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I’ll be a guest on Bill Meyer’s radio show tomorrow morning (9:35 east coast) and the audio will be up here as well hopefully later tomorrow.

I have run out of EPAutos magnets – and plan to order a new batch once I have some cash to spare. Meanwhile, I will be sending out some other knicknacks to those who’ve supported the site as a stopgap until the new magnets get here.

I rolled up on a 4×4 Clover the other day. Guy in a jacked-up truck with oversize (wrong size) wheels and tires mounted that projected outside the wheel wells. This, to my eyes, looks almost as stupid as the tweenysix gnomesayins you sometimes see fitted to a ’79 Malibu. Both screw up the suspension geometry and result in an evil-handling ride.

Which is probably why this Clover was creeping along at 33 in a 45!

If you have had it with control freak Clovers, Goo-guhl, diversity mongers and like contrarian, liberty-minded media, please consider supporting EPautos.

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  1. Clover truck could’ve been in limp mode…or had a problem… Get a fuel pump or a few coils going bad…that’ll make ya go slow, gnomesayin? 😉 Hey, if they put them big wheels with low profile tires on their cars, I wonder if the next idot-fad will be to put like 13″ wheels and tires from a Datsun B210 on big lifted 4×4’s? I’ll bet that Clover truck rides like a tractor on railroad ties!


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