Summer Slows (And a Fresh Clover Video)

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Just a quick note to thank all who’ve recently chipped in. Another batch of stickers is headed out tomorrow!

We’re still a few quarts low on the dipstick – but I’m hoping that’ll change during the next few days. You guys – EPautos’ readers – have always come through and I’m confident you will again.hardley

PS: The Hardley lives! Got the engine running and the idle stable. But the electrics – the wiring – what a mess. I bypassed the harness and rigged up a temporary push-button ignition switch. I need to install a battery cut-off, too. Because if the battery stays connected, it drains. There is a constant draw and the harness is too butchered, too “sexual chocolate” for me to even think about fooling with. I am going to suggest to the bike’s owner that we get a good used harness and sub it in.

No brakes yet – or choke or “pull” cable. Just the push – so the throttle sticks wide open. Big fun!

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  1. Got stuck in a half mile one a few days ago in the left lane on I-65 in Indiana. Thought the camera was running, it would have been a good video. We (brother and I) went around a gentle curve so we could see the a** that was causing it.

    He counted 33 cars and 4 semi trucks held up by this one clover who wouldn’t move into the f**king right lane.

    No wonder there have been so many huge wrecks in good weather on there lately. People are so fed up, why should there be traffic jams out in the countryside?

    Since the congestion is pretty much the length of the whole state, its really becoming necessary to widen it to three lanes in each direction for safety reasons. Too bad that isn’t in the plans yet. But clovers have made it needed even more then the congestion. The few times a year I run into the governor, he knows I am going to talk about how 65 needs those lanes……………..

    • An extra lane only needs one more moron to clog up the road. And Indiana drivers, like WI drivers, love blocking the left lane(s). Although for some reason both do it less in their own states than they do in Illinois.

      • But with three (or more) lanes you maybe able to sneak by in the right lane. Do that all the time on the Illinois tollways. I no longer feel bad about passing on the right (and turns out, is not illegal in a few states). The clusters are often to the left side, and sometimes the far right lane is left unguarded. I creep by, and often people see me doing that and they fall in behind me to follow. You don’t do it too fast, so you don’t run into someone going slow on the right, or if the cluster is due to a state cop “slowing” the traffic. They used to do that all the time, and it was so dangerous because someone would come up on it fast and wreck. So stupid and unsafe.

        Most drivers are sheep. Came up on a crash that had just happened, and most people were driving (slowly) to the left, right through all the broken glass and metal. I didn’t want to do that and flatten my tires, and I needed the ramp to the right, so I go to the right shoulder and run by. And once again, people followed me after I did it first, even a trucker!

        • Once upon a time part of the dan-ryan was closed down for construction late at night. Everyone forced to exit. I immediately re-entered. So there I was on an empty wide expressway except for one car per lane moving slowly side by side in front of me. If only I had been running a camera back then. It was absurd. Nobody else around and here I was trapped behind five people driving side by side. It didn’t last long, but it did happen.

          Extra lanes only increase the odds of getting by but once there’s enough traffic the odds of blockage return to what they were before. If a road has enough traffic for government to add a lane it has more than enough for there to be a good supply of brain dead drivers to block the road.


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