Sport Sedan Clover

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Is there a more annoying Clover than the Clover driving a sport sedan? He’s like a really hot girl in Daisy Dukes who won’t fuck. What’s the point?

I rolled up behind another one today. Empty road, 55 MPH speed limit. Clover in his 321 hp Cadillac CTS … drifting along between 38 and 52 MPH. And will not move the fuck over. All that engine, all that capability… useless because never used.

What is wrong with these people?

Why do they buy cars with capabilities they’ll never even begin to tap? Wouldn’t a Clover such as the one above be more appropriately paired with a Prius?

But of course, the Prius isn’t a Cadillac (or a BMW or some other “image” car). And Clover is all about image. Never the substance.

There are multiple levels of annoyance here.

For instance, the stupid wastefulness of it all. clover K car

I am all for purposeful wastefulness. My Trans-Am may suck gas, but I haul ass. Justification, no?

But there is something that makes my teeth ache about being caught behind a racehorse of a car like the CTS – which can do 0-60 in the high fives and hit 140 before the end of a running-start half-mile (trust me) that’s used like an old donkey six months away from the glue factory by its owner.

Who bitches about how much gas my car uses.

Most Clovers need nothing more, automotively-speaking, than a 1984 Aries K Car on 13 inch wheels with a top speed of 83 MPH. Better yet, duct tape their mouths, throw them in the trunk of an ’84 Aries K and send the fucker to the crusher.

The sound of that would be musical.

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  1. clover in daisy dukes…cannot… unsee….
    – – –

    Just Give Me The Damn Manual
    no registration, no BS, just owner manuals.
    – –

    With a manual transmission you are slower, but it is more emotional; it now says ‘I am a serious driver, I am a connoisseur’. So, we will continue to offer a manual even if only ten per cent of customers want it. That is why we offer a manual M5 sedan in North America. It is stupid – the development costs are huge – but we will keep doing it as long as the customer wants it. – Klaus Frolich at BMW.

    Frolich at BMW
    – – –

    Subaru wins rally after crash
    – –

    Equus Bass 770 – Made In Detroit

    • Hi Tor,

      Frolich’s comment is icily German. Efficiency uber alles. But what about the intangibles? The simple tactile joy of manually changing gears?

      If we’re talking racing – for money – then I grok going with whatever gives you an edge; whatever makes the car a tenth quicker than the car adjacent to you on the line. But these are street cars we’re talking about. If the sole object of the exercise to travel as quickly from A to B as possible – regardless of driver involvement in the process – then why not just strap into an amusement park ride? Have yourself slingshot at tremendous “Gs” via steam catapult or some such. Just sit there and feel the speed. But do not be a part of it.


      This is why I have become a tepid fan of modern BMWs….

  2. What gets me, how do they drive them that slow without riding the brakes? Last time I owned a powerful car (its been a while) frankly it was hard to drive it slow. That car wanted to go, and go fast. Touch the gas pedal, it was going 40 miles per hour, bam, like that,,,, and I was still on my own street………………..

    I guess,,, its a good thing,,,,, sigh,,,, that I cannot afford the upcoming 640 hp CTS. I would be paying the salaries of handful of porkers round here………..

    • Hi Rich,

      They do ride the brakes! They brake on straights – they brake coming out of curves (as well as going into them). Clover loves to slow down as much as we like to “speed”!

      • Clovers love to ride the brakes leaving a set of lights too. That’s a sure sign you need to get waaaaay out in front of him or you’ll end up a participant in his inevitable screw up.

  3. Why Respecting Others’ Beliefs is BULLSHIT and not a sign of respect at all. MK Lords on Truth Over Comfort podcast.

    Meghan – M.K. Lords – Editor of Bitcoin Not Bombs – Poet, fire dancer, activist. Office manager at Roberts & Roberts Brokerage and a part time agorist

    Stef Molyneux on agnostic silly nonsense

    If you were to say, “we don’t have evidence of a purple-haired jackelope, therefore it doesn’t exist”, I could run off into the jungle and at least try to find you a purple-haired jackelope.
    But how many people are out there building spaceships and satellites to try and find God?

    And how many people are out there beating/guilting the concept of God into their children, without even trying to hunt for the evidence first?

    if I’m really really passionate about discovering the purple-haired jackelope, I’m going to grab some hunting gear and a film crew, and go off in search of it. I’m not going to build temples and armies and child-indoctrination camps in order to raise several generations of people who’ve never seen the Purple-Haired Jackelope, but are willing to kill in His name.

    Agnostics slither right past violently enforced views such as the evils of rape, murder, theft, parking in a handicapped zone, the non-payment of property taxes, failing to come to a proper stop at a stop sign, speeding and everything else.

    All these legally enforced perspectives are utterly ignored, although they are inflicted with infinitely greater absolutism than a mere philosophical argument – and the agnostic reaches with open fingers for the throat of the mere atheist who rejects the self-contradictory PHJ!

    In other words, the violent enforcement of certain perspectives is perfectly acceptable to the agnostic, but mere arguments for other perspectives must be aggressively and endlessly opposed.

    This is why I call agnosticism cowardice.

    If you are still an agnostic, after reading and failing to rebut these arguments laid out in the link below, then you have well earned the label.

    Against the Gods – Stefan Molyneux

    The first virtue is always honesty, and the first honesty is always with the self.

    I do not for a moment imagine that agnostics have reached their conclusions by dispassionately looking at the available arguments and evidence. Agnosticism – like determinism and other forms of self-detonating superstition, arises from a fear of social attack, and a staunch denial of self-knowledge.

    If you do not have the stomach to encourage the potentially rational, expose the irrational and condemn the anti-rational, you have nothing to be ashamed of.

    I feel queasy at the sight of blood; I’d make a terrible surgeon – but I know and accept this fact, so I don’t need to recast my queasiness as other-dimensional courage.

    If you are afraid of sticking your neck out in this highly unprofitable realm, that’s completely fine. If you’re scared of how others may react to the truth, that’s natural, normal and healthy. Just – accept that.

    We don’t all have to be good at everything. Leave this heavy lifting to others. I don’t drill my own cavities, and you can leave the perilous advancement of reason to the philosophers.

    All that we ask is that you get out of the way.

  4. As far as I understand it, for the most part, we have no interest in banding together and “doing something for our country.” That’s like saying, we really want to get the Crips back in power, so we’re organizing to overthrow the MS 13s.

    Some of us are on Marc Stevens and that’s great. But I think Brent’s idea of fighting them as individual in an existential manner is more our speed.

    When I’m being detained, I act annoyed, say I’m late for something for my kids, work, they’re counting on me. I can’t believe this. Hem and haw, fume, pretend I can’t find my documents. Eventually I “remember” it’s in my trunk, and then I dig thru a pile of work papers to find it, although of course I know where the stuff is all the time, and now the hero’s just spent 20 minutes on a possible $72 seat belt ticket, while I’ve pumped him for all kinds of info. And tried to PTSD him with all kinds of panic phrases.

    Standing up via Sun Tzu is certainly what I try to do. Not facebook paralegal clubs, tho might hat is off to those who do this, and I will use them to help me in whatever ways they can.

    I always work to uncover and unmask as many real people as I can and fight them man to man. These legal support groups might be valuable resources. If you think in terms of “the cops” got me, then that is not your thing, which is find.

    Which specific cop is the question. With which agency. In what capacity, what’s in his car, what team is he on, what’s his car number, full name, badge number. How long has he been doing this, what are his duties, did he here about the girl in the dumpster they found, are they going to solve the murder soon, and so on, this goes on for many levels of complexity and diversioning.

    I understand that Canada/Australia and other places are worth fighting for within the system. Not so sure America fits that bill anymore.

    Know Your Rights Australia

    A question I have for these Marc Stevens/Know Your Rights Guys – is how do Americans keep the few advantages we’ve traditionally had?

    1 no school dress codes. no mandate to vote backed by penalties. no hereditary fealty to queen and plethora of royals, charters, commonwealths, exchequers, whatever other powder wig dandies.

    2 no mandatory health care. this may be worth fighting, as opposed to road banditry being more of taking one for the team. obstacle in US – unless you’re in a court of record it’s gloves off thugism. also, make waves and you’re hounded for life.

    How do we win in court for significant stakes where it might be worth our time.

    3. opting out, reducing our legal exposure and tax liabilities by successfully reducing governing bodies enforcing their alleged jurisdiction over us.

    4. What did Larken Rose gain for freedom cause by going the 861 route. In 1998 he quit filing. He got threats and demands. In 2001 he said “molon labe, come arrest me.”

    At some point they did prosecute him, he spent 15 months in federal prison. And lost who knows how much of his personal wealth. Plus he’s on the hook for all kinds of other claims I’d imagine. Probably can’t own a gun, get certain kinds of jobs, etc.

    Did all this happen in a lower throw away court? Is any of what he did in a court of record, and now part of law? Or is he just another guy who didn’t pay, and got what they threaten all with.

    I’m glad some sacrifice like this, to lay bare their claims. I don’t want to do this over a $72 speeding ticket. And certainly not when I’m on my way home from the bar and have alcohol in my blood.

    5 Americans nearly all fall for these few broad fallacies

    A: fallacy of appeal to consequences

    1 drive drunk and you get pulled over and tested.
    2 fail test and you go to jail lose license pay fines lose car.
    3 [false] therefore drunk driving is bad, you don’t want to do it because otherwise you’ve violated the law and you deserve what happens.

    B: Fallacy of Appeal to Force

    Employee: I do not think the company should test everyone for drugs.
    Employer: That opinion makes me think you’re not the kind of person I want working here.
    Or, congrats, you said the forbidden phrase, go piss in this cup right now over there in the shop floor empty station and bring it here, or you’re fired.

    Thanks for the laugh, Socrates.

    Under the NAP, the argument from the appeal to force is only valid in the case of property owner or in regard to one’s own person or dependents.

    Try breaking in my garage, and I’ll blow your head off. You take your hands off my daughter and let her out of your car, or I’ll push the button on this EMP generator I’ve got in my hand and turn your Tesla into a giant paperweight.

    Marc Stevens and Larken are the very pinnacle of laying bare the US state. That all they have is the threat of incarceration, fines, and death.

    Countries that are homogeneous and have been around for a thousand or more years, might be a different story.

    India did not rebel like we did. They are still part of the commonwealth on the down low. Canada and Australia’s land are majority owned by the Royal Trust, whatever its called. They are at most, franchises, not separately incorporated and ruled fiefdoms.

    Only Israel and the US have actually left the UK AFAIK. (Well, and Zimbabwe, and look at how badly they were attacked and ruined.) Though economically, I don’t think there’s any separation between Canada and US, for all intents and purposes, Canada is a US state, and the US states are a big Canadian Province.

    • Tor;

      1. It all comes down to contracts. demand the evidence that they have absolute Right of ownership over you. If such is merely deemed by stroke of pen or “because grabbermint say-so”, then there’s no evidence and it’s called slavery, which is of course illegal under international law. Australia has a mandate to vote or penalties apply. Note that voting without being “registered” to do so is illegal, however it’s stated that we “must register”. Hmm.. catch-22. Voting is a physical sign of confidence in an individual, group or company. No flesh and blood Man can be forced to have confidence in anybody, at any level. It’s absurd. I never registered to vote and there’s no contract that I signed in agreement to that garbage.

      2. If you have zero health care, do they just leave you by the roadside or refuse to take you to hospital? The Hippocratic Oath is “First, do no harm”. No flesh and blood man can be forced to join any group or society, whatever their cause. If you refuse medical care, do they not let you leave? That’s the point of the matter, YOU hold all the cards by individual choice, not by assumed charter. There’s no point in mandatory health care if you have the choice to refuse medical care, unless they stand to make money off your good health, which I’m sure there’s a law against. If you’re incapacitated or have a broken pelvis and they give (or force) you health care without your consent, then the bill’s on them, regardless the Hippocratic Oath.

      3. Do as they themselves do. Operate in the private through tax-free shelters such as trusts. Note that most countries including the US have no legal definition for “income”. Write to your tax office and they’ll spend 2 pages or more avoiding the issue without legally defining income. It could be anything:

      The New Zealand tax inspector shook his head and blinked at the American grinning at him across the table. “What do you mean ‘it’s chickens!?,” he sputtered. “What the hell have chickens got to do with it?”

      The American just smiled. “Well, you show me in the New Zealand Income Tax Act where it says that chickens are not a legal form of income. And seeing as my client didn’t earn any chickens last year, he doesn’t owe you any tax.”

      It’s an amusing diversion, and tax litigator Eddie Kahn (pron: Cain) has used it on a number of occasions with tax officials around the world. “It’s the same in the US,” he explains later, “because they don’t legally define income there either. What’s really funny about it is the agent will look at you in a state of shock, saying ‘no, it’s not chickens’, and I say ‘well how do you know it’s not chickens: you didn’t define it.’ You see, when they say ‘no it’s not’, then they are obligated to show you what it actually is. And they can’t, because it isn’t defined.”

      Full story:

      Further stuff:

      If all you trade in is tangibles, such as furniture, grow your own food, earn and spend no money, how are you to be taxed on it? Send in 25% of your dining settings to the tax office. I wonder what they’ll do with them?

      4. I know little of Larken Rose although I’ve heard his name over the years in certain circles, but if you identify yourself as a “person” which is legally defined in all statutes as numerous things (including company and corporation) excepting “Man” or “Woman”, then they’ve got you. You’re a flesh and blood man, a spiritual being residing within a physical body. You’re not ink on a piece of paper, which “person” certainly can be and almost always is.

      5. Every grabbermint is now a company or corporation, except Iceland – they chucked out all the frauds. Commonwealth’s, States and such are all legal fictions, which is why they must use Statutes as “law”, covering Admiralty, Maritime and Commercial law and jurisdiction of such, which is why the gold-fringed flag is a military (Admiralty) one, for example. Supposed “authorities” of grabbermint are all part of the Statute system. It’s all commerce and legal fiction, proof of which is the fact they constantly require your consent either implied, oral or physical via signature, becoming a contract. When they use force they know you’ll eventually comply with some teeny thing they request, which then creates an “adhesion contract” – implied consent.

      The more people comprehend (NOT “understand” = stand-under) that Statutes require consent before having any jurisdiction in common law countries, the more they’ll know exactly WHO they themselves really are and do as Iceland did.

      There’s also the fact that you’re innocent until proven guilty under international law. Cops that haul you in at gunpoint and supply your bruises or Taser holes without arrest let alone probable cause are not keeping the peace, but the opposite and should be hauled before a civil court (if not The Haig) every time.

      It’s assault and professional misconduct plain and simple, but made infinitely worse because they’re supposed to uphold the law and the “Universal Declaration Of Human Rights” ( at all times.

      Such attacks on any individual Man or Woman are clearly in violation of most articles in the UDHR. Mention that in court next time.

      See also:

      Although it’s Canadian, most principles apply to the U.S.

      • I think I’m done for. Why not keep you kids out of their clutches from day one. Give birth in the home. Don’t let anyone know your wife is pregnant. There would be some logistical challenges, but it seems doable.

        Consider this…

        One in a dozen plan. From a pool of a thousand like minded guys. There are 13 like minded guys who all want to have a child. They conspire to give birth around the same time. They draw lots to see which child is going to be the child of record and be entered into the system. They get their wives pregnant.

        40 weeks later, the 13 babies are born. The baby of record gets a birth certificate, and whatever the absolute minimum is needed to exist in the local legal realm.

        Now all 13 babies go by that name, but all use different nicknames with everyone they know, so no ones knows 12/13 of them are undocumenteds.

        You won’t be able to get a drivers license, you’ll have to pay others to drive you around. Can’t get bank accounts. Work jobs where they require ID. And so forth.

        But, if the Mexicans can do it, why can’t the Anglos? One guy is on the hook for the tax returns, property ownership, utilities, whatever. The other guys will need to adopt a certain “don’t ask me no questions” attitude with their girlfriends, who they can only marry unofficially, but I think this could work, unless I’m missing something.

        In lots of countries millions of people are completely unregistered, why not bring that to the state and commonwealth as well.

        Don’t even be a legal fiction. Don’t get caught doing anything they claim to be a crime. Be like the Amish and dodge their whole pile of fictional shit completely.

  5. k I wish the teases would pack it in,anyway there is a lot auto waste on the road,but hey,its legal(kinda like the posers with the the big shiny 3/4 diesel trucks that never knock the chrome off the hitch ball) oh well each to their own.Status seems to overide commonsense-Kevin

  6. 2nd Step of 10 Step Libertarian Topological Transformation of

    Sport Sedan Clover
    by eric • January 11, 2015
    Derived Version 100.2
    23 sentences. K paragraphs.

    1 Is there a more annoying Clover than the Clover driving a sport sedan? A
    2 He’s like a really hot girl in Daisy Dukes who won’t fuck. A
    3 What’s the point? A

    4 I rolled up behind another one today. B
    5 Empty road, 55 MPH speed limit. B
    6 Clover in his 321 hp Cadillac CTS drifting along between 38 and 52 MPH. B
    7 And will not move the fuck over. B

    8 What is wrong with these people? C

    9 Why do they buy cars with capabilities they’ll never even begin to tap? D
    10 Wouldn’t a Clover such as the one above be more appropriately paired with a Prius? D

    11 But of course, the Prius isn’t a Cadillac (or a BMW or some other “image” car). E
    12 And Clover is all about image. E
    13 Never the substance.E

    14 There are multiple levels of annoyance here. F

    15 For instance, the stupid wastefulness of it all. G

    16 I am all for purposeful wastefulness. H
    17 My Trans-Am may suck gas, but I haul ass. H
    18 Justification, no? H

    19 But there is something that makes my teeth ache about being caught behind a racehorse of a car like the CTS – which can do 0-60 in the high fives and hit 140 before the end of a running-start half-mile (trust me) that’s used like an old donkey six months away from the glue factory by its owner. I
    20 Who bitches about how much gas my car uses. I

    21 Most Clovers need nothing more, automotively-speaking, than a 1984 Aries K Car on 13 inch wheels with a top speed of 83 MPH. J
    22 Better yet, duct tape their mouths, throw them in the trunk of an ’84 Aries K and send the fucker to the crusher. J

    23 I bet the sound would be musical. K

    English prose is an irrational mathematical language. What can be done to improve and use for libertarian purposes? A force of will is required to set aside primitivisms and negatively legacy cultural effects of living under force and threat of incarceration and death. For our purposes, anybody is free to write anything about anybody, although more constructive and actionable statements are preferred.

    Applied Libertarian Prose Mathematics will seek out patterns and use them to formulate new conjectures. The truth or falsity of stated an implied conjectures will be done using mathematical proof.

    When good model of real phenomena exists, reasoning will provide insight or predictions about the world. Through mathematical abstraction and logic of rational and irrational prose, useful premises and percepts will emerge for use in counting, calculating, measuring, studying, and overcoming problems, such as clovers impeding your vectorial progress on a segment of line which is part of an extended grid of segments.

  7. Excellent article Eric. Clover somehow manages to obtain (read: lies, cheats, the system, steals etc.) something that gives him apparent status, however steadfastly continues his mediocrity.

    Maybe clover can bitch for a law that confiscates vehicles that are not being used as designed and have them replaced with something more suitable.

    Justice at last.

    • Thanks, Rev!

      I come across these stumbling blocks of life almost every day. The absurdity of it would be humorous were it not for the fact that they are becoming so omnipresent it’s a constant hassle to avoid/get around them.

      Whenever I do encounter one, a vivid image of a flabby, middle-aged guy who can’t get it up anymore comes to mind. The guy is wearing a purple strap-on that glows and pulses, to show the world what a He-man he is…..

      • eric, like I told you a couple weeks ago….same car, clueless bleach blonde pulls right out in front of me and never gets over 45. I wasn’t mad, just sad, depressed. I seem to never see a BMW driven like this. I noticed back in ’08 driving through Ok. a few times, somewhere around Ok.C. there were a great many young people driving Bimmers and did it well. It was never them who slammed on the brakes cause there was water on the interstate. Seems like everybody else in the state did.(well, they do make them flat flat and being concrete it could be a hydro-plane type thing if it’s deep enough but literally slamming on the brakes scrubbing off 40 mph when you could see it wasn’t deep was stupid) Oh, I know, 1/8″ of water will make your car a boat so “they” say. I guess with bald tires on your ’63 Fairlane it COULD get dicey……


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