The Only Republican Who Isn’t a Another Corporatist-Militarist Stooge

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Great video highlighting Ron Paul’s message of liberty and peace:

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    • Did you catch the item about Iowa’s governor suggesting that if Ron Paul wins in his state the results should be ignored? That the second place finisher is who ought to get the press?

      • Yes I did. Although I agree that winning one contest should not change how the candidates are covered by the press. (Similar to a baseball team leading 3-0 in the first. It does not mean the game is over, but the press sometimes write as if it is over.)

        In the past, the person that won Iowa could use the victory to suggest that they were the front runner. The press would write about the winner with the coverage that a winner deserves.

        Now it seems that since someone other than the shill might win, TPTB want to discredit his victories.

        I hope TPTB keep doing this and Ron Paul keeps winning. What will they do next. Will they accuse him of being married for over 30 years to a two legged homo sapien?

        I wonder if the sheeple will wake up to this blatant attempt to rig/discredit the system?

        • The MSM does its best to delegitimize Paul; to portray him as a kook and “outside the mainstream.” Well, of course, that’s true. He is outside the mainstream. He’s honest. He is pro-liberty and anti-state. He opposes “helping” Smith by shoving a gun under the chin of Jones. He openly says that the American government is hated not “for its freedoms” (cue laugh track) but rather because of its brutal interference in the affairs of other countries and the wholesale death and destruction it visits on the world. And that, because of this, the American people suffer horrible consequences in the form of increasing tyranny at home, crushing debt, devalued money and – inevitably – the blowback that will arise as a consequence of the polices and actions of the American government.

          Paul is the only candidate who discusses such things openly – and would pursue corrective policies if elected.

          He may be the last chance this country has at recovering its senses.


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