Latest Radio: Liberty Conspiracy 07/14/2023

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Here’s the audio – and video – of my talk last night with Gard Goldsmith, host of the Liberty Conspiracy podcast. I wore my Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev! shirt for the occasion!

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  1. I bet Keeeeev nightclubs are going full blast with all the stolen loot and newly single Ukranian girls. I wish Putin would launch an EMP and get this over with.

    • Hi Mark,

      The Zelensky creep – who has sent as many as 250,000 Ukrainians to their deaths – makes Biden seem almost human. I would be gratified to wake up one day to news that Zelensky had been “necklaced.”

  2. If you want to really piss off the Left, have your t-shirt with Keeeeeev (with 6 e’s) with a line through it then in big bold print above it PUTINGRAD.

    The 6 e’s a reference for the evil Zionist regime committing genocide against the white Christian Goyim Gentiles being sent to the front line for certain death.

    Like Jeff Rense says, ain’t no Jews going to the front.

    • I loved that one meme with some cartoon character crying and pissing himself with the Ukrainian flag superimposed over the tears and piss. The only thing better than that was the meltdown of whoever that congress (((fucker))) was.

      I was watching Alex Christoforou earlier today and he was speculating that, the people that surely must *hate* the Ukrainians more than anyone else are the western (((neocons))). I think there might be something to that theory.

      On an unrelated side note, I was having mint juleps today, with fond memories of the old-school Dr. McCoy with friends today. Had a quite nice bottle of bourbon with homemade mint simple syrup.

      • In my ultra Liberal town, the Left is 100% for Joe Biden, who is the #1 person responsible for this hellish war, which is turning the war zone into a polluted bombed out shithole, causing over half of the Ukrainians to flee their country, killing nearly all the while Gentile males, forcing the demonic Zionist Ukrainian dictatorship to conscript young teens and old men. In my town nearly every other house has a blue and yellow Uke flag, and these fools think this war is liberation, when in fact, it is the end of Ukraine.

        These Amerikan Liberals are literally dumber than dog shit.

    • Yes the renaming of Kiev was the first clue to me a massive psy-op campaign was being launched. Right on everything as usual.


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