Latest Radio: Bill Meyer Show/KMED 04/11/2024

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Here’s the audio of this week’s Wheels up! segment with my friend Bill Meyer over at KMED FM in Medford, OR. We talked about the coof – and my voice – as well as the latest goings-on in the world of cars and those who are trying to take them away from us:


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  1. “Chopper Rides” have been used since the Korean War; it’s one reason the ROK forces, though relatively few in number in ‘Nam, were greatly feared. If the Canadians, when they were actually “Bad Asses” instead of completely wussified, as the election of Castro’s bastard kid as PM shows, had helicopters in WWII, they’d have further enhanced their feared reputation with the “Jerries”.

    A great movie that came out in 1996, starring Nick Nolte, Melanie Griffin, and the lovely Jennifer Connelly (she was, and still IS, a STUNNER!), titled “Mulholland Falls”, has a similar theme. A team of LAPD detectives, based on the real-life “Hat Squad”, would arrest gangsters and other “undesirables”, ostensibly to “run ’em in” (i.e., take them down to the police station and check for outstanding warrants, such was the state of cop tech in the late 1940s), but instead, would go up Mulholland Drive and show the arrestee the “view”, which he got…ALL THE WAY DOWN. Sometimes he was even still alive, though obviously wouldn’t be for long, for the detectives to taunt…”LA doesn’t want organized crime…doesn’t NEED it.” When they run into some mysterious things which lead them to what’s now known as Area 51 in Nevada, the squad leader (Nolte) and his right-hand man (Chazz Palminteri) are being given a plane ride back to LA, and he deduces that the prostitute (Connelly) that had been found, badly battered, had been thrown out of a plane, and that was the fate that await THEM. They manage to subdue their captors, but the aircraft crashes in the desert. Although both the LAPD dicks survive the crash, the leader’s partner took a fatal round and soon expires. Also, the FBI, at the behest of the military, eager to protect its dark secrets of Area 51 (the men dying of radiation poisoning, as well as their director (John Malkovich), and the above-ground atomic testing that had used them as human guinea pigs, evidenced by the trinitite found on the prostitute’s body), had mailed a secretive film of the squad leader having sex with the prostitute to his home, where it’s found and viewed by his heartbroken wife (Griffin), who leaves him at the partner’s funeral.

  2. Eric: I’m sure this has been commented on before, but I would listen to a lot more of your interviews if I could download them.

    Why can’t we?

  3. Climate the Movie

    take note @25:30 in the last glacial maximum CO2 was the lowest in earth’s history, down to 180ppm – close to extinction of all life on earth

    Unfortunately they did not mention that megafauna extinctions correlate with low CO2

    Current CO2 levels at 420 ppm are at BARE MINIMUM RECOVERY LEVELS

    our society has it completely wrong

    at 27:13 listen carefully – CO2 follows temperatures

    listen to what Tony Heller says, Ice Ages start at high CO2 and end at low CO2 – the exact opposite of the AGW claim


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