Reader Question: Wheat and Chaff?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Dwayne asks: Like you I have parted ways with several people who I thought were friends over this Face Diaper business and their approval of it and shaming of me over my not approving of it. How do you handle the loss of your friends?

My reply: You make new ones. Real ones. Friends who don’t make their friendship conditional on you surrendering your principles to appease their feelings. All of what’s happening now reminds me of a quip attributed to George Washington: ‘Tis better to be alone than in poor company.

Or evil company.

And make no mistake; what is bubbling up all around is mephitic. People are being turned into evil – or capable of evil – by twisting the notion of the good to suit the purposes of those who seek power. Solzhenitsyn had a great deal to say about this and if you haven’t read him, I recommend you do.

I am at peace with the loss – so far – of two-thirds of the people I thought were my friends. Because I know the third that remain are my friends. Solid people who haven’t given in to fear and so won’t give me or anyone else up to those propagating it. These are the kinds of  people you will want around when the other two-thirds do more than just complain – and make calls – about the sight of the Undiapered.

Gather as many of these kinds of friends around you as you can, while you can.

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  1. The level of bat shit crazy that this started is absolutely insane. People I thought were normal are showing their real colors, and it’s not pretty.

    I wonder what the breaking point is? With the pressure put on people, it has to be close.

    • Hi Rich,

      One aspect of this awfulness not much discussed is that probably half or even more of the population has been so sickened (in the head) by the incessant Fear Organ grinding that many will never be right in the head again. Imagine the reaction of these Diapered Demented when someone in their vicinity sneezes or coughs… an entire cohort of weaponized neurotics has been created.


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