The Male Octomom

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Check out this winner. You should get to know him, since you’re paying to support his propgeny:

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  1. Fuck – what a loser.

    Then again, why is it always the guy’s fault some twat gets knocked up? How many guys get suckered into “I’m on the pill” or “I can’t get pregnant” then find out the hard way? It’s time society took a dim view of sheilas that run around getting knocked up time and again simply for that purpose – child support forever.

    Many have tried to sucker me but find out later I can’t get ’em up the duff. I had the snip years ago. Take that bitches.

  2. 33 year old Orlando Shaw of Nashville, TN.

    Father of Orlando, Orlando, Orlando, Orlando, Orlando, Orlando, Orlando, Orlando, Tyshawn, Qualando, Orlandrielle, Orlandria, Oneisha, Omeika, Miracle, Tamia, and Will.

    “The ladies love me, not like me.”

    “I might get half of the kids on one weekend and the other half the next weekend. They can’t all fit in my place, so I have to rotate.”

    “Don’t nothing come to a dreamer, but a dream. I might scratch off the numbers one day, I play the hell outta the Tennessee lottery.”
    – – – –

    Orlando seems to be laid way back, and not at all authoritarian minded. Troubling, since he is the author of so many human lives.

    Orlando is indirectly the excuse used to usurp the fruits of many manhours worked by Wage Cuckolds. These siphoned funds are usurped by the Borg Cube in Orlando’s name, and therefore, Orlando is by association a useful idiot and a despicable totalitarian.

    Nonetheless, I have no totalitarian universalist solution I wish to foist upon him or even any kind of condemnation of the man. I’m not getting tractored-beamed into the Borg Cube through some sort of Neo-Con agitprop “outrage.” Fuck all the Borg. Fuck all the Borg’s captive breeding stock in general.

    Rather than giving out unaccountable handouts, I propose that the money provided by Tennessee Borg Family Support Control at least be recorded as a debt in Orlando’s name, however uncollectible that debt is.

    Just in case he should win the Lotto or otherwise homestead a revenue stream that could be used to pay for his own progeny, and reimburse the coercive system that has been paying thus far.

  3. At about 30 seconds into the video, I was ready to say “this IS satire, right?” But I know better.

    I play the hell out of the Tennessee Lottery.

    Buying the numbers on your Independence card, no doubt.


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