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Things are looking good! A few last-minute donations have put EPautos in the black for the third month in a row. And there are still a couple days left to go. If January maintains, EPautos will be able to ditch the crickety iMac that’s becoming the electronic equivalent of a really tired, high-miles ’75 Chrysler Cordoba. Without the “rich, Corinthian leather.”

A big thanks to all of you who’ve made this work so far – and who continue to give me faith it will continue to work. (A bunch of stickers are headed to their new owners today.)

I am working on a couple new articles, including a review of the ’15 Nissan 370Z, which may be the last Z we see for awhile. Next up is an article about the salutary effect a low-cost/simple car would have on car prices generally… if, that is, the government (Clovers) would allow such cars to be offered for sale. Then, there’ll be an article about a very un-Mercedes, which is precisely why I dig the thing.

I speak – with fondness (and I must admit, some lust) of the new GLA 45AMG. It’s a kind of upscale WRX STi, though Benz is not marketing it that way. 355 hp from 2.0 liters feeding AWD in a snarky looking hatchback sedan. My test car is chocolate brown metalloc and – trust me – it’s delicious!

More soon…

And, again – thanks to all of you!


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  1. Ah, the memories. That Cordoba ad was great. When I was a young kid(early 80’s)my parents had a 79 Cordoba. It didn’t have “rich Corinthian leather”, but it was leather. I remember that car dying on a tiny, tiny hill on cold winter mornings when my mom was taking us to school….maybe Cordoba just didn’t like government schools.

    I remember when it turned 100,000 miles and my dad thinking that was good for a car, whereas now we don’t feel it was a good car until 200,000. Even at that, modern cars aren’t worn out completely by then.

    I concur with Mith. Glad I found this site. Everything you post is worth the read, whether entertainment, good old fashioned debate, or generating thoughtfulness.

    Hope the new year brings more contributors and keeps EPAutos out of the red.

  2. Eric,

    Just received the sticker in the mail today.

    Looking forward to the un-merc review.

    Good to hear the site in the black for another month. There are too few sites with a personal freedom slant discussing the variety of topics as this site. (I do not know/remember how I found this place, but I am glad I did.)

    Happy New Year and may next year be better than last.


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