Twitter… God Help Me

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What’s that they say about if you can’t beat ’em  . . . ? twitter pic


So I joined.


I’m LibertarianCarG (they would not allow me enough space for LibertarianCarGuy).

It seems catchy.

So, why?

What pushed the 40-something Retro Dude who swore he’d never “tweet” to do it?

The same reason I will attempt to tread water if the ship I’m on sinks.

What choice is there? This is how the word is spread these days, like it or not. If we can get more people coming to then it’s worth doing. And – this was big for me – though it sounds tooth-achingly 12-year-old-girl to “tweet,” the fact is one’s “tweets” themselves need not be vacuous.

This will be my aim.

We’ll see how it goes.

Much will depend on your help. Please, spread the word. And – if I may be so bold as to ask – “re-tweet” the stuff I tweet. I just did my first one, which was a quick line about the back-up camera mandate along with a link to the article.

I’ll be doing this with all the new articles from here on out.

I just hope I can avoid having to get a sail fawn.

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  1. Sorry Eric, no tweets for me. 🙂 No cell phone in my future either, probably. I can’t understand much of anything people say on any phone, let alone the cells.

    It’s inconvenient at times, but it is otherwise rather peaceful being deaf.

    Your blog is linked on my own blog, and I repost articles often to the various fora I visit. Not too much else I can do.

    • I don’t even know what Twitter is or what a “tweet” is. (Of course I do hear people prattle on about it, and it seems to have something to do with this “hashtag” nonsense that seems to be all over the place these days.)

      I do have a cell phone because I need one for business. However it is an old model with no camera, no GPS chip, no texting, and no internet access. It is for phone calls only.

      Even without the GPS, one’s position can be tracked via the tower you’re hitting, plus triangulation can be used for a more precise fix. Therefore I leave it off most of the time. (Unlike more modern phones when you switch it off it is really powered off.) If I didn’t need the thing for business I wouldn’t have a cell phone at all.

  2. Twitter isn’t any better or worse than a blog site. In fact, for some of us in a hurry it’s a quick way to get some information. It’s all in who you choose to follow.

    However, they’re going to be stepping up the amount of advertising in the feed over the next few months, so we’ll see if it stays around.

  3. Eric – Truth be known, a sail fawn isn’t such a bad thing. I finally dumped my land line, because it became an unnecessary expense. I have a local wrecker guy on retainer (more or less) and when my old farm truck died on me about five miles from the house (at Arctic temperatures), he was there in less than ten minutes. Why? Because he had a sail fawn too. It’s also great if you’re out and your better half needs something or wants to meet you somewhere. It’s also very handy if you’re shopping at the mall or a big box store and need to find her. I still resist txt-ing though and have that feature turned off. I don’t live by the phone, I do screen all my calls and can ignore the one’s I’m not interested in so they roll over into voice mail. I realize you probably think I’ve just acquiesced to the Borg collective and allowed myself to be assimilated without a fight. Maybe so. But for me the convenience has far outweighed my objections to being part of the collective. But I don’t tweet…yet. 😉

  4. Eric, It’s ok to indulge in technology for the sake of spreading an important message. What’s no ok is to add to the pile of mind-numbing pabulum that is already clogging up the digital universe. I am certain that you will not be a clogger. Why, I might even get an account just so I can follow you! Good luck with it.


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