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I wanted to take a moment to once again thank everyone who has sent in a few bucks to help maintain this oasis of sanity in a sea of sickness psychosis. And not just for that. By donating some bucks you help keep this place an oasis of information and communication free of the usual juggernaut assault of pushy sales pitches and pay firewalls. I do my best to keep the ads to a minimum and also keep them separate from editorial material.

This is feasible because this site is supported almost entirely by reader donations – which also renders this site immune from the threat of “de-monetization” used to cow other sites into submission. That will never happen here – because of you.

So, thanks!

And, Merry Christmas. Not “Happy Holidays.” I’m not particularly religious but I loathe the insipid milquetoasting of everything for the sake of avoiding – supposedly – hurting anyone’s feeeeelings. 

I’m not a practicing Christian, but I’m also not offended or bothered by anyone else’s expression of faith, especially in the good tidings sense.

Whatever your persuasion, it’s cool with me so long as you are cool with others and no one’s trying to gaslight or suppress or cajole anyone into believing or pretending they believe anything they don’t freely wish to believe.

On this basis, we can all get along – as Rodney King put it.

That’s what libertarianism is all about and you’ll find that here, even if it’s getting hard to find anywhere else.

And that’s thanks to you!

. . . .

Got a question about cars, Libertarian politics – or anything else? Click on the “ask Eric” link and send ’em in!

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We depend on you to keep the wheels turning! 

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  1. I use Merry Christmas also and I am an atheist. I grew up in the Catholic religion but ditched it at age 16. Christmas after all is to celebrate the birth of Christ, whether he exists or not.


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