  1. Gee whiz! It appears building cars in mass production is actually quite difficult. Who’d have known it? Certainly not all those boastful wired-in electro-techie computer geeks we seem to hear so much from these days…

    • Elec Tech geeks are nearly always autists. It is the components themselves that are real in their minds. The fact that components themselves don’t pay them for their science and art never crosses their dysfunctional minds.

      Most of them see regulations and authorities as just another component to be coded into the final product or service. As if they were as necessary and natural as silicon chips, soldier, and bread boards.

      Heart and Humanity are seen as bells and whistles that can be hand waved away without consequence. They are just another expense that can be excluded, saving $0.003 worth of costs and simplifying the process so they can get home quicker and play that new online game that gets released today on Steam.

      • Autism is not neurological dysfunction, it is in fact evidence of superior neurology.

        Creative nerds tend to have aspie tendencies, and also lean decidedly towards Libertarianism. They tend not to be authoritarian minded, and only see the smaller picture like you, but rather are analytical and are better at taking the larger context into account. Aspies could make a far better job of the electric car than Elongated Musk could.

  2. I read about this earlier. Keep in mind the car is likely worse than reported. CR readers are very forgiving of CR approved cars historically.

    • The Rabbis of the Consumer Talmud are Voodoo Physicians and Mongol Social Justice Hordes all in one. They are beyond reproach or question. Their parsing and classification of the herds of wild products is seen as a the ultimate product.

      A union of consumers somehow become the producers, they are the higher beings, because they separate the wheat from the chaff and harvest the bounty of unseen often unkosher unwashed masses of goyim producers.

      They are the light of the industrial world. Altruists who let their lucent lawyer light shine before mere mortal men. Look ye and see the good that they do and give glory to Ralph Nader Jill Clayburgh and all the sainted archangels of New Jerusalem.

    • I would consider reliability as taking a back seat so to speak to Tesla’s actual mission, lining the pockets of a billionaire at tax payer expense.

    • Even if quality was a top priority, it would still be a tough job with the Tesla, there are so many different bits of electric parts that could go bad. I was at a car show and the owner of one was showing me all those little things. Things that will cost a fortune to fix when they go bad. Things like electric powered mirrors that fold towards the car when it goes into park. Cute feature until they break folded in (murphy’s law will ensure they never break in the out position).


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