Heroes Shoot Another Dog

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Police in Henrico County, Virginia visited a family’s home to impart the tragic news that their son had been killed in a homicide but then proceeded to shoot the family’s pet dog Tiger.
Police Notify Family of Sons Homicide, Shoot Pet Dog 240713gun

33-year-old Ricky Ellerbe was robbed for $15 dollars and shot to death just eight blocks from his house.

When police arrived at the family home to tell them Ellerbe’s body had been found near an alley, the Ellerbe family pitbull, Tiger, ran towards one of the officers from the backyard but was almost instantly shot dead.

“They had told me my brother was dead and I’d come out back to cry on the porch and Tiger must have heard them. He ran into the front yard and the officer shot him,” LaToya Ellerbe told the News & Advance.

Henrico Police refused to comment on the incident.

The incident follows a spate of similar occurrences where police escalate already fraught situations by killing dogs in what many charge are unnecessary shootings.


  1. Heroes broke this Occupy Portland protester’s back to “protect him from the mob.” A mob composed of his fellow protesters and friends.

    22 year old Michael Saffioti dies in WA jail of dairy allergy. After eating oatmeal in jail, Michael couldn’t breathe. Other inmates heard Michael begging for help and the jailers accusing of “faking it.” They refused to get him help. An autopsy found his severe reaction to milk was the cause of his death.

    5 year old’s 911 call for help ignored, his 46 year old Mother dies. Hero 911 operator demands he “put a grown up on the line” and accuses him of playing a prank. She scares him into hanging up. He calls back again and begs for help and still no help is sent.

    • Tor, it seems that the guy who died in jail pretty much ended up there with the “encouragement” of his mom.

      Unrelated comment… Is your avatar now some woman flashing us with her clover “pasties”? What a hoot!


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