Fat Hero Doesn’t Like Being Filmed…

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Officer Oinky fits the profile:


  1. The guys filming this pig did exactly the right thing…they shamed him.

    He scuttled away as fast as his fat legs could carry him.

    THIS is what we have to do, before it goes hot–delegitimize, shame, get in their faces. For the weak ones, it will make it so unpleasant they’ll behave better. For the psychopaths, it will draw them out; some of these videographers are getting the shit beat out of them…further delegitimizing the State.

    It’s the perfect protest–for now.

    Just like those women in Illinois who are fighting the “smart” meter spy devices; they seem completely ineffectual in the video. While I watched it, I was having fantasies of bringing out my 7.62 battle rifle and “suggesting” they get the fuck off my property. WRONG! Do that at this stage, and we lose…as satisfying as it would be to see them scurrying away at the sight of a real weapon, you’d be crushed.

    But look what those two meek but brave women have accomplished; they’ve started a tsunami of protest, got themselves on Alex Jones, and I’m betting that little pissant township will fold like a house of cards.

    • I agree, to a degree. We definitely have to take the moral high ground. This is a must.

      But that doesn’t exclude the use of a show of force AFTER you’ve exhausted all other civil options right?

      You ask them politely to get off your property. You inform them that unless they have a warrant that they are trespassing. If they refuse then you show them the force ( shotguns, battle rifles whatever you and yours have.)

      Remember, we outnumber them so this sort of show of force will mostly likely do the trick and no one will fault you for it.

      If we just come out blasting then we lose, but we need to behave in the precise way that the cops are SUPPOSED to behave: try to defuse the situation but if that fails, show that we don’t just submit, but rather stand on our principles and rights.

      Like Dalton said: “Be nice, until it’s time not to be nice”

      • Don, not yet. Think it through; do that and:
        a) they turn tail…and SWAT you “accidentally” killing you. You’re the madman who pointed a gun at Their Sanctified Holinesses; the public shrugs, case closed, you lose.
        b) you follow through and ventilate some pork…same outcome.
        c) you flee, never to return; again, public opinion is against you.

        These women are now sympathetic figures; mild-mannered, trampled by the system; the system showed its arrogance–and it looks illegitimate.

        There WILL be a time for force…when enough of the populace is already on your side!

        • “when enough of the populace is already on your side!”

          How would you know when that is? When is ‘enough’ enough? Maybe it’s now but nobody knows who to follow. There are millions of liberty minded folks in this country. How is that not enough? Eric claims we only need a committed minority to change things.

          At some point the talk has to turn to actions. Non-violent, moral yet meaningful action that amounts to more than just “another civil protest” in accordance with the law. Because we wouldn’t want our “protest” of the gov’t to violate any gov’t laws. *Gag*

          I’m talking nullification at the street level.

          I get the impression that everyone’s standing around like they’re at a wake, wondering if it’s ok to start eating. And when that first person makes a plate then everyone queues up.

          Again, I’m not talking about using violence or force. Force never solved anything; just look at the U.S. military. I’m talking about finally putting our money where our mouths are, intelligently, morally, effectively.

          Standing on first principles. Regardless what we do, there’s always the chance of being SWAT-ted. Look at MLK. Doesn’t get more peaceful than that and yet he got put in the crosshairs.

          We can make excuses all day but here’s the truth: we have to be willing to give up our current way of life in order to defeat the gov’ts current way of life. And the cold hard reality is that people – even the most ardent supporters of liberty – just are willing to do that.

          We’re not willing to give up our comfortable jobs, and our comfortable cars and our comfortable beds, and hour comfortable homes and our comfortable girlfriends ( not a lot of pussy in prison ), and our comfortable hobbies and all our comfortable things. We’ve worked too hard to accumulate all this ‘stuff’ and it’s worth more to me than all the things I complain about every day so we’ll just stay hidden behind our computers and bitch until it’s too late to do anything meaningful. At that point it’ll just be a matter of surviving.

          • I hear you Don; I think we agree on everything but timing.

            I sense what you allude to; that the pot’s boiling, and there’s a sense of anticipation–“What’s the ‘final straw’?”

            I’m not confident my neighbors will join me in repelling an attack, just yet. When I’m 50-50 on the prospect, I’ll start thinking it’s time.

            I highly recommend reading this post and the posts it links to, such as this post.

            The scenarios laid out seem not at all far-fetched.

            However what really gives me pause is the comment left by ” Anonymous says: 1/24/2013 at 1:44 pm”.

            All worth a read.

          • BTW BrentP said it in his post above–
            “In the end he’ll just be another crazy person.”

            THAT’S what I want to avoid; if I “go hot”, I want it to be the last resort, and seen as fully justified…not “just another crazy person.”

            Because that won’t do any good.

            But Don–as Eric says, der Tag Kommt

    • They’re still following this story on CNN and it turns out this guy is – I’ll give you one, bit, fat, hairy guess – a former decorated Army sniper!

      One day he’s a celebrated war hero and a guy who puts his life on the line everyday to protect us and the next he’s a wanted murderer. I think he was just a murderer in hiding the whole time.

      • Yeah Coop, they’ll get al the PTSD-suffering-veteran-high-capacity-magazine-assault-weapon-toting-highly-trained-cop-killing-gun-owning-NRA-member-domestic-terrorist mileage out of this one they possibly can. It makes me sick the way the ministry of propaganda leads the sheeple around by their nostrils.

    • I think there’s a little more to this story than “thug ex-cop goes wild.” What got him fired from the LAPD was making an allegation against his field training officer for allegedly kicking a schizophrenic suffering from severe dementia during an arrest.

      Now we all know that the fine folks in blue of the LAPD would never do a thing like that. Remember kids, if you’re ever in trouble find a police officer, they’re you’re friend. Yeah. Right. Just ask Will Grigg about that. From roughing up skate boarders, tazing moms in minivans to shooting homeless wood carvers, the thug scrum have been doing a remarkable job of “proving themselves”, on video no less, over the past few years. But what a cop doesn’t ever dare do is rat out a fellow cop for assaulting a mere mundane and especially a handicapped mundane at that. No way. No how.

      So when Dorner was hauled in front of the Board of Rights to see if he could stay on the hog farm, he picked retired LAPD Capt. Swine, a.k.a. Randy Quan, turned shyster to represent him. Well Capt. Swine…er…Quan, Esq. was probably a long standing member of the LAPD old boys’ club and had no intention of helping retain a man on the force that might have some ethics. So he probably made damned sure that Dorner got the whole 10″ of justice right up his nethermost region sans petrolatum on his way out the door. Hence Quan’s daughter and her fiance being the first to go (I suspect the fiance was “collateral damage”).

      I’m guessing Dorner found out how much good an appeal, even on grounds that they were discriminating against an African-American Veteran, would do him. After some soul searching and consideration of the things he experienced while “serving” with the LA thug scrum, how well the courts work and his life already being in shambles, he decided to give them a taste of their own excrement. Oh, they’ll probably get him, even if it’s when he puts the barrel in his own mouth. But it wouldn’t surprise me if he nails a few more in the mean time, because he literally declared war on them and I suspect he’s smarter than the average bear.

      However this plays out and whatever the real story is, Homo Bovinae Americanus will probably never know the truth about it and worse, wouldn’t know it if they did hear it. Or even care. When you see something like this, whether it be a man setting himself on fire on the family court’s steps, flying his plane into the IRS building or going on a “Kill-dozer” rampage in a small town, you can bet the farm there’s a lot more going on than what the ministry of propaganda is putting out.

      • I noticed that little ‘tell’ in the story too. He ratted on another cop and he gets fired. It’s classic government. I wouldn’t be surprised if he received death threats to stop appealing, etc.

        In the end he’ll just be another crazy person. There will be no events leading up to it of any significance. Root cause will not even be looked for. Just a crazy person and another reason to ban guns from anyone but cops… and they won’t see the irony in that.

      • Ever notice how much the cops look like the criminals? Bald head, tatoos, ‘roided up muscle heads? Some even have criminal records.

        If you put a cop and a criminal in street clothes, I bet you woudldn’t be able to tell which is which.

        • Some mundanes could not tell difference between criminals and cops and the result was a life ending or life altering event. Of course the cops did no wrong by dressing all in black and busting down someone’s door at 2am…. It was the mundane’s fault for not knowing they were cops.

          Is it no wonder that cops want people to be submissive to criminals?

  2. I hope this chubby coward cop gets another suspension for this. He already received one from internal affairs in March of 2012.

    Temporary Suspension of Francisco Gobourne Badge #6650

    On 12/19/2011 Francisco Gobourne pursued a fleeing motorist with a headlight out, during dangerous weather conditions, a violation of department policy. He received a suspension from Art Acevedo, the Austin, TX, Chief of Police.


      • Often like the bullies at school. Too bad “fat” doesn’t mean “tough”. The reason they need to lord it over others, to make up for obviously intellectual shortcomings.

          • Cops, bullies, soldiers, are all under elevated stress levels. (Chains of command, self-loathing)

            The excess stress elevates their cortisol levels.

            The high levels of cortisol reduce the body’s testosterone levels.

            It’s the same thing that happens to an animal in captivity. The animal is perpetually stressed, its testosterone levels drop, and their physical and mental processes become greatly diminished.

            Testosterone hormone is an anabolic steroid due to its positive effects on muscle and sex-related glands. It increases lean mass and muscle strength.

            Cortisol the “stress hormone” is a catabolic steroid that has the reverse effect of testosterone when present in excess; high cortisol levels lead to a breakdown of muscle, loss of lean mass and strength.

            Though they appear to be complete opposites, the two molecules are very similar in physical structure and are linked in a reciprocal fashion; meaning when one is elevated, the other is low.

            It’s the difference between Superman and Bizzaro, each arch-nemesis is the other’s exact opposite, despite having nearly identical super powers.

            The relationship between testosterone and cortisol is critical. Exercise, when performed at a suitable intensity and volume, can increase the anabolic stimulus, resulting in stronger and larger muscles.

            However, exercise during stress triggers adrenal glands releasing cortisol, which results in a weakened, catabolic state.

            Numerous examples exist in the scientific literature, confirming that moderate-volume, high-intensity training can increase testosterone, growth hormone, igf-1 and other anabolic signals, resulting in improved exercise performance.

            Other studies show how high-volume, high-intensity exercise leads to increased inflammatory and catabolic hormones levels. Persisting in the overstressed state often leads to impaired long-term performance, muscle loss and decreased mental function.





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