Nothing to Worry About..

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This is not paranoia anymore. This shit is real and unbelievable. Why do “we” need these in our skies?

If I was the sick fuck running the show I’d have all my targets locked and ready for the extermination when the time came. Don’t bother painting the bulls-eye over your house. I’m sure it’s there already!


  1. At a recent conference, there was some discussion regarding the use of drones by various law enforcement organizations. Representatives from Miami PD were there, talking about their Honeywell T-Hawk drone around the city. The number-one hindrance of expansion of their drone operations was bandwidth. Even saturated as you would expect a city the size of Miami to be with wireless data capacity, there are still a lot of areas where they have to put the drone on autopilot. They basically define a flight pattern, send the drone on its way, and retrieve the video when it comes back. Their bandwidth issues are just with the feed from one camera. Imagine what it would take to pull a real-time 2-frame-per-second feed from 368 5-ish-megapixel cameras. Your average wireless data network would have to add a hell of a lot of G’s before it had that kind of capacity.

    The limitation here becomes a simple matter of money. Only the federal government can pay for the kind of infrastructure to make this viable for domestic use, by virtue of their ability to print whatever money they need. The question is, will the declining value of the dollar overtake the already-in-progress data infrastructure projects before these particular chickens come home to roost?

  2. “They outnumber us 1000:1 and when they realize that our way of life will be over” ~ “A Bug’s Life”

    That’s what we’re leading: a bug’s life.

    • I suspect the same was said of tasers. We all know how that’s turned out. But never fear they’re also deploying microwave emitters and sonic cannons to “control” us, too. Because we’re such a threat.


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