Reader Question: AGW Texting While Driving?

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Here’s the latest reader question, along with my reply! 

Eric asks: I read a news story recently about an armed government worker crashing on an empty road – apparently while texting. Thoughts?

My reply: There is a double standard with regard to AGWs and traffic law; they enforce it upon us but do not practice obedience to it themselves.
The best example of this – because it’s the most obvious example – is AGWs not wearing seat belts, for which they will use the threat of murderous violence to “pull us over” and extort money from us as punishment. But they routinely fail to “buckle up” themselves.
Yet the law does not grant an exemption from “buckle-up” laws to AGWs. However, they are free to ignore the law – since they are the enforcers thereof.
With regard to texting: AGWs (like other government workers) regard themselves as a kind of elevated species entitled to special privileges, including not being bound by the laws that apply to us – because they can “handle” it or have been “trained.”
This applies to driving as much as to firearms. It’s perfectly safe for an AGW to tote a selective-fire AR-15 and to drive unbuckled at twice the speed limit… because he is “trained.”
But it’s not “training,” of course. If it were, any of us who possess say an SCCA road racing license or other evidence of advanced driver training/skills could present such credentials when pulled over for “speeding” and be apologized to for the hassle and let free to go about our business.
Same with regard to firearms. A person who has been trained ought to be just as free to to tote a selective-fire AR-15 as an AGW . .. if it really is about being “trained.”

In fact, it is about being privileged. Exempted from the laws that apply to us – on the basis of nothing more than their having the authority to impose it on us while ignoring it when it comes to themselves.

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  1. Cops are right in that their jobs are dangerous, dangerous from themselves. Reading an article a couple years ago about the causes of cop deaths, traffic accidents were followed closely by heart attack. And their traffic accidents were almost always caused by themselves and mostly were one vehicle accidents.

  2. The thing is they aren’t trained. Most haven’t been.

    Most departments wouldn’t spend the money that would be required for training. So most get very little if any. At least useful training like medical first aid for example.


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