Left Lane/Won’t Mover Over Clover

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Here’s the most cliched and stereotypical Clover – the Clover who won’t move over:

I followed this Clover for about half a mile before I turned on the camera. He paced the car in the right lane, so that no one could pass. Even when the car in the right lane fell back – and Clover could easily have moved over – Clover continued to waddle along in the left lane.

Heads-ups, Clover: It’s called the passing (or fast) lane for a reason.

Move over, Clover!

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  1. I Maryland, the ‘law’ (never enforced, that I know of) is “Slower Traffic Keep Right,” with fairly frequent signage on multi-lane expressways.
    But in Clover’s addlepated brain, they SURELY can’t be referring to her.


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