King Clover Says: No Mundanes May Drive!

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What is the predictable-as-Pravda solution to the problem of people who can’t deal with snow driving? Impose a ban on all driving, of course!clover king

That’s just what Massachusetts King Clover (er, governor) Deval Patrick has done. With a big snowstorm on the way, he has issued an order that none may drive after 4 p.m. (yesterday) or face a $500 fine and up to a year in jail (yes, really) as a violator of the Civil Defense Act. See here.

Well, not quite everyone must stay off the roads. Naturally, government  workers are exempt.

Just as they are exempt from the edicts criminalizing the possession of “high capacity” ammunition magazines and “assault” rifles.

Just as government officials exempt themselves from Obamacare – and countless other codes, orders, restrictions, mandates and regulations rained like confetti upon the heads of us Mundanes.

As with the recent felony arrest of a man (a troop, no less) in NY for the faux crime (because no harm is even alleged to have been done) caught in possession of ammo magazines exceeding the arbitrary threshold of one-too-many (see here) King Clover Patrick threatens anyone who isn’t a government drone with serious time merely for driving in the snow. The actual competence of the driving being done is, apparently, immaterial and no defense. You might be perfectly capable of dealing with snow driving. You’ve got the skill – you’ve got a vehicle set up to handle it. You’re not causing a problem for anyone. But you’re a criminal, nonetheless.

That’s America now.

Still feel like pledging allegiance?


  1. “One needn’t talk about world government hypothetically anymore. It’s arrived.”

    The article also briefly describes how the Clovers of the world helped to facilitate everything.

    The squeeze is on, from every angle (Tre Deuce’s comment above highlighting the latest) one by one we’ll be picked off? Here’s a good description of one angle:

    That 2nd Amendment Cop Buddy of Yours?
    He’ll take your guns, says David Hathaway former supervisory DEA Agent:

    I met a half-way cool guy recently, knows certain motors inside and out (amazingly so) and is in tune somewhat with the goings on of the NWO and such. But he told me, if push came to “they” won, he’d follow the adage, “If ya can’t beat ’em, ya might as well join ’em.” to stay alive and live well.

    That was depressing. I was slightly appalled and muttered something about lack of principles. What could I say to that? I chalked it up to him being young.

    He sure did seem determined to keep his guns in the meantime though, and it sure did seem like it would take A LOT for him to reach that point.

    He asked me what one person could do.
    The only thing I could think of (besides be self-sufficient and such, which he was already for the most part) was to form a network of close friends to come to each others aid, QUICKLY.

    He didn’t say anything in response.

    Telling others about ‘what’s up’ wasn’t getting very far for either of us. Or so it seemed.

    He wondered why “they” want all this power and control, even more than they have already, as if that wasn’t enough. He couldn’t understand, WHY? Why more?

    I told him it was because “they” were sociopaths. And the reason he couldn’t understand ‘why’ is because he wasn’t one. Same as he wouldn’t understand ‘why’ a serial killer seeks yet one more victim.

    I can understand why he acts very juvenile and jokes a lot. And why Don drinks. The Clovers of the world – them – I will never understand.

    The Moon Is Down. …And The Beat Goes on.

  2. The New Social Darwinism: Companies Require Workers to Divulge Health Info so They Can Charge Overweight and Others Deemed Less Healthy.

    New insurance products “will facilitate “just-in-time insurance” as a person moves through a set of “spaces.” Each step of the journey represents a different risk such as car-to-train-station, train-to-city-station, station-to- office, and so on. Each leg of the trip truly represents a varying amount of risk.” Tracking these movements could require nothing more than downloading an app on a smart phone, or some other device. But it is literally the application of financial engineering to your very liberty, or the toll-boothing of your life.

  3. I just saw the video of, Generals and Admirals Demand A Plan.

    Is that The height of hypocracy, or wHAt?

    I thought of this thread, ‘King Clover Says:’ while I saw it.

    I know now, what counter-revolutionaries are, and it’s not us.

    • I don’t support – or even, frankly, much respect – “the troops” – and this is an example why. “The troops” are just another species of law enforcer – they are not “heroes” and they certainly aren’t “fighting for freedom.”

      They are fighting on behalf of the government – and for pay.

      That makes them mercenaries.

      Mercenaries naturally have little respect for the liberties of the people.

      • Actually Eric, if we could rid ourselves of conventional nation states, mercenaries wouldn’t necessarily be a bad thing.

        They would be the military counterpart of “rent a cop” security guards. They would be an integral part of market anarchist “PDAs,” or Private Defense Agencies.

        You know that old saw about “I pay your salary!” It’s useless of course when addressing cops in a conventional nation state.

        But it wouldn’t be under market anarchism. Under market anarchism, that old saw would be true. They would actually work for us.

        We would actually be able to hire and fire them at our discretion, and when we said jump, they would have to ask “Yessir. How high?”

  4. American Hermann Göring? Cristie Creme isn’t fit to carry Hermann’s opium pipe into his toy train room at Karinhall! Hermann served in Richtofen’s brigade and was a fighter ace. The opium addiction and sadness over Karin’s death led Hermann to bulk up. He was busy not running the Luftwaffe and hangin’ out in Bavaria and had plenty of time to fatten up. Shit Shitstie is a dog turd that won’t come off your shoe.

  5. There’s no end to it. Shutting down every single road in Massachusetts for a snow storm? Yes, Fuehr-uh, governor Patrick, there will be snow drifts and all sorts of wintry behaviors. So no one can drive down the block to the drugstore, or get home, or buy a loaf of bread.

    Add in the steady drumbeat by the media and other overbearing nannies for us to all get vaccinated while we still can!, and buckle up or else even in secondary seatbelt states, and on and on. Not only is this tyrannical control allegedly for our own good, but it signals a supine society being worn down by clowns overreacting to every possible harm around us.

  6. “We’ll get that American Herman Goring (Chris Christie) or that me gusta Republican, Marco Rubio”

    Oh, shit. Now I’m having a panic attack over here. No nap for me today.

  7. Take heart, everybody. The GOP is probably planning to run the current Mass. governor for prez in ’16. He will then be transformed from a democrat-intent-on-destructionn to a saintly republican.

    It’s laid on. No problem.

        • Well, he DID tell the teacher’s union to pound sand, that’s a plus.
          He DOES seem to be a blowhard and an a-hole, but he’s a politician. Sort of goes with the territory.
          But that’s about all I know, even having lived in NJ for a while… People there are STUPID. Not much better where I am now… (MAssholes all.) But at least the Vibrancy is down.

          • I moved to the Boston area just under two years ago. Have the roads around here always been this bad, or have they gotten worse post-Romneycare. I’m wondering if Romneycare is siphoning away money that would have been spent on infrastructure.

  8. [The First Witness of King Clover ]
    Myron Fagan – Initiator of Illuminati/CFR “Conspiracy” – 1967

    “The question of how and why the United Nations is the crux of the great conspiracy to destroy the sovereignty of the United States and the enslavement of the American people within a UN one-world dictatorship is a complete and unknown mystery to the vast majority of the American people.

    The reason for this unawareness of the frightening danger to our country and to the entire free world is simple. The masterminds behind this great conspiracy have absolute control of all of our mass communications media, especially television, the radio, the press, and Hollywood.

    We all know that our State Department, the Pentagon, and the White House have brazenly proclaimed that they have the right and the power to manage the news, to tell us not the truth, but what they want us to believe.

    They have seized that power on orders from their masters of the great conspiracy and the objective is to brainwash the people into accepting the phony peace bait to transform the United States into an enslaved unit of the United Nations’ one-world government.

    First of all, bear in mind that the so-called UN police action in Korea, fought by the United States in which 150,000 of our sons were murdered and maimed, was part of the plot, just as the undeclared by Congress war in Vietnam in which our sons are dying is part of the plot, just as the plot against Rhodesia and South Africa in which our sons will be dying is part of the UN plot.

    However, the vitally important thing for all Americans, all you mothers of the boys who died at Korea and are now dying in Vietnam, to know is that our so-called leaders in Washington, who we elected to safeguard our nation and our constitution, are the betrayers and that behind them are a comparatively small group of men whose sole objective is to enslave the whole world of humanity in their satanic plot of one-world government.”

    [Transcript of Audio Recording]

    [Encyclopedia Article on Myron Fagan]

  9. Crossing the California state line for the last time seven years ago was one of the best days of my life. The next day, crossing into Wyoming from Utah has to count as the very best. For the first time in my life I really felt free, and that I’d finally come home.

    Not perfect, of course, and we have our own gang of idiotic “representatives” and would be masters, but they simply don’t have anywhere near the strangle hold on people here as pretty much anywhere else. See, most of us are seriously independent and well armed, and we know how to use them… makes a difference.

    Vote with your feet.

    • After 10 years in Wyoming I can honestly say I don’t think it’s in any way more “free” than California. If you move to a rural area anywhere in the US you’ll experience enhanced “freedom” simply because there are fewer enforcer per square foot. This is why Wyoming has such a good reputaiton. It isn’t because it’s more “free” in a statutory sense, it’s just less densely populated. Spend a few years in Jackson, I think you’ll find it’s a whole lot different than living a few miles outside Powell.

      There are still plenty of places in California that don’t have masters micromanaging your life. It’s not about laws and regulations, everyplace has more of those than they need. It’s about how much money they have to enforce them and the population density. Don’t expect to live in Marin and have anything close to freedom. The same can be said for Wilson or Cheyenne.

    • I agree! I left Bloomberg’s Fiefdom for Massive Two Shits just under two years ago, and I swear MA is worse! I’m not a “city” kind of guy, but my wife is. I’d love nothing more than to see Boston in my rear view mirror one last time.

      • Funny! I’ve a buddy from Buffalo who left the Empire State nearly three decades ago and he swears that there is some sort of reality distortion field at work in the northeast. Especially around “The City”.

        • I agree. The “clever” people who inhabit NYC these days have their heads shoved up their backsides, and are likely being funded by Mommy and Daddy. They are also far more likely to vote for a “progressive” than a libertarian.

          • That’s the essence of collectivism right there Tor. Those who run the collective grant favors and privileges. They control all resources.

            The market of course is much more fair.

        • And it’s contagious!

          My own sister–raised right, good shot with a rifle, parents quasi-libertarian and had us read Gary Allen and Solzhenitsyn when we were young–moved to NYC a few years ago.

          When she came back to Houston, she:
          a) was afraid of guns
          b) painted her two-year-old SON’s toenails
          c) spouts off CNN party lines about “social contract”

          She’s slowly coming back to reality. I’m taking her to the range this weekend with a variety of Evil Black Rifles; I’ve found no better cure for liberalism in women than the empowering effects of putting lead downrange at 3,000fps.

  10. god that makes me sick. who do these people think they are? are they of superior wisdom that by ruling over the populace they make things better and more “safe”?

    • Agreed. And it’s why I go on relentlessly about the viciousness of punishing people who haven’t actually caused any harm. Victimless “crimes” – a contradiction in terms.

      Imagine. A guy in a 4×4 with M/S tires who knows how to drive is out in the snow, driving well – causing no one any harm. But a costumed enforcer sees him – and the guy gets hit with a $500 fine/year in the clink. For what?

      Exercising his own judgment, that’s what.

      That’s the thing Clovers cannot abide.

      • You realize of coarse that tbtb are laughing there asses off and rubbing there grubby hands together, salivating over the revenue stream, and the ability to dominate the mundanes? These “people” actually get sexually aroused by watching others suffer from the grand poobah who makes the decrees to the thug scrum muscle men. They all have a hard-on for subjugation. Think about this, while your being “questioned” handcuffed and beatin officer oinky has a stiffy. Maybe that thought will get some of you fellas in a “I ain’t gonna take it no more” mentality. These fuckers are sick and depraved beyond imagination. Look at how they force grown men to grovel at there feet, just imagine what they will do to your wives and daughters after they get you out of the way.

        • Der Tag Kommt. Zwei Tage bis Faschingsdienstag. Drei Tage bis Fastnacht. Karneval.
          Aschermittwoch. Dreizehn Februar Zweitausenddreizehn. Die gute Nachricht, die wir machen unsere eigenen Almana. Ignorieren Klee Standardzeit.

          Schauen Hier.

          • Hey there, you must study German better. It is hard to understand what you mean.
            Es ist schwierig, zu verstehen, was Du meinst. Du musst noch lernen, Dich im Deutschen besser auszudrücken!

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