Can’t Pass a Bicycle Clover

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Here’s today’s Clover:

Unable to pass a bicycle without putting half his vehicle across the double yellow and into the opposite lane of traffic. So instead, Clover simply creeps along behind the bikes at their pace, which is hardly moving (steep hill). Eventually – finally – Clover decides it’s “safe” to pass. And uses up half the opposing lane to do so.

Clover needs his vision checked – and his license rescinded!

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  1. I had the best Clover the other day(I should say the worst).I got stuck behind the idiot at a railroad crossing and after the train went by and the arm across the road went up clover refused to move because there was a red light that did not go out for some reason.This was not a regular traffic light ,it was just for the train crossing,but the drones cannot think for themselves and red means STOP.I thought he would go, seeing as the lane opposite us was going and you know the whole “Monkey see thing”.But no he was not moving till that red light went out, no matter how many of us layed on our horns.(I abhor using my horn but it does irritate clovers and I have to return the favor somehow)

  2. In PA, motorists are now (as of 2012, I think is was) required to give bicyclists a 4′ berth when passing. On many roads this requires that you move into the opposing lane of traffic unless the cyclist is way off on the shoulder. I don’t know that we will ever see this law enforced, like so many other laws (signaling, lights on in rain, etc.), unless it’s determined that it contributed to an accident.

  3. So, I might sound like a Clover here, but I will often give a bicyclist as much space as possible. Including crossing the double yellow, “just because.” I’ve had a stone turn under my tire before, and go @$$ over teakettle and almost get killed (or gelded, which was far more disturbing.)
    I try to do it safely, E.G. not crossing the yellows when there’s oncoming traffic, and not reducing speed much (more reaction time is good; more time alongside the bicyclist, bad.)

    But it sounds like I’ve been overly accomodating, and in fact may have annoyed the bicyclist.
    Anyone have thoughts? Improvement’s always good.

  4. Clovers don’t understand how to pass bicyclists. Slowing to the bicyclist’s speed to pass means one probably shouldn’t be driving. I’ve rarely adjusted speed more than 5mph to pass a bicyclist. And usually I will give them a full lane.

    Can’t pass clovers end up causing a back up of traffic and then the people stuck behind don’t blame the clover, the blame the bicyclist. So I get brush passed and worse. On one or two occasions I just rolled to a stop to dismount because I couldn’t deal with the incompetence and there was no place to pull over any further and guess what the clover did? Stopped.

  5. I’m really enjoying these clover cam vids Eric. I feel especially qualified to comment on this one. I commute to work via bicycle just about everyday weather permitting and I’m amazed at the clover mentality with regards to bicyclists. I’ll give some examples.
    All my cycling as it pertains to commuting is in a city (small midwestern town). I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve come to a 4-way intersection, stop signs in all directions (typical side street city intersection), and the clovers just automatically yield the right away as if I’m some sort of god. It’s frustrating and I’ve actually yelled at a few (their windows were down).
    I’m biking in the street mind you and even though they’ll arrive at the stop sign first (and thus have the right of way) they just assume I’m gonna blow the stop sign. So they sit and wait for me to go through even though they arrived first, oftentimes way before I get up to the intersection. Instead of treating me like another vehicle. It’s ridiculous.
    I guess I should be grateful they actually see me but they should treat me as just another vehicle. Now, granted, I’m gonna blow through most intersections of this nature if there’s no traffic coming in any direction and it’s safe to proceed in such in a manner. But that changes obviously when another vehicle enters the picture. In fact, I feel that’s how all users should treat these types of intersections regardless of the mode of transportation but that’s another rant for another day and that’s already been discussed here and elsewhere ad nausem.
    The other week, I was waiting to cross a busy 4-lane street that runs through town. The particular spot I was at we’re talking a strip mall, big parking lot, then a sidewalk that runs next to the busy 4-lane. I had cut through the parking lot and was waiting to cross at the crosswalk/sidewalk. So I was out of the highway surface. This old clover stops dead in the right hand lane so I could cross. This was a little after noon so traffic was signifcant. I’m sure he meant well and all but what he did was more dangerous had he just kept motoring along instead of holding up traffic behind him. And worse, possibly causing an accident. I’ll wait my turn and am perfectly capable of getting across without your aid clover thank you very much. Frustrated me something furious. I gave him a stern look and waved him along. I was relieved he obliged before the sitution could’ve gotten worse.
    And then there was the stupid hero clover this week. I was coming home at night (it was dark and I had my lights on) and came upon a 4-way intersection with just stop signs in two directions. The hero was sitting at the light for a good 5 or more seconds before I was even close to the intersection. Again, he had the right of way and just sat there. Instead of treating me like another vehicle that would also have to stop. So I had to slam on my brakes so I could come to a stop while I gave him a dirty look and waved him on as well. I’m actually surprised he didn’t turn his hero lights on and confront me to be honest. We all know how what fragile egos the heros have.
    Situations like the first and last really draw my ire because it disrupts momentum. I know some will probably give me heat for wanting to keep my momentum but for me (and I’m sure other cyclists will attest to it as well) it is one of the joys of cycling. They see me, I see them, so just treat me like another vehicle so I only have to slow down somewhat to give you time to proceed and then I’ll follow through the intersection after. Just like it normally would happen if it were two motorized vehicles. But no, I have to slam on my brakes after they’ve misjudged the situation, practically come to a full stop, lose all my momentum, and then wave them on. Extremely frustrating and yet so easily avoided. Just some of my adventures in cloverland from a cycling perspective.
    With regards to your video, I’ve been in that situation too and hate when people won’t pass me. In freaking town nontheless! I’ve had to actually pull over and and wave people on as well.
    I hope people don’t take this post the wrong way and see me as a ungrateful prick. I’m glad they see versus the alternative. But holy hell take off the kid gloves and use that damn thing between your ears clover.

    • AMEN!

      Nothing galls me more than a clover going out of their way to wave me through an intersection, even when it’s clear that i’ve stopped, unclipped, and pulled out the water bottle.

    • The wave of death! Clovers stop and wave you into traffic that’s blind to you so you can die.

      Oh and the failure to follow right of way conventions? I yell ‘DRIVE NORMAL’. Last one I am on a expressway frontage road and I want to turn left. I take the lane and signal a left turn, I’ve got it timed to turn as soon as an oncoming driver goes by…. what does he do? He stops. Blows my timing, I have to stop. Then he waves me through. Moron.


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