Won’t Pull Forward Clover

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Here’s another classic Clover – the won’t pull forward Clover:


He is visually or cognitively impaired; leaves at least half a car length (often, a full car length) between himself and the car ahead – effectively taking up 150-200 percent of the space his car would otherwise take up. This means fewer cars can get into a left turn lane, for instance. And fewer cars can make the light when it turns green – both because of the wasted space and also because of Clover’s invariably slow reactions. There is usually at least a 5-10 second delay between the moment when the light goes green and Clover’s car actually begins moving.


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  1. These short stoppers are endless aggravating. Around here they block access to turn lanes so people have to sit behind them unable to do RoR or get a green arrow.

    • Agreed. These may be the most irritating clover. They are always at the busiest traffic lights. There’s inevitably 2 or or 3 of them. You wait for 2 or three cycles of the light. Drives me crazy.


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