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How are you guys liking the “new”

Hopefully, it’s a winner… .

I’ll be on Bill Meyer’s radio program tomorrow at 11:30 east coast time; as usual, the audio will be available here later in case you miss it live.

A review of the 2017 Nissan Titan (not the XD, the 1500) will be up tomorrow as well, along with some other good (I hope!) stuff.

Meanwhile, please let me know your thoughts about the new look – and whether you find it easier or harder to use, have any suggestions or requests!

Thanks, all!


PS: Your support made it possible to hire an IT guy to make these changes, so thank you! depends on you to keep the wheels turning! Clovers hate us!

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  1. When a reply in the comments section gets replied to by many people, it turns into one or two words per sentence, makes it hard to read, kind of annoying.

  2. Hi Eric,

    Looks good, easy to navigate. But, I can’t find what, for me, was the most important feature. Namely, the comment history page. This allowed me to catch up and find specific comments very easily. Does this page still exist? If so, how do I get there? If not, please bring it back.


  3. Echoing others, I like mostly everything except the “More Stories” pop up box. Perhaps a “More Stories” area in the side column (if there isn’t one already, I don’t see one on my desktop), but not as a pop up. I actually like the idea of the “More Stories” function though, brings up new articles I haven’t seen as a new viewer.

    In all, it looks really good, I like it.

  4. Looks betters…I like the layout. As Bevin stated, it’ll take some time to get used to.

    The two things I’m missing are the list of the “latest stories” that was always at the bottom of the page (in chronological order). I often used this because the latest article would not always necessarily show up at the top of the page. Also, before (if I was logged in) I could click on the comments and see all the latest comments that were posted. It was the easiest way to keep up with the conversations going on in each article. I can’t find that anywhere now.

    I would click on “dashboard” and then “comments”. Does that still exist? Am I just missing it? Thanks.

  5. Basically looks good, but as has already been mentioned the pop-in ads and features are annoying. Likewise, when scrolling up the floating header bar partway down from the top cuts off valuable vertical real estate for those of us who have small screens. (It does park out of the way when you scroll down.)

    About the only other thing I can think of is it would be nice in the “Latest Stuff” sidebar to highlight the author of the post with bold or different color type, use whitespace, or use some method to provided separation for each item. Right now it looks like just a mass of text.

    Other than these minor nits, great job!

  6. Just a thought…you should consider posting only a teaser via your RSS feed. Many/most RSS readers will scrape the data in the rss and save it to their database for other subscribers to put into their feed. feedly does this. This means that when I read your blog I am reading the content from feedly and not directly from your site. So you never get the revenue from the ads that are displayed. Many sites just display the teaser in the RSS feed which forces user to click through to the site and see the ads. I don’t know how many readers you have using aggregators but feedly reports 191 viewers. I’ll bet few of them click through to your site so you aren’t getting the ad view revenue.

    Just a thought.

    As a reader I find your content worthy of the click through…every article.

  7. “Overall, it might be the most significant libertarian television in our time.”

    “The creators of South Park called out the sorry state of presidential politics in the United States in 2004 with their own episode on elections, hilariously highlighting that oftentimes the choice is between a “giant douche” or a “turd sandwich.””

  8. “Nothing could be more calculated to make South Park offensive to the politically correct than this libertarianism, for if applied consistently it would dismantle the whole apparatus of speech control and thought manipulation that do-gooders have tried to construct to protect their favored minorities. Libertarianism is a philosophy of radical freedom, and particularly celebrates the free market as a form of social organization. As a philosophy, it descends from the thinking of the Scottish Enlightenment in the eighteenth-century, social philosophers such as Adam Smith (1723–90), who argued for free trade and the reduction of government intervention in the economy. Libertarianism is especially grounded in the work of the Austrian School of economics, and above all the writings of Ludwig von Mises (1881–1973) and Friedrich Hayek (1899–1992), who offer the most uncompromising defense of unfettered economic activity as the key to prosperity and progress. [3] The word libertarianism was popularized by Murray Rothbard (1926–95), a student of Mises, who developed the most radical critique of state interference in economic and social life — a philosophy of freedom that borders on anarchism.”

  9. Looks nice, but I hate those pop in opt in ads. Remember pop-up ads? Remember how we all hated them? Remember how they went away?

    That was for a good reason. Kill your pop-in sideways ad, please. It’s just a pop-up in drag.


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