Reader Question: The Charger’s Future?

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Here’s the latest reader question,along with my reply!

Dave asks: Thanks, Eric for a really great article on the 2020 Charger!

You may recall my comments sent to you when I purchased my 2018 Charger GT (I know I’m probably dreaming, as you likely get hundreds of emails weekly, and many of them probably annoying). Anyway, for some reason I was expecting the Charger to be sent to the dustbin of history for the 2020 season and am pleasantly surprised that it will live on but for how long?

The climate change nazis are planning baaad things as most of the woke among us well know. Even with Trump’s hopeful rhetoric, going forward I fear that he could disappear tomorrow or too soon, leaving decent people and The Great Republic floundering. Who will fill this man’s big shoes? I see not a soul on the horizon capable or willing. God help us. Anyway, thank you for spreading truth and hope. Stay safe and be well. I know you will keep the faith and the fight going forward, as I will, to my last dying breath. It is what makes us uniquely American.

My reply: The Charger is a very American car – which is exactly why it’s in the crosshairs. Sergio Marchionne – who was a real car guy and thus not an electric car guy and who until last summer the head of FiatChrysler – is the reason why the Charger continues in production.

But he is gone now.

The Charger’s future as an American car is iffy. By American, I mean: rear-drive, with big engines and .  .  . big.

Trump may have given it a reprieve by holding the line on the fuel economy fatwas (see here) but if he loses in 2020, they could be and probably will be reimposed the year after – and that would probably cause FCA to either drop the Charger (and 300) as they would become cost prohibitive to build and sell. The carbon dioxide “emissions” thing is another mortal threat which Trump must address.

Not just for the sake of the Charger. For the survival of any semblance of liberty in this country.

“Climate change” is tent-revival holy rolling religious hysteria – and if it’s not cured, the country is going to become very sick.  It is being used to nudge Americans into socialism under the Green flag.

The whole idiocy needs careful – but simple – deconstruction. So that an average person of normal intelligence not yet addled by hysteria will begin to question its tenets.

Is the “climate” changing? Yes, of course. It has been changing since the Earth first had a climate; cyclic changes are normal.

The idea that the climate should not change is absurd.

A very slight overall warming trend has been noted. But it has not been proved to correlate with human activity in the first place and – far more important – it has been exaggerated into a looming catastrophe by computer models that assume dramatic increases in temperature because of extrapolations based on assumptions rather than facts.

Someone with the ability to reach a mass audience must do this.


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  1. Life is hard when you know enough to believe your right, but not enough to understand you are wrong. The problem is that the climate naysayers are ignorant of what’s actually happening. The loss of burning fuels for vehicles is nothing more than a switch of power sources. Why are people complaining about plugging in, instead of filling up? The running around and crying about eliminating burning fuels in engines that are 18% efficient and instead using electricity to power electric motors at 90+% efficiency is childish. We will all find things to be so much better when we don’t have fuels spewing pollution into the air. The clean air in the big cities visible during the Covid-19 pandemic showed exactly how large of an impact cars are on the environment. If it wasn’t a problem, why did the air clear when the cars weren’t on the road?

    • Grwwww,

      This is complex issue – like the WuFlu – that has been manipulated and hystericized for political purposes. Is the “climate changing”? Of course. It changes continuously – and the non-scientific fatuity of the term ought to bother you, for openers. The next questions are: What is the change, exactly? Is the change unnatural? Is it significant enough to be dangerous. Yes, there has been a very small actual increase in average temps. But nothing like the asserted/hystericized prohjected assertions.

      Does it sound familiar?

      The “climate change” cult asserts mass inundation; apocalyptic temperature rises and so forth. Like the 2-3 million Wuflu deaths nothing remotely like this has actually happened. The data – vs. the assertions.

      You conflate two things, also. Modern car engines do not create smog, because smog is formed largely by uncontrolled combustion and the excess emission of unburned hydrocarbons. Modern cars emit almost no such. It is why there is no smog – outside of LA, where there has always been smog even before there were cars.

      You ask: “Why are people complaining about plugging in, instead of filling up?”

      Because it’s extremely time-consuming and inconvenient, for one thing. It takes less than 5 minutes to refill a non-EV to full. It takes at least several times as long to partially recharge an EV. No EV even approaches the range of a non-electric economy car. So, the EV represent a regression in mobility and the kicker is you pay thousands of dollars more to experience that.

      Which is why people are complaining about plugging in.

  2. How can anyone say it’s warmer now than in years past? I remember seeing a History Channel documentary (back when they DID documentaries!) about the Vikings. I remember England was so warm back then that they said they had vineyards; yes, they were able to make wine in England back then! Notice that they don’t do that now…

  3. Back to the new Corvette. I watched a video on Jay Leno’s channel yesterday of the 2019 Vette. It didn’t much look like a ‘Vette to me. They had it on the closed high speed course near Las Vegas where it turned 200 mph for dozens of miles.
    The next video was of the new 2020 Corvette at the same track where it ran 204 for 40-50 miles without drama. Amazing an engine in a production car can tolerate that and it runs cool. Like every race car these days it has coolers all over it. Quite the machine and is almost all carbon fiber. Watch out for that wreck Eugene.

  4. This long boom caused by technological advancement is killing the need for centralized government. Human-caused climate change promises to take that central command and control that governments enjoy in wartime and make it permanent. It also has the side effect of promoting inflation by making energy production far more expensive. And there doesn’t seem to be a fix in sight, or any consensus as to what the end goal is, aside from wholesale change to the way you and I live.

    • Hi RK,

      Yup. And the people supporting “climate change” policies are exactly like the useful idiots of 1917 Russia who supported socialism. Neither have any concept of the hell they are beckoning.


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