Huge Thanks

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To the person who stepped up the other day and pushed EPautos into the green zone (and out of the red) before the end of the month… a first! These are difficult times and such gestures of support are not merely appreciated, they are lifelines.

Thank you.

I am working on another “classic” car article; it’s a topic that – based on the response to the Hurst Olds piece – appears to be popular. I do take requests, so please – ask and you shall receive!

Also in the works is the “live with EP” thing I brought up the other day.  My goal is to have that operational before the end of March.

Guys, we are really close to breaking through. Traffic is increasing – somehow – by encouraging amounts and percentages. We have had as many as 500-something people on site at one time recently. The Clovers are getting restless!

Again, thank you.

I’m pouring the coals to ‘er… opening the secondaries, letting her breathe…




  1. One thought: Stop telling us your budget. It sounds too much like you’re running a pledge drive, not a business. I don’t think about where Target’s revenue number is for the quarter when I buy toothpaste, only that they have the stuff I want.


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