4×4 Clover

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I rolled up behind this Clover today:

It snowed yesterday, you see. Therefore, Clover adjusted his speed to 42 in an (underposted) 55 zone…. just to be safe.

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  1. I live just down the road from you on 221 in NC.

    What I see here is this:

    The ‘real’ speed limit, other than at 2 am, is 10+ whatever is posted. Go 11 over and you’re popped — 9 over and you’re fine.

    Anyway, it’s quite common here to get behind people going 10-15 under the POSTED limit, not to mention the real limit.

    It is so common here, and so different from urban areas where most people are always pushing to go faster.

    I’ve been known to pass these slow clovers no matter what arbitrary lines are painted on the road (recently they repainted 221 near me and removed approximately half the prior ‘safe’ passing zones and replaces with double yellow, this despite a straight road and ample visibility. Passing was ‘safe’ in those areas last year but not now? WTF?).

    I don’t tailgate clovers but I do pass at first opportunity. What’s interesting is some clovers’ reactions to being passed.

    They get pissed, flash brights, flip me off, honk, and some even speed up to 15 over the posted limit, after running a solid 10 under the posted limit, when I merge left to pass them. I’ve even had a few of these ’10 under’ assholes start tailgating me after I pass them at my normal +10 cruising speed– which is 20 mph faster than they were going when I passed. Why? Are they trying to ‘teach me a lesson”?

    I cannot comprehend their thought processes but I can deal with them effectively on the road.


    • Hi Roy!

      I once rolled up behind a guy doing literally 28 MPH on the Blue Ridge Parkway (PSL 45, real speed 50-ish). I never tailgate, but I do pass at the first opportunity. Well, when I broke left to pass this Clover, he speeds up – and not a little bit. He rocked up to 70 and climbing, just to try to prevent my getting by him. Filthy animal. Of course, he did not succeed. No Clover has ever got the drop on me… and I aim to make sure he never does!

      • “Deathrace” looks more and more appropriate… (Maybe go to “Deathrace 2000″ instead of the original, since the new one did cars with weapons instead of just running people over and getting points.)

        A hummer with Ram spikes would be a nice thing when faced with this situation, though. Not the I-5 variant, either….
        Clover insists on blocking you out?
        Red Clover,
        Red Clover,
        I’m coming the F*CK over –
        And you might like to be somewhere else, ’cause 12” of steel is going into your vehicle in several spots….
        And I’m targeting you!!!


        Serial killer Butch prepared for the inevitable one day, carving his own tombstone.
        His epitaph? “Wish you were here!”



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