Missouri Democrat Felonizes Gun Possession By Citizens

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Dana Loesch Radio reported on the new legislation being pushed by Missouri Democrats:

Any person who, prior to the effective date of this law, was legally in possession of an assault weapon or large capacity magazine shall have ninety days from such effective date to do any of the following without being subject to prosecution.

(1) Remove the assault weapon or large capacity magazine from the state of Missouri;

(2) Render the assault weapon permanently inoperable; or

(3) Surrender the assault weapon or large capacity magazine to the appropriate law enforcement agency for destruction, subject to specific agency regulations.

5. Unlawful manufacture, import, possession, purchase, sale, or transfer of an assault weapon or a large capacity magazine is a class C felony.


  1. Pretty much the same happened in Australia, except it was called a “gun amnesty”. Australian criminals are generally too lazy to bother doing home invasions, car jackings and bank robberies every day, but when they do, there’s stuff all we can do about it. Even if a burglar falls through the roof he can try and claim suit for his injuries, although they never get away with that.

    Laws like this ensure only criminals (this includes police) have guns to protect themselves from the rest of us that get prosecuted for carrying lesser weapons of self-defence.

      • I’m not sure what legislation actually defines an “assault” weapon. Any weapon can be used for assault. But you can get around the “magazine capacity” issue by using bandoliers used in machine guns. They come in 200 round links.

        • The whole thing about workarounds ticks me off to no end. Why should we have to resort to workarounds?

          Every time we work around the restrictions, they simply impose more restrictions.

          But the underlying question is, “By what right?”

          Aren’t they supposed to be our servants? As in the term, “public servants?” Since when do our servants tell us what we can and cannot own?

          Fuck that shit!!!

          • Exactly Bevin! Thank you! The answer to the whole fucking shooting match is: just ignore them! Nullification of their illegitimate authority to do such things.

            It’s really quite simple. I don’t know why people make it so hard. I would no more listen to what they tell me to do than I would my 8-year-old daughter. (unless she wanted me to give her a piggy-back ride)

            Those in gov’t are immature, psychopathic, miscreants so why would any rational, intelligent person take anything they say seriously? I don’t. I just shake my head and laugh.

          • Absolutely, Bevin and Don–fuck that shit!

            I will not comply. EVER.

            It is my line in the sand.

            And I think I’ve told you guys how much I’ve seen “the look” in other guy’s eyes around here when we talk about it.

            Plenty of my fellow Texans think the same way; and I’m convinced they mean it.

            Make your “laws”, Feinstein, you dried-up Luciferian cunt. Squat on your idol Baphomet.

            We are free human beings, and we will NOT be your slaves.

          • Dear Don,


            The core issue is our ability to derive the concept of rights from scratch, without being boxed in by past indoctrination.

            What is “from scratch?”

            Simple. There is the planet, and there are billions of individual human beings on the planet.

            None of those human beings, either individually or collectively, have any more rights than any other.

            None of them may form a gang, call themselves “The Government,” and start collecting extortion money (“taxes”) and barking out orders (“making up and enforcing laws”).

            Once a sufficient percentage of the human race slaps itself on the forehead and says “Holy Shit! Why didn’t I see that long ago?” then the jig will be up.

            The entire notion of “governmental authority” of “legal jurisdiction” was never anything more than “Do what I say or I will kill you!”

            I’ve been meaning to write up an article on this for LRC for a while, but have never gotten around to it.

          • Dear meth,


            I mean, think about it. Who do these asswipes, Obama, Bloomberg, Feinstein, Cuomo, think they are?

            The only reason they have any hold over any of us, is the same reason that the Ceausescus had any hold over the Romanian people prior to The Fall.

            Once enough people realized “Hey, I don’t have to take this shit!” it was game over.

            They marched the couple into the street, lined them up against the wall, and shot them.

            Like I said, the real prison bars are in our own minds.

  2. Solutions:

    1) Remove thy assault weapons and thy ASS from the state of MO toot sweet

    2) Render the MO State Tax structure inoperable upon thine Ass.

    3) Surrender thine tax bills, unpaid, to the appropriate State/County authorities to wipe their asses with.

    Rinse and repeat, across all Tyrannical States, as needed.


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