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I was on Tom Woods’ show yesterday. Tom – as most of you already know – is a top-drawer Libertarian, our kind of people. The Podcast airs on Monday and the audio will be posted here within 24 hours. I’m also scheduled to be on Bill Meyers’ show this coming monday and the Daily Bell has asked me to be a guest as well. I’ll keep you posted.

Other stuff:

I am going to order a bunch of magnetic EPautos No Clover stickers. Same design as before – but magnetic rather than stickers. These have the advantage of being transferable from place to place. They ought to be in stock soon – and, as always – will be issued as my gift to those who support the site financially.

Speaking of which. A huge thanks to LG and several others who’ve been very generous this month. I owe you guys!

We’re about one-third of a pie away from the green for the month. I think we’ll get there, with your help.

Our donate button is here.

 If you prefer not to use PayPal, our mailing address is:

721 Hummingbird Lane SE
Copper Hill, VA 24079

PS: EPautos stickers are free to those who sign up for a $5 or more monthly recurring donation to support EPautos, or for a one-time donation of $10 or more. (Please be sure to tell us you want a sticker – and also, provide an address, so we know where to mail the thing!)EPautoslogo




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