Reader Question: “AGW”?

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Here’s the latest – and briefest – reader question, along with my reply!

Dean asks: What is “AGW”?

My reply: I get this one fairly often – which surprises me, because I usually elaborate the acronym in the article where it appears. At any rate, “AGW” is short for armed government worker. It is a term created by me to refer to those who wear government costumes and carry government issued badges and guns, who enforce the government’s various fatwas – so called because the vast majority are prohibitions and punishments for various actions or non-actions which are properly none of the government’s business because they involve no harm being done to others.

AGW is generally synonymous with the term preferred by AGWs to refer to themselves – “law enforcement” – but eliminates the high and mighty flavor of that term and replaces it with the dreary banal thuggery they embody.

Americans have been conditioned to practically reverence “law enforcers,” which strikes me as slavish and poltroonish. AGW is the antidote as it conveys the actual nature of both the work and those who perform it.

Hope this answers your question!

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        • I’ll continue to call them what they are “armed govt. predators”. It’s the reason a coworkers wife was terrified of them and would say “Just don’t look at them”. That’s not a bad rule to follow. Make eye contact and it might be your last. They really are predators looking under every leaf, just like ol Wile E. or a bobcat or mountain lion. The difference is they hunt in huge packs and can call “backup” from many miles around. I’m not the only one to notice when the proper amount of backup arrives, it’s time to play the game and begin the real torture and even attack bystanders if they’re videoing.


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