Hero Cop Hassles Trekkers

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Watch this specimen:

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    • Funny and sad true, at the same time, Bevin.

      Thank’s for the funny part.

      Mot wrote: “automobile was “tagged”” – I had-no-idea. Wow, they are truly rat-bas….

      • Dear IAM,

        Me too. I thought I was beyond being shocked.

        Live and learn.

        Like many of us were saying, government, over time invariably reveals its true face as nothing more than a criminal enterprise.

  1. This came out quite a while ago and was highlighted by Will Grigg. Reichert has even admitted to rubbing the doors of automobiles of unsuspecting travellers in hotel parking lots and then notifying the cops down the road of which automobile was “tagged”. Ostensibly so that the vehicle would then be impounded or confiscated on these trumped up charges. I see lawsuits galore coming and the city paying millions for this corrupt fucker. This ass hat “rubbed” on travelers cars was marijuana. So in effect he was setting innocent people up to be robbed. My only hope is that enough people who have been screwed over by this sonofabitch file a class action lawsuit against his municipality and he personally with jail time to be served in concurrent terms. He deserves nothing less.

        • Ja!

          If you’d asked my 20 years ago, would der tag kommt in my lifetime, I’d have have replied – no way. I would have projected der tag 50 years out. I am amazed at the speed (ever increasing) of events, especially during the past five years. I now believe we are at approximately the same moment as a prior generation was circa 1774.

          1775 is any day now.

  2. A well made video. I have see it before.

    It is a shame that these types of heroes exist in the US. It makes me feel that I am living in some third world country with corrupt thugs. Except for the third world part I think my statement is accurate.

    This type of abuse is insidious. It ruins respect for authority, especially when those in authority tolerate and promote the Michael Reichert’s of the world.

    • “It ruins respect for authority” – You mean, ruins the illusion?

      They are not clergy, or family, but all too many People act as if they are.

      This was just another Helot on the roadside being tended to by his better? Or, it would be ok if the cop was better?

      “… especially when those in authority tolerate and promote the Michael Reichert’s of the world.”

      Yeah, don’t you hate it when the mafia lets one of their thugs do something they don’t approve of, or do something which makes the public unhappy?
      I know this scene was in The Godfather once or twice.
      Wasn’t it?

    • We do live in a Third World country – by every definition.

      The only difference I can see is that we’re all supposed to pretend the thuggery is not thuggery and the endless corruption isn’t corrupt.


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