Reader Question: The “Vaccine Bonus”?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Dale asks: Ireland is currently under full lockdown, all “non-essential” businesses are closed and people aren’t allowed to travel more than 3 miles from home. They’re not even allowed to visit family or friends. But there is light at the end of the tunnel: the Vaccine Bonus. If you are fully vaccinated you’re now allowed to visit family or friends so long as they’re also fully vaccinated. And the government is promising even more “freedoms” for the fully vaccinated. Do think Uncle Joe will try to bring this vaccine apartheid to America?

My reply: He may not have to – formally. Because it is being imposed – gradually – by “private” corporations (an oxymoron) such as airlines and probably soon, corporate employers. The beauty of it is that it’s not necessary to pass a law – which would be open to legal challenge on constitutional grounds – because, hey, it’s just the “policy” of a private corporation, etc.

As has been done with the Face Diapers.

The fact that whole populations of healthy, harming-no-one people are being treated like criminals – being conditioned to regard themselves as such and to accept it, as by using the disgusting language of prisons – “lock downs,” “allowed” and (soon) special “papers” to allow you to leave your cell/home provided you submit to being vaccinated like a cat or dog and then tracked like one, too – is beyond my capacity to express contempt for, almost.

Rather, I express it by actions – as by refusing to pretend I’m sick, refusing to wear a Face Diaper, refusing to “lock down” and – most of all – refusing to be injected with god-knows-what by these bastards.

I urge everyone to follow the example of the pastor in Canada – who also refused to tolerate any of it. Who told the bastards to get out – and called them what they are, to their Diapered faces.

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  1. Man this video brings a smile to my face every time I watch it !!! How awesome this pastor is…. notice how the pigs sent the woman up first to do the talking . I suspect that was thousands in taxpayer funded training from some consultants….. such weasles !!

    • Love it! He gave them no quarter, wouldn’t listen to anything they said, and they impotently walked away. They will probably think twice before going near that church again!

  2. I constantly ask the question of why are people doing this? I haven’t locked down once. I have gone to the office pretty much everyday, unless “I” truly wanted to stay home. No one was standing at my door, at my car, or the end of my driveway. No one has pulled me over for driving into the office or asked to see my papers. I have had a store or person refuse to deal with me for not masking, but I leave and go elsewhere. Why do we keep believing we are slaves? We are not. No one is stopping us from seeing our family or our friends.

    Yes, we have had to make adjustments – office buildings being shutdown, the inability to get hold of anyone over the phone, supply storages, etc.

    The only ones holding us back are ourselves. The government is made up of people (they are no more brilliant, effective, or capable than any of us). For some reason some people put these idiots on a pedestal and actually believe we have to abide by laws instituted by man on a whim. We don’t. What are they going to do when 100k of us rise and tell them to f’off or better yet just say “no?” Servitude is a choice. Unless one is bound and tied there is always the possibility of escape. Instead, we see people willingly tying their own hands and feet saying “See, I can’t move.” Pathetic.

    • QFT, RG! I’ve had pretty much the same experience, though I’m semi-retired and no longer working regularly. There was only one time I was really worried, and that was right after the lockdowns started about a year ago. Before that, there would be days I’d stay home; I wouldn’t go anywhere. After the lockdowns started, I made it a POINT to go out every day! Even though we were exhorted and admonished to not do so unless necessary, I did. They said to only go grocery shopping once a week; I went almost every day, and so on.

      There was one day I was worried though. NJ, which is right across the river from us in PA, was threatening to JAIL anyone who didn’t have a good reason to be out! You read that right; they were threatening to jail anyone without a good reason to be out. I was out right after that announcement had been made.

      I was out for a drive on the NW NJ back roads, which are fun to drive if you have a car that’s fun in the curves. I was doing 70 in a 40 or 45 when I passed the NJSP going the other way; my heart sank. I checked my mirror to see what he was doing, and I could see him slowing down and getting ready to turn around. I then saw a side road, which I turned off on to buy myself some time. A minute or so later, I saw a road I knew, so I continued on my way. I proceeded to the nearby Taco Bell, ate, and went to the grocery store. But that day, I was seriously worried. That’s only the 2nd time in my life when I ran from the cops.

      Eric’s previously written on here about the authorities making it worth the risk to drop the hammer and go for it. Last year was one such time. If I’d stopped, I stood a good chance of going to jail; even if i refused to answer questions, I was looking at jail-especially if I refused to answer the cop’s questions! If I answered them, he could say I had no good reason to be out; if I refused to answer them, he’d think I’m hiding something, even though I have a 5A right to refuse answering any questions. If I ran for it and got caught, I’d go to jail. Either way, I was looking at jail, so why not go for it?

      Other than that one time last year, I’ve had no problems living my life pretty much the same as I did pre-COnVID. That’s what I’ll continue to do as long as I can.

      • Hi Mark!

        I also made a point of going out every day during the “first wave” of tyranny; some will recall my deliberate daily patronage of the coffee shop that eventually turned on me for not playing Sickness Kabuki. It’s the one business I used to frequent I hope gets destroyed by the fear they have embraced.

        • Same here – in fact, in the early days of the “lockdown”, I mentioned to an email group that I would be available and in town a couple of days a week if anyone wanted to meet up. The response was {crickets}. I’ve been going it alone ever since, although I have tried to cultivate friendships with those of like mind. It is amazing how this situation has clarified and sifted relationships like nothing else.

        • Eric,

          Between your inspiration and my personality, I too made it a point to go out EVERY day! Pre COnVID, I’d spend some days just in the neighborhood; I wouldn’t take my car out. If I had to pick up something, I’d often walk to the new grocery store 1/2 mile away. After the lockdowns started, I made it a point to take my car out every day and leave the neighborhood.

        • eric, if you’ll read this article you’ll find out the vaccine in the US is “illegal” because Covid can easily be cured. It’s a scam and I realized it a year ago because Doctor Buttar let the cat out of the bag about Ivermectin.

          After seeing his video I checked the pantry where there’s at least a quart. It works on cattle and just about everything else too. I bought mine at the veternerian for cattle but Ivermectin is Ivermectin and it works the same on everything.

          If I had caught Covid I would have used it but like Fauci, I take about 8000 units of Vit D3 every day.

        • Eric, when you see that the business goes under, make it a point to stop and talk to them and rub it in. That will at least get them thinking again, like one used to do before the sickness kabuki.


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