Salt Lake City Heroes Shoot Weimaraner During Warrantless Search

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Salt Lake City cop shoots man’s dog during warrantless search

“Just the sheer sight of seeing my dog there — it was traumatizing.”

Sean Kendall's dog, now deceased. (Source: Sean Kendall)

SALT LAKE CITY, UT — A man says police entered his property without permission and then shot his dog in the head.

Sean Kendall was traumatized on June 18th when he found his beloved Weimaraner dead in his yard, courtesy of the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Police had helped themselves into Kendall’s private yard, later saying that they don’t need a warrant or permission to enter. Police were looking for a neighbor’s child that wandered off.

KSL reported the owner’s reaction:

Kendall said Geist had never been aggressive or lunged at anybody, so “the idea that he attacked an officer — it just doesn’t make sense,” he said. “I believe my dog came out of the dog kennel to see what was going on, who was here, stopped right here, and those were his last moments.”

Kendall said Geist had a single gunshot wound to the head.

“Just the sheer sight of seeing my dog there — it was traumatizing,” Kendall said. “Now he’s dead. I have him wrapped up in a blanket in the back of my truck, and now I have to go bury him.”


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    • Dear Tor,

      You wrote,

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        • Dear Tor,

          I’ve noticed that too, only recently, belatedly.

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  3. FYI

    Don’t You Dare Criticize Officers For Shooting Dogs, Whines SLC Top Cop
    J.D. Tuccille|Jun. 29, 2014 2:35 pm

    Police Chief Chris Burbank stepped in front of a camera—and acted pissy that anybody would dare criticize his officers.

    He went on to demand, well, that people respect his officers’ authoritah.

    “I ask only one thing, and that is that this community continues to approach interactions with the police department in a respectful manner.”

  4. FYI:

    Albuquerque Police Dept. Kills 26 people in 4 years
    Posted by Tom Hudson on Monday, June 23, 2014 · 58 Comments


    There is no doubt in my mind why citizens no longer trust law enforcement. Why should we? When an officer is killed, the entire community mourns and the officer is given honors and accolades. But, when a mentally ill man is gunned down, all we get is cover-up. I do not want to sound callous, but an officer’s life is no more valuable than that of the homeless man. Officers in Albuquerque have shown that they are not to be trusted and they are to be feared. There will come a day when citizens will start shooting back, but I imagine that Ms. Brandenberg will have no problem prosecuting those citizens.

  5. Video of owner confronting cops after his dog Geist was shot to death

    Man berates cops

    SLC council wants answers from Police Chief

    Go fund me – Geist (won’t help our cause to give $, but posted as an example of using the market to triumph over police state powerlessness)

    Dog killing cop must be fired

    SLC Police Chief addresses killing

  6. “As of Friday morning, more than 100 emails had been received and the number was steadily climbing, said Detective Dennis McGowan. The SLCPD’s Facebook page also was awash with reactions, overwhelmingly critical, and many of them calling for the officer’s termination.”

    “Further, the department will be reviewing a training module offered by the Department of Justice’s Office of Community Oriented Policing that, among other things, addresses animal encounters.”

    So let me get this straight. The officer enters a fenced yard the dog lives in, gets scared, kills the dog because his gun is the only thought that comes to mind, and now the weasel Chief wants the state to train his people on the subject? Beam me up Scotty.

    • “…many of them calling for the officer’s termination”. I’m calling for his termination too, the way a T1000 would. This pig should face murder charges but he probably won’t even get a wrist slap.
      I have to agree with Jean, it’s time to even the score with these maggots so that they actually will fear for “officer safety” the next time they break down someone’s door; hopefully there’ll be a 12 gauge waiting for them on the other side.

  7. This little piggy robbed markets,
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  8. Time to bury a few cops.
    It sends a emssage when they get away with this sort of thing;
    A pile of dead pigs sends a message, too: We’re not willing to tolerate this sort of behavior any longer; clean up, or else.

    Lousy situation, but apathy and ignoring it don’t fix it.

    • It’s pretty shocking that a boar in blue can simply walk onto private (cough) property, without even the pretext of the owner having committed any sort of “crime” – blow away a family pet and not face immediate felony arrest/prosecution, as well as civil suit.

      Private property ought to be just that – private. If you’re not invited by the owner, you are a trespasser and have no right to be there. Let alone brandish a gun and murder a pet.

      This asshole will claim “officer safety” – because a Weimaraner approached him. Anyone who knows dogs will immediately call bullshit on “officer safety.” These dogs are utterly passive; among the friendliest, least aggressive dogs extant.

      It takes a psychopath to murder one of these benign, trusting, affectionate animals.

      It’s not far from murdering a six-year-old child.


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