Won’t Pull Over Clover

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Here’s a typical American Clover – who refuses to pull over, in order to let the cars caught behind his slow-poke self get by.

The speed limit on this road is 55; Clover is doing 35-ish and slowing for the curves. But that is not the problem. The problem is that there is a generous shoulder that Clover must see but will not use – kind of like his rearview mirror.

What makes a Clover a Clover is not that he is a slowpoke. It is that he imposes his slow-pokeness on others.

This guy could easily have eased off onto the shoulder and waved the cars piling up behind him by – which would be the considerate thing to do. But he is a Clover and consideration is as foreign to him as ability behind the wheel.

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  1. I’m a retired Texas Peace Officer (NOT “Law Enforcement” Officer).

    This guy is probably drunk:

    # 1 indicator: driving significantly below the speed limit or erratic speed control;

    # 2 indicator: weaving in lane.

    I’d have pulled him over and administered a field sobriety test (won’t take one myself. hint. hint.)

    Bet he would have failed.


  2. Yep: Once I was visiting Pasadena, CA doing a job at NASA-JPL. Anyway, there is the Angeles Crest Highway right behind JPL, and it is a fantastically scenic road. And I had a rental Mustang convertible besides. So, being a really nice weekday afternoon I was poking around, taking in the mountain scenery with the top down. After while I recognized a conga-line of cars behind me! Turns out (and I remembered this because I used to live there) is that the Angeles Crest is a backroad for commuters who live in the Lancaster/Palmdale area. Once I realized this, I would pull over every few minutes, when I realized I had a few commuters behind me. I’m sure they were grateful, and it made for a much more pleasurable experience for me (’cause I didn’t have any road ragers behind me!!)


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