Undercover Oakland Heroes Pull Guns On Citizens

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An undercover cop in Oakland pulled out a gun and pointed it at protesters Wednesday night after they exposed him and a partner as police officers attempting to incite crime.

The shocking moment was captured by Reuters photographer Noah Berger, who was covering protests spurred by the Michael Brown and Eric Garner cases.

Reports indicate that two police officers were posing as protesters, while wearing bandanas over their faces. Others in the group cottoned on to the fact that they were not legitimate demonstrators and began pointing at them and yelling, “Hey, they’re undercover, they’re cops!”

The two cops attempted to break off from the group, but were followed. A legitimate protester attempted to remove one of the cops’ balaclavas, and one of the officers pushed a protester, causing a scuffle to break out.

One of the officers slammed the protester to the ground, and handcuffed him, riling up the crowd. The second officer then pulled out a concealed weapon and waved it around telling protesters to back off, before scores of uniformed back up cops arrived on the scene.

Witnesses at the scene claimed that the two undercover cops were attempting to rile up the crowd up and get them to vandalize property and loot businesses.

Protesters say that the officers were banging on windows and shouting inflammatory statements. One protester claims to have a video of the officers doing just this, but has not yet posted it

Later commenting on the incident, Oakland police Lt. Chris Bolton revealed that the cops were from an “outside” agency and that he would investigate the claims of them acting as agent provocateurs.

Bolton appealed for any evidence to be shared.

Bolton later stated that the officers were with the California Highway Patrol.

Protesters claimed that the person who was tackled to the ground and taken into custody by the cops has a concussion stemming from the incident.


  1. It’s all just more boobait for the bubbas.
    More riots mean more justification for the police state that Americka is metastizing into. Big Brother needs the business and he will roust it up, if need be.

    • More arrests lead to more convictions, lead to more ‘customers’ for the prison-industrial complex.
      One reason we can’t expect reason to bring an end to the “War on (Some) Drugs.” Many gunvermin have contracts requiring them to supply specified amounts of inmates to the now “private” prisons.


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