Today’s Clover (9/8/2016)

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I rolled up behind these two Clovers earlier today; they were gimping along at about 52 MPH in a 55 zone (under-posted, as usual). The lead Clover was in a Subaru, which seems to be (like the Prius and PT Cruiser) a vehicle type especially favored by Clovers. I used the ’17 Mercedes-Benz C300 coupe I’ve got this week to say sayonara: depends on you to keep the wheels turning! The control freaks (Clovers) hate us!

Goo-guhl blackballed us!

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      • Excellent! How about a new category in the reviews, as well – Flattening the Clover, or something like that – where you evaluate the car’s ability to blast past Clovers?

        • Thanks, Yeti!

          I’m hopeful we’re going to get several new things in process soon; I spent some $$ on tech support. Hopefully, it will be worth it!

          • Hep me now….call up Trudy on the telephone, put a letter in the mail,say I’m hung up in Dallas and they won’t let me outta this jail(Freightliner dealership). If they ask you how I’m doin, well I’m just about to go to hell. I’m worried about ol Johnnie B Walker and the gal I left jail…in Jasper….the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, I was layin in a pool of fuel, trying to splice the crossover line…from one fuel tank to the other, and they’re drivin me outta my mind. Had on a brand new pair of Nacona’s and a bootleg Omega watch…put put, bought in Waco from a black dude for the real thang, got ripped off….. but they got all of my money and now they wanta look at my at my crotch just one more time. If the diesel don’t kill my cooties, then I cain’t never go back home, won’t be collecting the 26 percent, that check they owe me of my load…..or that girl I left behind. But I got this badass Freightliner, that’ll leave em all behind. If they want to catch me fore Amarillo, they got to be outta their mind.
            Now I decided to hit Almagordo, and leave that rig hid in the pines…when them indians come to get me, I’m gonna leave em all behind.