How the Tea Party Became the Republican Party

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Remember two years ago?

In the year preceding the election of Obama, there was a massive and genuinely grassroots movement against both entrenched wings of the federal crime syndicate (as Lew Rockwell so perfectly describes the Republican and Democrat parties). Ron Paul and his Libertarian supporters dominated this movement, which was as vocal in its criticism of the endless, unjust and ruinous wars launched and maintained by both Democrats and Republicans as it was critical of the ever-increasing assaults on personal and economic liberty by the agents of these parties, through their instrument in Washington, DC.

It was a clear threat to the established order, because it targeted the warfare state as well as the welfare state.

That, of course, could not be allowed.

Enter the Tea Party movement – financed by rich corporatist Republicans such as the Koch brothers, operating behind the scenes.

In no time at all, the usual Republican boilerplate – flag waving, “family values,” lots of quasi-religious (and outright religious) paeans to “faith.” And with it, Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. And with them, the same old Bush/neo-con talking points in defense of the endless wars, the security-police state – and a certain bum’s rush to even more corporatist hog-troughing, wars and assaults on our remaining liberties – if these neo-con con men and women are elected – though this won’t be seen through all the fluttering flags – or heard about over the loud quoting of scripture.

Here’s a video that discusses some of this:…layer_embedded


  1. As someone who was in the trenches first hand from 2010-2014, liberty and libertarianism was chased out of the building at the GOP conventions and precinct meetings. All with a smile and a wink from some slimeball in a suit


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