Clover “Merging”

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Here’s a Clover (in a “sport sedan,” natch) who expects other drivers to accommodate him (don’t they all?):

He just eases over, cutting off the car to his left. He could have sped up, then merged ahead of the car to his left. Or, slowed down – and merged behind. Instead – of course – Clover just sidles on over and expects the other driver to make way.

Then, Clover – now enraged – cuts off the other driver and nearly causes a serious wreck (it would not have been an “accident”) and proceeds to demonstrate other aspects of Cloverific behind-the-wheel skills.

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  1. Whatever you do, don’t go sad sack and listen to any of the taxpaying, line towing, department store pants wearing, baby smooth face shaving, realpolitik shawshankers, eagerly obeying warden even before he need bark his orders and reiterate his threats.

    Nancy boy play it safers are what got us here. As a principle I like the idea of freeballs to the whitewalls, SWP sovereign driving, molon labe my steering wheel from my cold dead hands motherfuckers.

    I’m not sure I liked what I concretely saw in this specific video. Ideally, you won’t be getting down in the mud with the pigs and the clovers. Rather stay a few steps ahead and play the matador and get them all enraged but never have them put you at risk for a moment.

    Their game is to MAKE you do something. That is what gets the PTB and clovers off. Is seeing that they’ve forced you to do something.

    That’s what all this government and NAP violation comes down to. If you ever find yourself forced to make a move, to do anything, then you’ve most likely lost the game, IMHO.

    It should always be a case of take it or leave it. And anything that involves a hero, PTB, or clover, is something I’ll never take, and will always leave if I can. I’ll never be made to deal with a complete stranger, and that might even include someone I’ve seen thousands of times.

    If they live under force, if they apply force, if they admire force. Then fuck and feed them fish heads. I’m never going to merge with them, nor let them merge with me.

  2. The so-called “engineers” at the states’ highway departments are partly to blame. They seem increasingly insistent on placing “right lane ends” scenarios on acceleration ramps (and elsewhere); creating fertile ground for clover-like activity.

    But yeah, the BMW driver is a knucklehead clover. As Mr. Peters has so rightly pointed out many times, a mere slow moving dimwit does not qualify as a clover. A clover is an angry, militant bad driver.

    • My bet would be that the BMW Clover was gabbling on its sail fawn, not paying attention to anything outside of its own Cloverific world. When it began to ease left, it – being a Clover – expected the other car to defer rather than make an effort to not be disruptive. When the other driver did not, Clover became enraged at the affront – and the rest speaks for itself!

  3. On the subject of “accidents”, when I was learning to drive, the instructor on the first day, said “I will rarely use the word “accident”. The reason why,” he said, ” is very few auto collisions are actually accidental.” “Collisions happen because of driver error or incompetence, being distracted, or deliberate action.”

    “None of which, are accidental. I will teach you, if your willing to listen, so you won’t be the cause of a collision”.

    How many driving teachers say that today? I doubt many even said that back in 1988 when I learned to drive. But those words stuck with me all these years.

    And if that instructor had that video back in 1988, he would have used it as a example of deliberate action. That BMW drivers is really dangerous. An irony of our “safety society”, he is NEVER seen as the problem.

    But he is.

  4. Defensive driving is the realization that you can’t control the bad driving of the clovers out there, but you can change your driving, even if you’re cursing the bastard, to make things as safe as you can for all involved.

    The offended driver also became aggressive after the clover dangerously passed him. I would have slowed down to put as much space as possible between me and the crash he seemed intent on causing, being aware, of course, of the drivers behind me.

    • Sure, but why is the onus on us to accommodate Clover?

      Defensive driving?

      How about competent and courteous driving!

      What annoys me the most is the Clover was driving a BMW – when he should be driving a 1984 Aries K car (if he’s allowed to drive anything at all). He has a car with plenty of power; he could easily have accelerated ahead of the car to the left, then merged. Instead, what does he do? He tries to force the other car – which has the right of way – to let him in.

      He just had to be first in line… which would be ok if he knew how to drive and did as above (accelerated smartly, then merged right). But no…

      I hate these passive-aggressive pig fuckers in their “sport sedans” with molten fury…

      • “Yield right of way” means just that, YIELD. The car in the left lane has the right of way, and should not need to adjust his speed, either faster or slower, to accommodate the car to his right. He may, if he so chooses to, but before doing so should take into consideration how it will affect others beside or behind him.
        When I am driving in the right lane of a multi- and am coming to an on ramp, I do tend to move left – if I can do so safely and considerately. But if I can’t, tough nuggies, Clover.

      • eric, I have a “new” clover. Well, I don’t know that it’s new(it ain’t) but I’ve had to put up with it a lot lately driving to a distant location to get my big rig. I will be speeding, most likely cruise on 79 in a 75. That’s just a bit more than that clover in a hurry wants to go but if I will, it will too doncha see? So I ease up on them, lights on dim as always(clovers don’t know about dimmer switches)and I’ll pass when I get a chance and then get blinded by the clover I passed. This ain’t good enough for this type of clover, nearly always a brand new pickup and not a ball anywhere to be found. So clover dogs me and I get tired of it and speed up causing clover to do the same.

        About 95 clover is wanting to cling but nerve is running out. If you’ll just do 85 then clover will stay right on your ass as if when the DPS nails me, he won’t stop the clover too. Stupid is as stupid does. I wouldn’t mind if clover dropped half a mile behind me and paced me, better yet, a mile. But clover somehow thinks only I will get fined and it will just go on(whew, what a close one but that guy in the pickup driving like a maniac I was glad to imitate is going to get the ticket). I’ve seen this so many times and find it hilarious to see clover get pulled over too. I once saw a DPS trooper go around those other speeders and get the lead one and then the rest of them. It’s a riot.

        But 95 or 100 at night and they just can’t hang and I don’t really want to run that fast since a 3/4T 4WD pickup can do some serious fuel tank damage at that speed. I like that company key and don’t want to have to use my credit card to get back to it.

        I’ve had so much of this lately I’ve begun to fantasize about that 57 Chevy my dad had with the rockets on the hood. I had big plans for it. We could replace the fake ones will real ones( this is in the 50’s and I don’t think they had technology like I wanted)and when a cop turns on his radar, they’ll just fire on him. We didn’t have clovers so much back then. You pass someone and they stayed passed and disappeared behind you. My dad would laugh but I secretly knew he thought the same thing. He hated cops.

        On two occasions I witnessed him getting stopped for speeding which he wasn’t doing since he saw the cops from about a mile away and made sure his speed was legal. He’d chew ass up and down and get red in the face(he was a really laid back guy)and tell them what they could do with their radar. I never saw one stand up to his 5’6″, 125 lb. menace. He was hell on wheels when he thought somebody was getting a screwing. And he had no intention of getting physical, he’d make some calls and get their ass fired or chewed out. Of course, he’d get gunned down these days for that.

        I’ve about had it with cops this week and it still ain’t over. Now these cities in the patch have their own DOT and their own rules and I got stopped by one this week. He said if I was over on any axle over 1,000 lbs I’d get a fine of $1,000 and if I was a repeat offender(they have their own little database)I’d get fined $2,000. I was over 3700 lbs on two axles and walked away without a ticket. These guys and their egos. It’s too long a story to tell but looking me in the eye and knowing an old man was just a pitiful target and he was such a great guy he simply let me go. Nobody would have believed it but the job supt. was in a truck behind me and saw the whole thing. Once back in my rig my phone rang and he was asking me all about it. He hates these guys but is terrified of them. i hate em too but I’m not terrified and would have filed something against him if he’d given me a ticket since he pulled in front of me and slammed on his brakes and I really did nearly run over his stupid ass.

        He told me those blue and reds protected him. I have known people, dead now a long time, that thought the same thing. He pulled this bs in rushhour traffic on a four lane divided loop with no shoulders, just curbs and nowhere to safely pull off. Tx. law says you can go to a place you deem safe before stopping. I think the company lawyer and that law might have trumped his skinny young ass badly. It was very stupid move and if he keeps doing it, he’ll be scraped up and put in a bag while those blues and reds are flashing from a lot more sources. Dumbass. But at least he got distracted. I told him I could just take my stuff and he could have the whole damned thing. And really, it would have been fine. I often fantasize of loading that trailer with all the scrap iron on the yard, pulling it up on the scrap iron scales and leaving it running and just take the scrap price for the whole thing. Boy, I’m in a shit mood. I’d better get a beer and consider my options.

    • I had a driver of a semi truck do this to me the other day. But instead of a merge the lane he was in was a right turn lane and I was already along side the trailer or close to it. He just starts pushing into my path at a slow speed even though there is a large gap behind me for him to move into. I did like the camera driver and mostly held my location. I did move left some. The truck driver then used the gap behind me and then moved over left another lane with no issue.

      But see, doing things properly is more work and the lazy drivers want to transfer the effort on to others and/or they want to be first and in some cases demonstrate their power over others. This is where their cars ‘wake up’ and suddenly they have the acceleration ability to do what they should have done in the first place. The BMW driver could have easily accelerated to make the gap in front or slowed to make the gap behind. But no, better to force the other person to adjust, well because.

      Oh that reminds me, on another drive recently. Right lane becomes a turn lane. Idiot going slowly in the right lane, I’m in the left doing the PSL. No turn signal from the idiot. I start passing him and he moves towards the right side of my car. As I pull ahead he sounds the horn and high beams me. These people expect others to cater to them but they can’t even be bothered to use a turn signal to broadcast their intent. I’ve got a video or two of similar morons at the same location.

      Giving in to this nonsense develops a sense of entitlement and builds a better idiot. That’s what we see with the BMW driver in the video above too, a sense of entitlement.

    • Nope. That just encourages the bad behaviour.

      Hold your lane until the idiot hits you, the ditch, or the brakes. It’s the only thing that will have a chance of educating them.

      My old Suburban was great for this. Had several people parallel me expecting me to give way as they merged into my lane. Never did and heard plenty of tire squeal as the morons ran out of lane abruptly.

      Fuck ’em.

      • Many years ago a friend of mine had a clapped-out, rusty, full-size, early 1970s Plymouth Fury called “the Fun Car” that was great for stuff like that. Two tons of multicolored, careening, rotted steel with bad ball joints and bald tires just screaming “I have less to lose than you do, wanna chance it?” The terror in the eyes of approaching Corolla drivers was palpable.

        • Me2, you’re so right. For many years I tried to figure how to install HARM’s into a vehicle without them showing. I always wondered how much paint damage they’d do upon exit.

          • Plenty. Unless you are moving air past the launch apparatus at 300mph+.

            Kind of heavy (~800lbs) and expensive (~200K).
            Simple radar .50 would be cheaper, more cost effective and somewhat more collateral friendly, but would need a van deployment system.
            Hypothetically, of course.

            • Advantage of HARMs would be to nail piggy piggy piggy.

              For the close-up encounters of the Clover kind, ram spikes would be great – or, these days, any steel-body vehicle with sharp edges will do. 🙂

              (Can’t find the clip from Back to the Future… :-P)


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