Buffalo, NY Heroes Execute Man’s Dog … After Raiding Wrong Apartment

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Another story that will make you “proud to be an American, where at least I know I’m freeeeeeeeeeee….”



As an Iraq war veteran, Adam Arroyo saw more than his share of bullets flying.

However, Arroyo would have never imagined that he would one day come home, to find his own apartment riddled with bullet holes, and his pet dog Cindy executed, by Buffalo, NY Police officers, after they executed a search warrant.

On the wrong apartment.

That’s exactly what Arroyo found Monday evening when he returned to his Buffalo apartment.

Buffalo Police officers busted his door, entered his apartment, and shot Cindy.

“She’s over here, chained up, and look at all these bullet holes man, look at the blood right there,” Arroyo told Buffalo’s WKBW News.

Buffalo Police left a search warrant in Arroyo’s apartment, which lists the apartment to be searched, as the upper apartment.

Arroyo lives in the upper-rear apartment, which has a completely separate entrance, and the mailbox is clearly marked with his name.

The suspect named in the search warrant is described as a male black, wanted on suspicion of selling crack cocaine..

Arroyo is Latino.

“For police to wrongfully come into my house and murder my dog, it wasn’t that they felt threatened, no, they murdered my dog,” said Arroyo as his eyes welled up with tears, as he added, “That was my dog, man, that was my dog, they didn’t ave to do that, you know. They didn’t have to do that.

Buffalo, NY Police spokesperson Michael DeGeorge says the department’s Internal Affairs division has launched an investigation into the case, but also added that police officers believed they had the right address.

Not only does Adam Arroyo, a veteran who served this country, return home to find his best friend shot dead, laying in a pool of blood, but he also will have to pay to have Cindy cremated.

Arroyo also has to pay to repair his own apartment door.

Another disgusting case of trigger-happy cops, executing an innocent family pet, this time after raiding the wrong apartment.

Contact Buffalo, NY Police Commissioner Daniel Derenda (716) 851-4526 or 4571

Contact Buffalo, NY Mayor Byron Brown (716) 851-4841

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  1. Jean, thanks for the recommend of Ex-Army Blogspot http://ex-army.blogspot.com/
    Racial realists and Libertarian Nationalists are an important minority voice. It’ll save me slogging thru Stormcunts White Vagionalist Community so often for racial awakening and ratiocination purposes.

    It kills me how right Ex-Army is, and then in the next paragraph, he bemoans Israel’s promotion of racial bros before alliance hoes. If Israel’s not the Alpha Libertarian Nationalist, I don’t know who is.

    Will the red-pilled racists ever arrive? The ones now blogging all jump the big cartilaginous side gill slitted sea creatures like their patriarch is Hanna-Barbera.

    There was a better time of the open Agora where all came to sell their wares and ideas in a rough and tumble harmony of busted noses and split lip discourse. Why has mesopotamia and mediterrania become such a mess?

    This ad-hoc agora is the way Sky Darwin wanted the world he created in 7 days to be. The reason he sent his Only Begotten Beagle to show us all the one true evolutionary way. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jNmlxc0ta5U. Warning Eric, that link leads to unsheilded kryptonitic white trash rap.

  2. Don’t these wanna be mercenaries realize that we are getting angry? Even the demographics that used to support the police? That people from the left, right and center, black, white, Native, Hispanic are saying we are in this together and we aren’t putting up with it much longer? Anyone?

    • Sharon, it’s difficult to understand what these people think besides they’ll never have to play by the rules they impose. While it might bite them, they’ll be the last to see it coming and then cry rivers when it does. They revel in the thought they can abuse us and will continue as long as the system allows it. I doubt it will ever stop this side of armed revolution since the pols(federal)are bought and paid for by big corporations. It’s the old extension of power from one group to another. As long as their masters take care of them, they’ll continue their rough and rowdy ways.

    • Yes they do…And it’s by design. Amerika is a police state and the political terrorists want us all to know it now. No doubt Snowden was deliberate CIA psyops operation…They WANT us all to know we are being watched and that there is nothing we can do about it. Demoralizing people is the most powerful way to own people and to create obedient tax livestock…And terrorizing them with costumed enforcer terrorists like Stasi, KGB, TSA, DHS, local cops is “beating demoralized people into submission”…That’s what the police state is for.

      • Forman….Exactly. If local cops killing and maiming the people they supposedly protect doesn’t get the feds attention then it’s a sign that’s the way they want it. Don’t expect the state govt. to get involved either. They’re covering up their own crimes.

        • The global counterfeit money/political terrorists have been working hard to federalize/militarize the local enforcer monkeys for the sole purpose of terrorizing all the tax livestock into submission. “We are Borg…Resistance is Futile” is what they want their NWO slaves to realize. This is global terror (well, with a bit of resistance from the BRICS) and the Europeans have already been beaten down into submission long ago and do not require such a violent police state presents like the USA tax farm.

          • People of the world had better get ready one way or the other since the Police State is the only export the US has left.

          • I was reading something this morning over at Ex-Army (Blogspot, can’t pull the link behind the corporate firewall) stating that Putin is playing a part in this whole mess, too – just like the Chimp, and Obummer now.
            In other words, BRICS is already corrupted, too, to control the narrative and incite WW3, and then control the outcome of that: One world government, currency, and socio-political order.

            1984 Oceania, anyone?


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