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I wanted to give everyone a quick run-down on things, going on our first full month post-Google. status picture

The good news is that after we made public the debacle with Google (those who are new/haven’t heard can read about that here) readers really stepped up and helped us recover the previous month’s losses we’d incurred as a result of being de-listed.

The bad news is that this new business model means I have to periodically make the same appeal to all of you for support that I did when we first cut loose from Google – and pulled the Google ads off the site.

We have acquired a new advertiser – Austin Coins, on the top right of the page. We’re actively looking for others, too. And we’ve opened a store (see here; just T-shirts, for now), which we hope we’ll be able to expand. I am also trying to put together an ebook (Kindle) on the Cloverization of America, which will be available here hopefully by early spring.

But, we’re still heavily reliant on your direct support.

And, I want to clarify something – since I didn’t do a great job of it when we first announced our divorce from Google:

EPautos is not going subscription-based. That is, there will never be a user fee to access the site/participate in the discussions. I was trying to convey my hope that a sufficiency of our regular readers – we average several thousand people a day – would collectively provide enough support to keep the lights on.

So far, they have.

Again, all we need is about one out of every ten people who come here daily to toss us $10 or so a month – and we’ll be in good shape. It doesn’t need to be – it shouldn’t always be – the same people every month. Just so, when all is said and done, we’ve got enough coming in to cover our nut and make this a viable operation.

You can donate via PayPal here or via the mails, in c/o and addressed as follows:

721 Hummingbird Lane SE

Copper Hill, VA 24079

To those who’ve already supported this site – a mighty thank you!

To those who haven’t yet, I hope you’ll consider doing so.

Remember: Unlike the government, we can’t force you to “help” – and wouldn’t do that to you even if we had it in our power. EPautos wants no blood money. But we are very grateful for any freely given tokens of your support.



    • dom, his return address is my mantra. I tried to expound on this subject but find I don’t have words fit for civil discussion.

    • Screw Google, Mike.

      I don’t do business with entities that do business the way Google does business.

      Who wants to lick the ass of a company that won’t communicate with you directly as regards any issues they may have with you? That summarily alters the “terms and conditions” of business? That “adjusts” what it pays according to inscrutable, opaque criteria it refuses to openly discuss with you?

      I’d rather shut this site down than crawl back to Google.

  1. Good pick for a sponsor, Eric. Many of us on this site recognize the role of precious metals as a means to preserve wealth, so a coin dealer is a great fit. As the other Mike (or is he Mike and I’m the other Mike?) suggested, purveyors of other preparation items would also be helpful.

    I checked out the Austin site, and their markup is pretty decent…much less than you would have to pay at one of those places that advertise on the tee vee. I have a long-time relationship with another coin dealer, but there’s a very good chance that I’ll give Austin a try.

  2. I do $10.00 per month. For about the same price as a license tag, you get the most cutting edge information and road tests on the interent coupled with real discussions of issues affecting motorists and freedom lovers in this day and age. If you haven’t already, unless you are not working, subscribe.

  3. I clicked on the Austin Coins link. Will keep them in mind. They are the kind of sponsor that should be a fairly good fit with your site’s content.

    Hope you can find similar sponsors who offer items that enhance an individual’s self sufficiency, like MREs, generators, portable water filters, etc. If so, I’ll order from them, and make sure they know why I’m doing so.


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