Here’s What’s Working at the TSA

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Yet another TSA screener has been exposed as a pervert after police raided the Maryland home of 41-year-old TSA screener Scott Wilson and discovered videos and photos of child pornography contained on over two dozen different storage devices.

“A “forensic preview” of Wilson’s two computers (as well as various storage devices found in a locked safe) revealed a variety of videos and photos “depicting prepubescent females engaged in sexually explicit conduct with adults,” reports The Smoking Gun.

Wilson, who was responsible for screening cargo on commercial flights, has been freed on $250,000 bail after DHS officials found obscene images and videos on 31 separate storage devices. It is not known whether his TSA role included conducting pat downs of children, which the TSA asserts it has discontinued for under-12′s yet are still occurring on a regular basis.

Given the clear pattern of TSA workers being caught engaged in acts of criminality, with a particular emphasis on sexual harassment towards women and children, anecdotal evidence suggests that perverts are being attracted to work with the TSA because the role affords them the opportunity to grope, harass and intimidate the targets of their perversion.

Indeed, when a You Tube user called the TSA looking for a job while pretending to be a sexual deviant as a satire piece, he was treated seriously by a TSA staffer.

In March 2010, it emerged that TSA worker Sean Shanahan, who was employed at Boston Logan International Airport to pat down passengers, had been charged with multiple child sex crimes targeting an underage girl.

Similarly, 57-year-old Charles Henry Bennett, who worked at Orlando International Airport as a TSA screener, was arrested in November 2010 in connection with the molestation of a 6-year-old girl whom he planned to make his “sex slave”.

2011 has seen an explosion in cases of TSA criminality, including agents abusing their power to sexually harass women. Last month, 52-year-old TSA worker Harold Glen Rodman allegedly approached a woman in full uniform before flashing his badge and proceeding to brutally rape and sodomize her.

Earlier this year, a TSA agent in Connecticut was charged with harassment after he posed as a cop by flashing his badge at a woman in an attempt to intimidate her into driving faster.

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  1. Here’s a thought experiment.

    Let’s say you wake up tomorrow and find yourself a TSA airport worker. You’re still yourself in every respect, but by some unimaginable kink in the fabric of the universe there you are, blue gloves and all, groping peoples’ junk for a living.

    What’s the first thing you do? The very first thing? You QUIT THE JOB. Maybe the *very* first thing you do is look down at yourself, see the gloves and the uniform, and back away reflexively, like finding a snake in the breadbox, making noises of disgust. But right afterwards you would be beatin feet for the street.

    Even in this time of bad employment you would find something else to do. Construction worker, zoo attendant, waitress, SOMEthing. Even welfare. If you absolutely had to, you could bite down hard and hold out your statist alms bowl for a little while. I mean, what’s the difference between TSA worker and welfare recipient?

    Clover would argue that it’s different because with TSA you would be performing work for pay. You would be keeping people safe — gag me — whereas with welfare you would be getting money for doing nothing. He’d be right, although not the way he intended. It *would* be different. TSA work is unwork. If utopia is a condition of good and dystopia its opposite, you would be doing a dysjob. You would be performing tasks repugnant to yourself, to your fellow human beings, to the spirit of what used to be America, to the Constitution and to common decency, not to mention common sense. In that sense, welfare would be a step up.

    So. What does this tell you about the TSA airport worker? What does this tell you about a person who would voluntarily stay in this job for as long as a week? Hell, even a DAY. At the very best, you have someone so dull of mind, so lacking in imagination that s/he is incapable of envisioning any better way to earn a living — or worse, someone bereft of even the most elemental personal moral code, the morality of a civilized society, that renders a job like TSA airport worker flatly impossible to contemplate. At worst, you would have …

    Well, you would have 41-year-old TSA screener Scott Wilson, of Maryland.

    • I read a book a few years ago about “Hitler’s willing accomplices.” It dissected all the ordinary Germans who willingly became cogs in the machine – working as bureaucrats, guards, etc. The point being, even a Hitler is by himself harmless. Its only when millions of people agree to help him do his work that he becomes all-powerful.


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