Reader Question: Self-Driving Tard Cards?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply!

Gary asks: I sure hope that the upcoming Bill Gates software (666 ver mark of the beast), performs better than windows 10, the spyware program for the masses. My computer hard drive seems to be running all the time, for no apparent reason. Though it seems to stop when my Internet connection is severed. Will this new implant, along with the 200 mega vaccinations in one shot along with massive amounts of mercury and aluminum adjuvants, zombify us all?  More than we are now? I regrettably think yes. We will all probably need self-driving tard cars. God help us!

My reply: Corona Fever appears to have many purposes, including the elimination of cash as well as the means by which to impose vaccination-at-lifepoint. By which I mean you will have to get vaccinated – and not just for Corona – in order for your digital life to be enabled . . . or not. When cash is eliminated, your ability to work, buy and sell, to be paid – or not – can be turned off just like that. And will be, for “noncompliant” behavior. No need to send the Hut! Hut! Hut! crew to your home. Just make it economically impossible to remain in your home (because you can no longer work) or keep food in your ‘fridge (because you can’t buy food) and so on.

We are at inflection point. Either we stop – and reverse this business – or we face the end of any freedom of action beyond when to pee. And even that will likely soon be decided for us.

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  1. Bring it. If it comes to that I’ll purchase food with hot lead and set the tax farm ablaze. No way I’m living in a country like china.


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