NY Heroes Brutalize 84-Year-Old Man

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Over jaywalking:

NEW YORK CITY, NY — An 84-year-old man was hospitalized after he incorrectly crossed the street and could not understand the commands of NYPD officers who wanted to adjust his lawless behavior.

Kang Wong crossed 96th Street near Broadway and was spotted by a policeman who ordered him to halt. Wong, who lives blocks away, had allegedly broken a city ordinance against crossing without a street light’s permission.

“The guy didn’t seem to speak English,” said Ian King, who witnessed the incident. King told the New York Post, “[The officer] stood him up against the wall and was trying to write him a ticket. The man didn’t seem to understand, and he started walking away.”

That’s when police went hands-on: “The cop tried to pull him back, and that’s when he began to struggle with the cop,” King explained. “As soon as he pushed the cop, it was like cops started running in from everywhere.”

The octogenarian ended up bloodied and battered in the street after NYPD saw him as a threat. He was detained in handcuffs and hospitalized.

The New York Post tells the rest:

“Oh, great! Beating up on an 84-year-old man for jaywalking,’’ [said Wong’s son].

Neither the hospital nor the cops would allow him to see his dad until after 10 p.m., explaining that since he’d not been admitted, he was not a patient, but a “prisoner.’’

Early Monday, cops fingerprinted Wong and charged him with jaywalking, resisting arrest, obstructing governmental administration and disorderly conduct. He went home, accompanied by several family members, with a desk-appearance ticket.

“Everyone does it. Heck, the cops do it,” said Emily Skeggs, another pedestrian who was fined by New York’s nannying police force.

One would have to rhetorically question whether New York City has more important things to do than punish old men for walking across the street. The city was recently ordered to pay an extraordinary $18 million settlement for violating the rights of hundreds of protesters at the RNC. Perhaps the city is stepping up its revenue generation efforts to cover for its own criminality.


  1. NYPD Stop and Frisk – This Means He Wasn’t Doing Anything

    At HSBC bank in England, if you want to withdraw more than $8,000 you have to tell your bank why you’re withdrawing your own money. You even have to provide evidence that what you’re saying is true.


    “The reason being we have an obligation to protect our customers, and to minimise the opportunity for financial crime.

    Eric Leenders, head of retail at the British Bankers Association, said banks were sensible to ask questions of their customers: “I can understand it’s frustrating for customers. But if you are making the occasional large cash withdrawal, the bank wants to make sure it’s the right way to make the payment.”

    Bank Run Fears Intensify

    Where is the German gold? More importantly, where is your personal money? What’s in your wallet?

    • Tor, et al,

      This money/bank issue amounts to a tightrope issue. When does one withdraw all assets and take the tax hit and what does one do with the proceeds? Perhaps convert from dollars to something having barter value. Sure as this has been tried in the UK, it will soon become illegal to withdraw one’s assets from the corrupt banking system. TPTB are setting up a no-win scenario for the proles. I have no idea what the sane answer is but I’m not comfortable with sitting around waiting past about June of 2014. All the abuses by cops are merely symptoms of the disease corrupting everything to do with governments at all levels. Pass the primal snacks, it’s going to be a wild ride…..

    • The mentality of someone who lays hands on an 84-year-old is simply beyond my ken. To do it over jaywalking, I think you have to be a psychopath.

      • Or no longer see the 84 year old man. Just see a perp, an indig, someone who needs to be punished for not obeying authority.

        The way to get non-psychopaths to act like them is to dehumanize the targets. This is done in war to get draftees to be able to kill. Works just as well with police.

        • And works the same way on us, when we see this sort of shit.
          It’s easy to just think that the badge is a target….
          Because the bearer is barely an animal.

          Occupying armies ALWAYS lose to guerilla tactics.


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