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clover leadIt’s a couple days off still, but I wanted to take a moment to express my thankfulness to you – the reader – who has made it possible for me to continue my two-fingered typing each day, without doing so in a tent down by the river.

It has not been easy making a living off the MSM reservation. But that’s ok. If I wanted easy, I would have stayed on the reservation.

I’m not a fighter in the physical sense. But I feel a compulsion to fight for the ideas I value. To shut up or sidestep is not in my nature. Perhaps I would have fled the reservation – and remained “in the woods” – whether EPautos made it or not. It may be that I am no longer suitable for what passes for civilization any longer. And I’m kind of proud of that, actually.

In profoundly abnormal times, normality is itself a kind of revolutionary act.

Ultimately, while it may come to blows, this is a war of ideas. And our ideas – absolute freedom and its yin-yang corollary, unlimited liability – are powerful ideas. Our authoritarian collectivist opponents understand this, viscerally. Above all, they know they must not engage us on the level – the principled/conceptual level. They must evade and euphemize. To have an honest discussion with them is lethal – for them.  Which is why they work so hard to keep most people bickering away over left vs. right/liberal vs. conservative nonsense.

EPautos is just one of many sites that calls bullshit on all that. Which calls them out on their sick insistence on force and violence directed at innocent and harmless people. Their “greater goods” mask this evil, but only if we allow them to get away with it.

I promise I will never do that. Just as I am certain you will never do that, either.

So, thanks to all of you who’ve supported the site – who refuse to back down when it comes to supporting liberty and accountability.

Best wishes to you all this Thanksgiving.

I am well-aware that I have much to be thankful for.


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  1. A joyful Thanksgiving to you as well Eric, this site keeps me sane; when my head starts to spin with all the BS I see everywhere and I start to wonder if I’m the only person on earth that hasn’t lost his marbles I come here fora refreshing breath of common sense from you and your readers.
    May this site continue in it’s growth and hopefully open more eyes of the lemmings that populate the USSA.

  2. With you all the way Eric. You’re the very reason we’re here because you created the outlet. We all saw something wrong in the system and gravitated to where others have noticed the same. It’s a Matrix thing.

      • eric, it’s you and people like you, almost everyone who visits epa, that I truly value. It’s not easy taking, what I view as the “high road”, resistance without violence, but we do it here every day with you at the helm. Many thanks to you, yours and the people I have come to know a bit and understand hopefully even more. To me, this is Thanksgiving.


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