Can You Be A “Good” King?

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Saw this on Alt-Market, a pretty simple explanation.  But that won’t matter for many people. 

So you think you could be a “good” king/emporer/ruler/government?  The only thing for a moral “king” to do is waive the power of the throne. Each person needs to be their own “king.”

You are not providing your people with anything, you are stealing their money and spending it for them, nothing more…



  1. No, not if you rule over neighbors, unless every item is voluntarily agreed to by every person.

    You can ethically be a king of your own family, land, business, tenants, and employees if you adhere to the NAP including allowing them the freedom to leave..

    Studies show that such groups decline in efficiency around 150 members. To continue to prosper large families are forced to delegate and divide their holdings, and this leads to infighting and pressure to violate the NAP to get ahead.Often success forces partitioning which quickly ends in a free-for-all and a collapse.

    America has endured back to back distasters of George W Bush and now Barack Obama trying to be the King of the World, and failing disastrously.

    The mean net worth of America’s 114 million households is only $57,000.

    That means we have 6.5 trillion in Net Worth, yet China holds 3.3 trillion. Japan holds 1.2 trillion, the EU holds 900 billion, the Saudis hold 700 billion. And the Swiss hold 600 billion. This leaves us 200 billion short already and there are a lot more nations to go.

    Obviously, we can continue to start more aggressive wars like the Soviets/Nazis once did, or we stop buying things right now. One small Christmas present for each person is enough. Invest the money instead in small businesses to raise trillions of dollars from foreign holders (not Americans) and settle up with foreign producers and then continue to engage in work producing things of value that other nations are willing to buy.

    The last decade was the first drop in wealth across all sectors since WWII. The Public Sector is at war with private households. These wars on Terror, Drugs, and so on have to end, They have siphoned 15 trillion in private household wealth already. There are 42 million households with a net worth less than $10,000. People with nothing left to lose are dangerous and can destroy a civilization in a very short time.

    We have to get to work to buy back all our currency and then earn some of theirs.

    That would make us better than a king. That would make us a producer instead of a consumer.


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