Betting the Farm . . .

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If you’d like to buy a new Dodge Challenger Black Ghost, you probably won’t be able to. All of them have already been sold. On the other hand, if you’d like to buy a new Mach-E “Mustang” EV – the latter in air fingers quotes to mock the absurdity of naming a battery-powered five-door crossover a Mustang – you will have your pick.

There are reportedly at least 9,092 examples sitting on Ford dealer lots all around the country. More than half of these – 61.5 percent – have been sitting there for more than a month, which is a long time for a new vehicle of any kind to just sit – on account of the loan. The one taken out by the dealer to buy the thing from the manufacturer. Each month the new car sits costs the dealer more, eroding whatever profit the dealer ends up making when the car finally does sell.

If it ever sells. 

What if they never do?

Ford has a huge problem on its hands. Or rather, Ford dealers have a huge problem on their hands. 9,000-plus unsold Mach-E “Mustangs” is a lot of unsold “Mustangs.” A lot of potential loss, for Ford dealers – and Ford, too.

It is already not far from fall – and the 2024 model year. The 2024 calendar year is a little more than five months away. That is precisely how much time Ford dealers have to clear out the inventory of ’23 Mach-E “Mustangs” before they become last year’s models – and will have to be sold at fire-sale prices.

If they can be sold, at all.

In the meanwhile, Ford continues to build more of these things for which there is obviously little, if any, demand. It is a near-certainty, then, that there will be even more of them collecting dust at Ford dealers around the country – assuming the dealers continue to accept new stock of a model they are having trouble selling. And which they must keep plugged in while they’re not selling – so as to avoid their batteries discharging. Add that to the cost of keeping in stock that which isn’t selling.

Ford could just park what it builds and  – fingers crossed – hope the glut will clear.

It probably won’t – because it probably can’t. It has committed to “electrification” and backing off now would be to admit “electrification” might not be the “future” after all. After all of this EV tub-thumping, it is damned difficult to admit the enthusiasm has been perhaps a bit premature and overwrought. As well as dangerous.

Shades of “safe and effective.”

And it’s not just the Mach-E “Mustang” that’s not selling. Neither is the Lightning, the EV version of Ford’s hot-selling F-150 half-ton truck. Maybe because the Lightning is a three-ton truck (almost a ton of its weight being the battery that powers it) that has gone from starting around $40,000 to starting around $60,000 over the course of the past 12 months. One that also has half the driving range of the non-electric F-150 and that forces its owner to spend a lot of time thinking about charging – and waiting for one.

Other EVs aren’t selling, either – and for similar reasons.

Genesis – Hyundai’s luxury division – has reportedly sold fewer than 20 examples of the electric G80 sedan during the 30 day period prior to the end of last month. Perhaps because it costs almost $80,000 to start (which is about $30,000 more to start than the non-electric version of the same thing) and because it only goes about half as far (282 miles on a full charge vs. the non-electric’s 550 miles of highway driving range).

It’s similarly slow at Audi stores, where you’ll have your pick of Q4 and Q8 e-trons – ay color you like! – because there’s more than a three-months’ worth stacked-up supply of them.

Other EVs that are abundant include the Kia EV6 and Hyundai Ioniq.

Ricardo Montalban was able to sell Chrysler Cordobas back in the ’70s. People laughed about the “soft Corinthian leather” – whatever that was. Regardless, people bought lots of Cordobas. It actually was one of Chrysler’s best-sellers of that era.

Brie Larsen has not been as successful selling Ariyas.

There’s a glut of these on Nissan lots all over the country, too.

The only EVs that seem to be finding homes are Teslas. But that is due to Tesla discounting the prices of its EVs, which is to say, subsidizing the sale of them. Which it can afford to do – being flush with the money it extorted from the “legacy” automakers over the past 15 years via the odious but-not well-known mechanism of using the government – via “zero emissions” mandates – to subsidize Tesla’s building of EVs. Tesla would “sell” so-called “carbon credits” to the “legacy” car companies that – until recently – did not build any or very many EVs, which the government accepted as “payment” for not having met the EV production/sales quotas imposed by the government.

Tesla also benefits from boomtown stock valuation – which is predicated on the government forcing everyone to buy an EV.

But how deep are Tesla’s pockets? Pretty deep. But that is beside the point, which is that EVs are only “selling” when people are paid to buy them, whether via discounts from the manufacturer or “rebates” from the government.

Off-the-record, an East Coast Ford dealer says “Ford’s current production rate (of the Mach-E) was out-of-step with customer demand . . . I think Ford’s got a real problem on their hands based on the bets they’ve made.”

Italics added – because it’s not such much a “bet” as it is obeisance.

We are in the midst of another mass-psychosis. This time, it’s not “mask” wearing to “stop the spread.” But it amounts to the same thing, expressed vehicularly. People have been hectored into believing the “climate” is in “crisis” and the only way to stave off this “crisis” is by buying an EV. The car industry pretends to believe, too.

The problem is most people can’t afford one – the average price of a new EV is around $50,000 – and they still have alternatives to them.

The “bet” Ford – and the rest – have made lies in their assumption these alternatives will be somehow done-away with, as by outright bans on the use of non-EVs or via making it so costly to drive one that most won’t be able to afford to.

But that will not make EVs more affordable.

It will merely make vehicles unaffordable.

Which is, of course, the actual goal of “electrifying” vehicles.

. . .

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  1. RE: “another mass-psychosis”

    “Another” as in a temporary episode …

    The official framing of the mass formation (or mass psychosis) “phenomenon” is misleading and wrong in terms of what the whole true reality is. The false hope-addicted psychologists and their acolytes want you to believe this is “just some temporary occasional” madness by the masses when it is but a spike of a CHRONIC madness going on for aeons with “civilized” people: (or

    One of these mainstream psychologists who have been spreading this whitewashed reality, Dr. Desmet, also fails to see that the PLANNED Covid Psyop is a TOTALLY deliberate ploy because he doesn’t think (after more than 1 year, 2 years, even 3 years, into this total PLANNED scam!) it’s ALL intentionally sinister as he stated in a prior podcast (this makes him witting or unwitting controlled opposition).

    In the May of 2022 podcast with James Corbett he stated that “some people tend to overestimate the degree of planning and intentions” (behind the COUNTLESS, VERIFIABLE, FULLY INTENTIONAL, FULLY PLANNED atrocities by the ruling tribe of psychopaths over the last century alone) and see all of it as being PLANNED which Desmet called “an extreme position” … Sound logical thinking is “extreme” and therefore false and sick in his demented delusional view!

    This all means Desmet is ALSO a member of the masses of lunatics, an ACTIVE CARD-CARRYING MEMBER of mass formation!

    The ruling criminals pulled off the Covid Scam globally via its WHO institution because almost all nations belong to it. Sign the declaration at to exit the WHO

    “We’ll know our Disinformation Program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.” —William Casey, a former CIA director=a leading psychopathic criminal of the genocidal US regime

  2. Trouble in EeeVee land:

    ‘A Rivian owner said his R1T electric pickup truck cost about $42,000 to fix after it was hit at a stoplight earlier this year, according to a report in the New York Times.

    ‘One reason for the high price was that the accident affected a panel that reaches from the back of the vehicle all the way to the front roof pillars of the truck, and fixing the panel required service workers to remove the ceiling and front windshield.

    ‘Insider’s Alexa St. John previously reported that EVs are more expensive to insure. For example, the national average cost of car insurance is about $2,148 per year, while a Tesla Model S costs about $4,066 to insure, according to the Insider report.

    ‘Still, the high costs might be short-lived. The cost of insuring and repairing an EV is expected to drop as more people and companies transition to all-electric cars.’

    Ha ha, yes, those high insurance and repair costs for EeeVees are expected to drop, just as battery costs are expected to drop … if everyone will just get on board the EeeVee hayride and pull together as a team. 😉

    It’s getting better all the time
    Better, better, better
    Getting so much better all the time!

    — The Beatles, Getting Better

      • Hi Liberty,

        Agreed, but there are people who’ve fallen for the HEAVY propaganda about climate change and/ or the ‘Rona. Heck, I know people who’ve fallen for the propaganda about climate change being an existential threat. I’m not sure if they’ll go so far as to do what the technocratic psychopaths are suggesting, such as eating bugs and frankenfood or getting an EV, or if such insane suggestions will be too much even for them.

        • The truth will eventually prevail, but it’s always a slow process when you have vested interests pushing propaganda. Most of the sheep out there just can’t resist the mind slavery. I think the good news though is that the truth seems to come out much faster than it ever has in the past. The propagandist are having a hard time maintaining the con. Of course they send out morons like Cashy to try to gaslight those who can see the truth.

          • It took less than a year for the truth to come out about how the “vaccines” were NOWHERE near what we were told about them, though the media, corrupt public health bureaucrats, and the Biden Thing sure tried to keep the propaganda going, like claiming we were in a “Pandemic of the unvaccinated!” & warning of a “Winter of severe illness and death for the unvaxxed”, which never happened. If anything, we may have had a season of severe illness and death for the VAXXED, as Geert Vanden Bossche (who is about as PRO VACCINE as anyone can get) warned last fall that people who’ve been vaxxed faced the possibility of severe illness. He also warned in 2021 against this obsessive push for MASS VACCINATION in the midst of a pandemic, as that would only backfire and lead to new, vaccine resistant variants. His prediction turned out to be spot on, as countries with the highest vaccination rates tended to have the HIGHEST rates of infection with the virus that the mRNA COVID jabs purportedly protected against, plus we had variants such as Omicron that seemed to only affect the vaxxed.

            • I work in nursing, and everyone who is getting sick with heart ailments and strokes are the vaxxed. My co-workers who have been jabbed and boosted have repeatedly contracted the rona. Meanwhile, I have thus far managed to keep my job with a religious exemption and have not had the rona once. Or , if I did, did not notice. Last winter I helped half a dozen co-workers get their exemptions after taking the initial jabs (and deeply regretting it), as I had learned how the process worked from previous flu shot exemption years. I lost one nurse friend 3 months after she took her booster. There was no convincing her it was unsafe. I will be homeless and will freeze to death in my older car before I take this clot shot, and think they know it all people like Cashy can go to hell. And I will gladly give him a map and directions if he does not know the way, “cause I was born and raised there.

              • Shadow,

                There’s a local grocery store that I go to once a week, and there was one time the checker that I often talk with was telling me that half (if not more) of the crew was out sick and the owner was helping out with getting stuff done in the store and taking care of customers. I assume that those employees who were all out sick have been vaxxed.

              • Thank you for the directions to Hell, however I have Mapquest so I’m good.

                Regarding your experience with patients that had heart attack and strokes, you say they were vaxxed. We’re there many patients that had NOT been vaxxed? It seems that with 90% of the elderly population having been vaccinated nearly all patients will have been vaxxed so it would be difficult to determine if that was the cause or not.

                Also you mentioned a friend that died who had been vaccinated. What did she die from? Do you know others that have died under suspicion from the vaccine?

                I ask because Nearly everyone I know has been vaccinated and none of them to my knowledge have had any issues.
                If the vaccine was killing as many people as is claimed I would think we would all know several who had died.

  3. Is Tesla actually making a profit on cars, or are they farming carbon credits? Eric posted this chart:

    The chart does not specify the units on the y axis. This one does:

    But look at Tesla’s profits:


    Tesla’s Carbon Credits Links:

    “January 2022 Update: In Q4-2022 financials just released, Tesla Carbon Credit sales reach record $1.78 billion in 2022.”


    ‘”In the past five years, Tesla has earned over US$5bln by selling carbon credits.”

    It will be interesting to watch if Tesla can survive an industry wide downturn in EV sales and a shakeout in EV manufacturing.

  4. Interesting that you mentioned Genesis. I spoke with Genesis USA corporate today. It’s been more than 5 months since I “ordered” a 2023 GV-70 3.5T Sports Advanced, Capri blue exterior, black interior, with a toe hitch and mud flaps!

    I keep getting calls from *other* Genesis dealers (than the one that I placed the order with) trying hard to sell me a 2024 GV-70 2.5T!! 2024!! WTF?!?! After I told those fuckers like ten times “3.5T or the highway”, they finally conceded that the 3.5T is “not available at this time”.

    THAT is when I called corporate.

    So that they “are not available at this time” isn’t even 100% true but it is close. Corporate searched within 250 miles of my zip code and found exactly 3 2023 GV-70 3.5T but the Sports *Prestige* (the highest trim level) and not colors that I really want (but not out of the question).

    The thing is, I feel like I’m being bullshitted and bluffed. They’re hoping that I’ll get tired of waiting and by a dump fucken 2.5T. Zero fucken chance, I promise you.

    Since your GLE article, I looked harder at some used examples. The GLE 450 has a 3.0T. I found one with just over 14K miles that I might be able to afford. If not that one, then I will keep looking.

    It fucken pisses me off. There’s zero chance that Genesis *cannot* make the GV-70 3.5T Sports Prestige, they clearly just don’t want to! OK, fuck ’em! That shit isn’t cheap!

    God dammit I hate these fucken people doing this stupid shit. But I will drown my sorrows in a lightly used GLE 450. Looks like I will never order a *new* car from the factory in my life but, you know, worse things have happened.

    • Hi XM,

      This is bad business – for Genesis. Here you are wanting to buy a vehicle – and they are doing their utmost to not sell you one. I agree with you about the 2.5 engine. Nothing wrong with it, as such – for those who don’t mind a four cylinder engine in a luxury vehicle. But – like you – if I wanted a four, I’d buy a Chevette (no offense).

      The Benz is a nice rig – not at all a “consolation prize.”

  5. The problem is, the people who run these companies, don’t like the product they sell or the people who buy it. Look at Tranhauser Busch and Disney. When the real Ford family ran Ford they built products like the original Mustang and the GT 40. Hell they could sell a million updated Pintos, a cheap car with a 4 cylinder that got good gas mileage, but they wont. Logic would dictate, if you owned a donut company, you would hire a guy who likes donuts, instead they hire anorexic vegans.

    • Automaker’s top brass have not criticized EVs in public, with the exception of the former Toyota CEO. They probably did not get much negative feedback from their engineers designing new EVs in 2022. Because of the old ‘tell the boss what he wants to hear; strategy that gets promotions. And Ford EV sales seemed to be accelerating through December 2022, so it was premature to be contrary.

      Then Ford EV sales fell off a cliff in 2023. Now everybody at Ford knows there is a big problem. Sales don’t lie.

      The Ford design engineers working on future EVs in 2022 did not like them — very unusual — engineers are usually over optimistic about new vehicles they are designing.

      The Ford development (aka “vehicle”) engineers, whose job is to tell design engineers where they went wrong, were not too negative on EVs at first.

      Then the ultra cold (zero degree F.) weather in Northern Minnesota cut EV range (of various competitive EVs) by 40% to 60% in December 2022. That was higher than expected.

      Back in Michigan, the EV’s fast acceleration was fun for the vehicle development engineers on relatively short drives with their prototypes. But after they started taking longer drives, and had to “fast” charge to get home, EV satisfaction dropped like a rock. No one likes to waste up to a half hour doing nothing while getting an 80% charge.

      In 2022, Ford engineers believed there would be trouble ahead because customers were going to be asked to pay MORE for EVs, than ICE or hybrid vehicles, but they would think the EVs ought to cost less. They did not complain to their bosses — bad for a career. But now that negative 2022 belief about EVs seems to have turned into a 2023 reality.

  6. Electric cars are not ready for prime time at all. I plan to buy another IC vehicle before they become extinct and drive it for the rest of my life. I currently have a 2014 Honda CRV with 127,000 miles on it that I estimate is halfway through its useable lifespan(or less). The electric vehicle will go to the crap heap after 9 years as the batteries will be toast and cost more than the value of the car to replace. I don’t think it is too surprising EVs don’t sell. You get a lesser vehicle, that will do less and cause you more downtime and get to pay more for it.

  7. “We are in the midst of another mass-psychosis. (EVs)”

    Scroll through this list, wikipedia’s page on defunct auto mfg:

    Automotive fads come and go like clockwork. We’ll see if some of these latest electric car companies go the way of Edsel. Car fads rule the automotive industry. How many times in my life has someone said they are going to build a flying car?


    Yes, cultural mass psychosis could be applied to many aspects of our culture. I think you could extend the idea to other things – like the insanity of using Ukraine as a proxy to attack Mother Russia. What retards came up with that idea … let’s see, Blinken the Blitzkreiger, the Biden pedoperv Thing aka the sniffer president, and that gay dancer Ziolensky. So is it a surprise the whole thing went to shit?

    And if a picture is worth a thousand words:

    Satanists are a ruthless bunch, let’s pretend Dr. Evil is Klaus Schwab and Zelensky as his henchman Mustafa:

    Klaus “Let this be a reminder that the WEF will not tolerate failure.” Pushes the red button with henchman’s name sending him into fiery pit.

    Ursula von der Leyen (Frau Farbissina) – Vee vill stop Austin Putin with de Fembots:

    WEF and EU leadership is clown world. And those clowns think they can keep they $300 billion they stole from the Russian oil trading accounts, and that they will do a post WW2 Nuremburg trial on Putin.

    That Princess Cuntess der Layen is the most overconfident fool on the world scene, and she is the President of the EU. What a joke – she is a thief and a liar bar none.


    Climate change is most definitely a mass psychosis, and Greta Thunderborg is the face of that psychosis. The world is mad, they are using a stupid high school drop out to lecture us about climate change – when it is utter bullshit.

    And that other perv, married to MANlinda, Bill Gates of Hell wants to spray the atmosphere to blot out the sun. Yes Virginia, Manlinda Gates is a tranny just like Michelle Obama.

    You know, there might be a limit to this clown world insanity, and the whole apparatus implodes due to the dead weight of trillions of debt that can never be repaid.

  8. Thanks Eric for your perspective on EVs and giving us an honest assessment! I listen to a couple of automotive podcasts and all the guests are EV evangelists/propogandists – very frustrating!

  9. I still get those stupid emails in my Promotions folder from Ford encouraging me to “visit my local Ford dealer to drive the 2023 Mach-E Mustang” or build my own online. Sure, Ford, I’ll do that… when I’m six feet under. They’re actually crappier than other EVs! Even Teslas have more inviting interiors… and that’s not saying much.

    With so many unsold Mach-Es, Ford is essentially recreating what is called in the industry a “sales bank.” It’s building (electric) cars/trucks without orders just to keep factories running. Most vehicles built this way end up sitting in storage lots deteriorating and dealers figure out to wait for a clearance sale to buy some vehicles heavily discounted. Doing business like this is a quick way to financial insolvency. But Ford is managed by jerkoffs now, so it’s probably inevitable.

  10. One of the reasons why Teslas are still selling is becuase some of them include some amount of free Supercharger access. Although it probably isn’t officially included anymore I imagine it would be a great add-on to close the deal.

    The odd thing is that these cars are being sold. Why? If they’re so maintenance free, why not make them a lease-first option? Make it a better deal than you’d get with an ICE lease to reflect the reduced TCO. Throw in some fast charger access too, all for one lowish monthy payment.

    And given the number of major recalls (don’t charge your Bolt in the garage!), maybe this would help put people’s minds at ease before plunking down their hard earned cash on a lemon-fresh car that the manufacturers aren’t sure how to build just yet.

  11. Why are Ford EVs selling so poorly?

    I think there are three reasons:

    (1) The price increases of the lowest priced F150 Lightening from $40,000 to $60,000 eliminated some buyers,

    (2) For the e-Mustang: It does not look like a unique Mustang sporty car, so has a limited visual appeal as a generic crossover SUV, and

    For both Ford EVs:
    The leftist virtue signalers who could afford EVs have already bought them. Now the potential customers are thinking more about the range and “refueling” inconveniences, for which they have to pay more money than an ICE or hybrid vehicle. That does not add up to a good deal.

  12. Motor Mouth: The EPA and automakers in an emissions battle royale

    EVs, save for deeply discounted Teslas, have become a hard sell. Or more accurately — as those reluctant automakers have been saying — we’ve gotten ahead of ourselves. Ford says it is sitting on no less than 83 days’ supply of Mustang Mach-Es and 58 days’ worth of F-150 Lightnings. Volkswagen’s cheaper, but decidedly not more cheerful, ID.4 is faring even worse; Cox Automotive says that the German auto giant has an incredible 131 days of inventory sitting in lots around the country.

    This is the stuff that scares the pants off automakers since, unlike for ICE-powered slow-sellers which they could move with private incentives, there is precious little margin — Carscoops says that Ford is already losing some US$58,333 per EV it produces — for discounting its EVs.

    • Ford is selling EVs for more than their variable cost per unit. Their losses are from high fixed costs per unit. Those fixed costs include engineering costs for future EV models not yet for sale, and costs for joint venture battery manufacturing plants not selling batteries.

      Those large upfront investments are being supported by much weaker than expected EV sales.

      Ford would benefit from selling more EVs because the selling price to the dealer exceeds the variable cost of the product. The more EVs Ford sells, the lower the fixed cost per EV becomes.

      Also, Ford will profit from financing EV purchases and selling spare parts to dealers. Ford Motor Credit Company financing profits are very likely NOT included in the reported loss per EV sale.

      None of this can fix the poor EV sales problem.
      Lower EV prices might help … maybe.

  13. At the end of the day, when the government dictates what will be constructed rather than the free market, this is what you get. Enforced scarcity on one hand (the cars that people want to buy) and an enforced glut on the other.

    I don’t want an EV. I will never buy one, no matter what the Biden-thing and his handlers demand. As we used to say on the playground in elementary school, “Make me.” This is a unneeded solution chasing an imaginary problem designed to enrich a few while impoverishing the rest.

  14. So your’e telling me Super Woke Gurl is unsuccessful selling EVs to super woke gurls? Color me shocked. The types like Brie Olsen seem like gurls who work as a barista, or an attendant at Circle K, maybe a librarians assistant tasked with cleaning up the gender fluid spills in the non-binary bathrooms. Certainly not someone able to afford 40+K$$$ for a new automobile. In fact the cars these super gurl types usually drive (in my unscientific observation) are older model junkers, usually full of trash or whatever, often times smoking from lack of oil. There is a whole generation of Girls who’ve yet to stop believing in fairy tales. Life is probably going to be hardest for them when Dollah Dollah Bill Yo dies suddenly.

    On a side note the wife and I drove around the parking lot of the Ford dealer in Camp Verde the other day. It was full of eclectic Mustangs, and Fake F150s. We didn’t even get out. A salesman walked out and literally steeped in front of our Lincoln to get me to stop. Wife made me roll down the window and talk to him. I wanted to go so I asked him if they had any Mavericks? I already knew they didn’t. His answer was laced with desperation, he said, I can have one here from our dealer network by the end of the day.’ Ha ha, I responded, why wouldn’t I just go to Phx and get one, or better yet why don’t they have them on the lot. He gave me some BS about everyone wanting the mach E and the E truck. Pure utter BS. We drove away as he tried to tell me what a great deal he could make me on a Maverick. I smelled desperation.

    Its probably not lost on Ford employees that they are about to get the fudge light treatment. Oh well, no new cars for us this year. Ford deserves to land on the ash heap of history with the rest of them.

    • Yep. People are waiting in line to buy Mavericks despite the fact that the price went up from $20k to $25k and yet Ford is committed the building the EV crap that nobody wants.

      Hell of a business model — UNLESS you understand that in the corporatist state, so-called “private” companies are de facto government agencies and if they lose money they will be bailed out by the government, just like GM when they got $20 billion and the Obama campaign slogan was “bin Laden is dead, and GM is alive.”

      Well, Ford just got $9 billion from Uncle Sham for EV batteries. It does not matter if they sell EVs or not… they already have the money.

      Ford does not have a problem in it’s hands with the “Mustangs.” The government will use YOUR tax dollars to subsidize them when they are forced to practically give them away with stupendous rebates.

      If you regard the auto companies as government agencies that never go out of business and never get their budgets cut no matter how much they fuck up, THEN it makes sense.

      • You’re right X. Ford can weather any storm for as long as it takes. Its shameful what they’ve done and they should be treated with contempt. The GovCo backstop only works as long as Uncle remains in the drivers seat. August is supposed to have some BRICSASA roll out of their new$$$. We’ll see if that gives old Uncle some bump bumps in the chest. With Monetary systems in flux, there is no real safe space for accumulated capitol now. Gold Silver, Meh, Realestate, definitely not unless you have $$$ to burn. I still like Platinum/palladium. If Russia can somehow leave $$ Bill broken and bleeding without a nuclear war then I’d say things are looking up.

        The crony capitalism infecting the US is one good black swan away from its come to Jesus moment.

  15. Complaining about the irrational actions from every fedgov agency accomplishes nothing.
    I wish it did, but it doesn’t.
    DC is utterly corrupt and can’t be reformed.
    Elections are controlled and a waste of effort.
    The recent boycotts are the time the people have acted to defend their liberty in over 160 years.
    Not trading with the enemy is a great first step toward restoration of freedom.

    DC. NIFO. It’s the only way to be sure.

  16. You can sell anything if you cut the price.

    Prediction – either the government will have to bail EV sales or the sellers of EVs will have to sell at a loss, and whoever discounts first gets to unload this EV crap FIRST before the price has to be lowered again.

    IMO the panic to unload is about to start. I will have my front row seat at epautos watching the action as Eric covers it. LOLROFL

    This phenomenon of selling first to get out of a collapsing asset value is well known in the stock market. The panic sets in once the selling starts, like a game of musical chairs, once the music stops (which it has) then he who sits down first stays in the game.

    So expect crocodile tears from the press as their beloved EVs and their appeal to the public goes into the shitter. The fact of the matter is that EVs were artificially promoted by tax breaks and electric coupons, because during the boom of the Everything Bubble, the noveau riche threw caution to the wind and ran out to get a Tesla to prove that they care more than you. The virtue signalling Left fell heels over head because of their incredible gullibility and stupidity.

    What we just lived through, and no one knows it yet, was the biggest asset bubble in history caused by the Federal Reserve ZIRP program which lowered interests rates BELOW zero.

    Stocks and real estate went through the roof. Places like Boise went up 10x in 2 years. This made the plebs feel rich, so they went out and bought with wild abandon the new thing – electric cars – because they were the future – promoted by unscroupolous WEF political whores, minions of Klaus Schwab.

    No MSM writer that I know has tackled the connection between the asset bubble and the electric car bubble. It was this false sense of wealth caused by huge increase in Federal Debt and M1 that juiced the insanity in the car market for expensive toys.

  17. Paraphrasing Eric, The only EVs that seem to be finding homes are Teslas, due to discounting the prices & subsidizing the sale of them. Which it does via the odious mechanism of using the government.

    This is quite distressing, but unfortunately Eric’s completely correct. But wait a minute. Just why is this so & why did the business world get this way? How did we get here from there?

    One would think that most corporations & business people would be advocates of capitalism & free enterprise. After all, in a free society that’s how one is able to climb the ladder of success. However, astute observers now realize that in an age of massive govt intrusion in the economy, capitalism is not the high ideals of most large businesses. But why is this?

    Once established as an industry leader, business executives desire one thing above all else: get to the top of the pack and remain firmly entrenched there. But how do you manage to do that? The old school way was to simply work your tail off & make smart decisions & investments. But in this modern distorted & perverse business age of empires, business models and the best laid plans often become obsolete or mismanaged resulting in failure. Yes you can work your buns off trying to stay ahead of the pack, but the deck is totally stacked against you and more often than not you’ll become just another failed statistic. It’s bad enough trying to fend off competitors with their never ending challenges to your bottom line, but when you consider all of the rules, regulations and obstructions thrown at you by the Sammy Corps, well good luck keeping your head above water.

    But now there’s an easier, better, and more helpful resource available that will enable you to retain your top dog status and help put the odds in your favor. And it sure beats putting in longs hours and knocking yourself out. Since you can’t force competitors to stop competing with you then you need someone with the legal power to do just that. By aligning yourself with an institution having deep pockets and the power to pass laws, rules & regulations, you’ll be able to eliminate or stymie some or all of your competitors. Businesses today – which now includes many medium to small size businesses – are stampeding to get in line in order to establish the government-business partnership which everyone here knows by the name “crony-capitalism.” It’s a sad fact that if you want to remain in the game you absolutely must play the cronyism card. So it’s no surprise that partnering with those guys in govt — naturally they’re eager to help out because it’s in their best interest — is just the ticket you need in order to survive. Unfortunately for those business owners your new buddies will insist on becoming senior partners & you’ll find yourself having second thoughts about your decision to collaborate with them. Ahh, but most will conclude it’s the price you have to pay for success. Besides, who gives a crap with all that additional business passing thru your turnstiles.

  18. I recently read an article describing how the homeless population keeps expanding, mostly due to rising rents and stagnant wages. How on earth can people barely hanging on to their housing afford a $50k+ car?
    On the other hand maybe they could buy the $50k car and then live in it, a two-fer!
    Seriously though this governing by mandate shit has to come to a hard stop; I’m old enough to not give a rat’s ass what the PTB might try to pull, we all need to channel Nancy Reagan and just say NO.

  19. F is over 15 USD today.

    9000 x 40,000 = 360,000,000 USD tied up in materials and investments.

    Plus all of the Lightnings that remain on the car lots unsold, the decision has to be reconsidered. Just think of all of the electricity just sitting there unused. It’s an outrage!

    Dot gov will fine Ford a hundred million dollars for storing, hoarding, too much electricity.

    A few years back Ford was sitting near the five dollar price zone, too late to make money on the stock, put and call it to make some money there. You’ll have better chances trying to win the lotto.

    Ford has to stop listening to somebody.

    Losing 500 million dollars on two investments that are not going to pay is a lesson in the School of Hard Knocks.

    BlackRock was a 17 dollar stock in the beginning, it was 726 USD yesterday. Something fishy going on there. A racket, like war or something.

    Another hazy day outside, another lazy summer day.

  20. Funny Nissan Ad. I bet she’s been ‘pinned to the seat’ in just about every vehicle there is, even the ones that aren’t moving. The EV is all about the ‘instant gratification’ and the many forms it can take. Just an overpriced sex toy is all it currently amounts to. There are already wifi vibrators, and they cost considerably less, lol!

    • The ads are meant to capitalize on Brie Larson’s public persona developed at Disney/Marvel and communicate that EVs and the other vehicles she shills are about female empowerment.

      I know a woman who is on her third Nissan Rogue in ten years, having bought into the message. The transmission inevitably goes ‘splody in those, but it doesn’t matter to her.

      Driving in Dallas last month, I noticed the new Rogue was everywhere so it is hard to fault Nissan. The vehicle catches the eye because, at first glance, it seems a little too tall and slightly too long.

  21. I caught this article yesterday regarding B of A cheating their clients and the stockholders just like Wells Fargo did a few years ago but somehow just got their hand slapped in lieu of real punishment and doing hard time:

    So, the gist of this is B of A went full woke and has been pushing full woke along with the government current ideology. In return they screwed their poor (and mostly black) customers with overdraft fees at usury rates.
    I think the same is happening with the auto industry, they think they have a deal behind the scenes with Uncle Sam to bail them out if this electrification doesn’t work. So doesn’t matter if bad business practices continue. Just keep pumping these POS’s out the door and they will eventually become US Mail trucks later.

  22. “People have been hectored into believing the “climate” is in “crisis” and the only way to stave off this “crisis” is by buying an EV.”

    I wonder what the real % of people who truly buy into the climate change hoax is. Certainly not a majority.

    • Sadly, Mike,
      It has been my experience that 80% or more are, or at least will say they are, just to avoid being called a ‘denier’ or a ‘fascist’. It doesn’t matter that neither term applies, because it’s all about group-think and collectivism at the present. Easily 1/2 of the population is clueless about the facts one way or the other. The remaining 1/2 are split between those that wish to lie, and simultaneously silence the ones that don’t buy into the narrative. I know this is a simplification of situation, but it isn’t very far from the truth, either.

      • Correct! Out if a circle of 20 some friends & neighbors, wife and I were the only clotshot holdouts. Wife follows what I research, a sweetie but zero independent thinking, she would have been first in line without my intervention. Her pals total sheep on medical mainstream recommendations. Her best friends son 40 years old, in and out of medical care for heart problems over the last year from the shot. No one will admit what really caused it.

        Clotshotted neighbor had a stroke, airlifted to Seattle hospital lucky to live thru the clot removal surgery and not paralyzed. Again, zero discussion of the shot.

        Solar panels all over our ‘hood now, neighbors “oh Sparkey, it’s covered with subsidies you should do it before the program ends!”. No thanks, enjoy your failed roof in a few years and if a new roof you just voided the shingle warranty.

        • Do people not suffer from heart ailments and strokes otherwise? Both those ailments are amongst the most common of illnesses. We’re they told that it was related to the vaccine? The symptoms of a problem from the vaccine are documented and can be diagnosed. If these are just random occurrences of a common illness it would be irresponsible to assign it to something without knowing.

            • Why are they not correlating the deaths? Every doctor at every hospital is evil? I’ve read about the problems caused by the vaccine and doctors are treating the problems. What is the purpose of the conspiracy they are engaging in?

              • Cashy,

                Doctors – not all – but generally – have been compromised by becoming employees of corporate medicine. They do as they are told by their employers. Thus, most – almost all – played along with the hysteria, pushing “masks” and then the “vaccines.” The hospitals – also corporate – were financially incentivized to categorize every death as a “COVID” death.

                And they have been quiet about the increase in weird/unusual problems (and deaths) associated with the “vaccines” for the same reasons.

                It’s a conspiracy of go-along/get-along and poltroonery.

                • Most of the doctors I have met are pretty independent minded. Big egos. I find it hard to believe they would go along to get along as that is not in their nature.

                  I also don’t think they care much for the drug companies as they have to hassle with them constantly.

                  They usually take it personally when one of their patients dies. Not to mention the possible legal ramifications and would gladly blame it on a bad medicine if possible.

                  • Cashy writes:

                    “Most of the doctors I have met are pretty independent minded. Big egos. I find it hard to believe they would go along to get along as that is not in their nature.”

                    And yet, the vast majority did exactly that.

              • One can not prove a Covid shot caused death without an autopsy, and there have been very few of those.

                The voluntarily reported serious adverse side effects in VAERS are abut 4000% higher than any vaccine in history.

                Athletes collapsing on the playing fields with heart problems had an unprecedented increase.

                Young boys with new heart problems had an unprecedented increase.

                Excess deaths and all cause mortality barely declined in 2021, 2022 and 2023.

                Something has been happening here. What it is, is not exactly clear.
                But that’s enough evidence for me. All the evidence I can find says the shots were not safe and were not effective at saving lives.

                • I don’t know why that’s enough evidence for you, it’s no evidence at all. It’s just a possible correlation. And not a strong one either.

                  As for autopsies I would imagine every young athlete that suddenly drops dead gets one. I have not heard covid implicated in any of them.

                  I am also skeptical of a drug causing all kinds of ailments and death. Heart attack, cancer, pneumonia, stroke, chronic fatigue etc. every major human disease is linked to the vaccine. Its quite possible a substance can cause some disease, but not all of the common diseases of the era. That seems extreme.

                  • Cashy says “I would imagine. . .” Please go away troll. Your modus operandi is solely to be a contrarian to any position that differs from the regime propaganda. I’ll say it again, you’re either incredibly dense or are a paid troll. I’m not sure which is worse.

                    • You have poor critical thinking skills and often resort to insults and ridiculous claims. You should welcome my input as it may help you, and the many others on this site that share that problem be able to better understand these issues.

          • ‘Media Continue To Lie About Gene Therapy Jab’

            … ‘Inexorable Rise in Excess Mortality’

            In closing, The Daily Sceptic24 recently reviewed data showing excess mortality is continuing to rise, post-rollout of the COVID jabs, with no sign of stopping:

            “… core non-respiratory mortality (NRM) trends, which have been very stable over the last 10 years or so, can provide a useful yardstick to measure any kind of extraordinary change that might occur.

            Since the vaccine rollout there have indeed been radical changes to this metric … Unfortunately there is still no evidence of any real slowdown of this alarming development.” …


            • Correlation is not causation. There may be other explanations. You should exercise the same skepticism you practice with the stuff you agree with as with the things you do not.

              • It is if the correlation is strong enough. Especially when direct evidence of causation is being intentionally concealed.
                Every single government is founded upon its assumption of authority to kill you if you disobey. This authority does not attract mostly sane people. Always expect the worst from them, and you won’t often be surprised.

                • If the causation is being concealed then you have no idea of the cause. Doctors are not the “government” and generally did not become doctors so they could kill people.

                  I also don’t think the majority of the people at the CDC took jobs there so they could kill people.

                  It is more likely that if there is a problem with the vaccine then the cause is ignorance not malice.

                  • So a 4000% increase in VAERS reports per Richard, and a 500% increase in alcohol sales in one year (I forget if it was 2020 or 2021) is not massive enough to turn “correlation” to “causation” for you? So I assume the only way you could possibly be convinced is if folks dropped dead immediately after “vaccination”? And perhaps not even then.
                    “I also don’t think the majority of the people at the CDC took jobs there so they could kill people.” Why not? they did a damn fine job of it.

                    • What Richard wrote is “The voluntarily reported serious adverse side effects in VAERS are abut 4000% higher than any vaccine in history.” That could mean something significant, it may not. It’s comparing the vaccine against past vaccines. There was much less attention and politics surrounding previous vaccines so it would be necessary to dig deeper into the numbers to see what it means.
                      I don’t know how the increase in alcohol sales figures into the safety of the vaccine.

                      Let me also say, since so many people here have poor reading comprehension skills, that I am not saying that I disagree with the premise that the vaccine may have problems. But I also want to see why that is believed. I know many people want to believe it, so they accept anything that validates what they believe. I try not to be that gullible.

              • I love how the propagandists always throw the “correlation is not causation” shit around, like they’re these logical fucking geniuses. Guess what, Cashy, causation REQUIRES correlation.

                Riddle me this, how does one determinate the causation of death where there is no visible trauma? It’s not easy. When somebody dies after a lengthy cancer illness, was it the cancer that caused the death? Was it the chemo? Was it the radiation? Was it a weak heart? What caused the cancer? The human body is a very complex system and there are thousands of variable to consider. If you think an autopsy report with a listed cause of death is the gospel from God, you are quite naive. Many tines at best it’s an educated guess by a government worker.

                Causation can be very simple in matters that you can see, like knocking over a glass of water with your elbow. Yup, you caused that. It’s not so easy with chemicals being put into a human body and trying to determine if they caused death. Ultimately, in this case we’re probably all stuck with correlation and statistical analysis of the amount of deaths in “vaxxed” vs. pure bloods.

                • By the same token young healthy people don’t just drop dead. When they look for a cause it’s usually something they can diagnose.

                  Lots of people call the vaccine a “clot shot”. Well a blood clot can be found and diagnosed. It’s not a mystery. You seem to be saying that there is this giant conspiracy of doctors, researchers, and coroners, that want to hide something from people. Why?

              • Why would anyone welcome input from someone who invaded a website chat forum, and then proceeds to insult, denigrate, and basically tell them they are all stupid and wrong about everything presented? Not only to those regulars who have been here, but to the owner of the site, no less? It is akin to breaking into someone’s home, crapping on their iving room carpet, and then telling them they should not only be grateful for the mess you just made and the stentch, but that we should also thank you and ask for more. What kind of world are you living in anyway, because it is not the real world. And even if you were always right, your self-righteous, arrogant attitude you exude will shut many off, and they won’t care what you have to say.

                • How is asking questions about the validity of an articles point or the reason someone thinks about an issue: crapping on one’s carpet?

                  Is this supposed to be merely a cheerleading forum for unquestioning admirers?

                  Why are simple questions or differences in opinion so contentious? Are there so many snowflakes here that anything that challenges their cherished beliefs has to be silenced? Furthermore you can ignore the posts if don’t like them.

                  • Cashy,

                    What is “contentious” is more like frustrating – in that you serially refuse to acknowledge factual points made, argue about things people didn’t say. As for example your recent statement that I advocate “free rides” for people because I argue against forcing people to buy insurance and so on. Absurd – and you know it. If you don’t, then you have comprehension problems as I have spent decades arguing that people ought to be made to pay for the harms they cause – but also that if they do not cause them, then they have a right to be let alone, physically as well as financially.

                    If you consider that a “free ride,” then you probably also think you are “owed” a “fair share” of what someone else worked to earn.

                    You go on (and on) about how “society” (and so on) must bear the costs when people are irresponsible and harm results. I have repeatedly explained that this is package-dealing vicious nonsense. There is no such thing as “society,” in other than a rhetorical sense. And the only way people “must bear the costs” of what irresponsible people do to cause harm is by forcing them – the responsible people – to “bear” them. If you remove the force, then no one “bears” them – other than the irresponsible people. And it’s moral to force them to bear them.

                    I dissect your comments for the sake of general edification.

                  • “anything that challenges their cherished beliefs has to be silenced?”
                    Judging by your continuing comments, I seriously doubt that Eric has made any attempt to silence you. On the other hand, you are a tedious bore that insists on making comments that you know few if any here will take seriously, and then get self righteously offended because they don’t, make any attempt to refute your comments, or express any displeasure with your comments. My last reply to you. It’s hopelessly tiresome.

                    • P.S.
                      You are a statist. We aren’t. The only reason for you to comment here at all is to instigate conflict.

  23. EV manufacturers in China have been exposed, so far only in private drone videos, licensing EVs themselves, right off the assembly line, and then dumping them in mass lots out the countryside to rot, in the tens of thousands. This is China’s ‘secret’ to it’s world-record-breaking sales of EVs. It’s the same ponzi scheme that has created tens of thousands or rental bike and E-scooter graveyards that are acres wide and 10-20 feet deep in brand new scrap metal and batteries. So many world governments are engaging wholesale fraud & scamming, it’s becoming impossible to bury the shit fast enough to not get caught.

    • Reason being, the CCP subsidy on units produced, not units sold. It’s in the best interest of the manufacturer to push as many as possible through the plant, as quickly as possible (before the rug gets pulled out). These vehicles are pretty much the same as their tofu-dreg projects. Built for a purpose other than what it appears to be. And about the same quality too.

  24. Given that the Biden Thing has effectively ruled like a KING or a DICTATOR the past 2½ years, plus the issue of lots of unsold new EVs just sitting in car dealerships, he could issue a diktat that ALL existing gas powered vehicles are to be banned, and if you want to continue to drive an automobile, you MUST buy one of those unsold EVs regardless of whether you can even afford one or have concerns about EVs. After all, he tried to FORCE millions of Americans who have a job to be guinea pigs for Pharma 2 years ago through OSHA diktats.

    • Yeah, I can see O’Biden pulling sh** like that. I would like to think that some in the States would have the spine and the balls to tell him where to shove that diktat, how far, and give him map and directions, since the damned fool would forget where that was. I can see, though, where it is just going to be easier for the Feds to simply shut off the supply oil and gasoline. Go ahead and keep your gas powered vehicle, you just will not be able to fill up the gas tank, or change the oil, because there will not be a supply of either. Kind of neat how that works out for them.

  25. Maria Bartiromo interviewed Rep. John James of Michigan on her program earlier this morning. James spoke eloquently against forcing the American public into EVs and more generally about the need to strengthen American domestic manufacturing. The interview will likely be posted on YouTube or Fox later today and is worth watching.

  26. Stupid. Building thousands upon thousands of units for a market that is largely saturated. Too blind to see that what the Psychopaths In Charge want is a lot fewer cars on the road, meaning it doesn’t matter what they do, many if not most, or even all of the US carmakers will be out of business in fairly short order. You can’t sell a $50k car to folks that are struggling with rent/mortgage payments, groceries, and utility bills, among other slightly less critical expenses. If you are going to jump on a bandwagon, it’s a good idea to make sure it has all four wheels, and a means of propulsion. The EV bandwagon doesn’t. The tell tale is that there is zero effort to increase grid and generating capacity to accommodate this so called shift. Right now, many grids struggle with heating and air conditioning. And sometimes fail.
    Which do you prefer, “saving” the planet sitting in your home cold, hungry, and in the dark, or risk a very slightly POSSIBLE significant change in climate and live more comfortably and free?
    If I didn’t know better, I might suspect the whole thing was intentional. Wait, I don’t know better.

  27. @Eric – BTW, driving from Nashville down to Memphis this weekend, I saw at least three billboards welcoming “Blue Oval City”, Ford’s new Federally-funded battery plant complex and home of the oddly but appropriately named “T3 Project”.

    Maybe Ford will hire Aaaaahnold as spokesperson. “Screw your freedoms.”

  28. I strongly suspect Nissan paid Disney to push “The Marvels” starring Brie Larson out the door this year.

    The batteries in EVs will deteriorate just sitting on the lot, even kept fully charged. The problem will be especially bad in the marine environments of the Gulf states experiencing record high temperatures right now.


    On a vote of 276 to 147, the House rejected a proposal to ban the Biden administration from sending cluster munitions to Ukraine. — NYT

    ‘We’re killing Ukies. And we’ll kill you too.’ — Clowngress

    • Jim,

      I noticed that NYT did its usual screech about “Extreme MAGA Republicans!” And does Clowngress not understand the possible consequences of the Biden Thing sending cluster munitions to Ukraine, such as Russia responding or civilians being killed by them via unknowingly stepping on an unexploded cluster munition? Otoh, Congress, in addition to the Biden regime, already has Neocons who WANT endless war. Cluster munitions are already banned in most countries around the world, but are we to believe that if “Joe Biden” sends them to Keeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeev, that’s good because “Putin Baaaaaaaaaaaad!”?

  30. I remember reading an article about an author who got a job at the Chevy plant where the Caprice Classic was built. When the new body style for 91 was proudly showed to the workers they said “We’re screwed”. Any clue what the workers building these EVs are saying? Based on sales; I know what their thinking.

    • I visited the the plant in Wilmington DE that built the 3rd gen, late 80’s model. It was awesome to see as a young engineering student, but I could see how our quality was suspect vs japan at the time. The 4th gen was bad and basically ended it’s production in the usa. Although they fixed it’s appearance with facelifts in later years. The ‘Impalla’ SS was a pretty cool car.
      5th gen was then built by Holden in Australia, butt ugly again, but i don’t think they came to the usa.
      6th gen was a good car, and it briefly came to the usa. I wanted the longer wheelbase version the cops got, but it never got sold as a consumer car. I thought it would have made a good Buick (or even Pontiac!). Gm didn’t seem to care about it, and eventually closed Holden Austrialia down. I don’t know why.

  31. ‘The “bet” Ford – and the rest – have made lies in their assumption these alternatives will be somehow done-away with.’ — eric

    In its comments on EPA’s proposed rule, Toyota summarizes what is going on:

    1. The proposed standards are expected to result in a new vehicle sales mix of 67% BEV by 32MY.

    2. The annual stringency increases in the first three years of the proposed rule are extreme and outside historical norms.

    3. The stringency of the criteria pollutant standards (i.e., tailpipe standards) exceed California’s recently finalized LEV 4 standards with little technical or scientific justification.

    4. The proposed rule discriminates against plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs) based on flawed data and analysis from an environmental NGO.

    EPA is trying to reverse engineer a desired outcome — two-thirds EeeVees in 2032 — by turning the dial toward arbitrary, ever-tighter tailpipe emissions limits. This is stupid. Vehicle production is not smoothly adjustable by such an indirect, backdoor method.

    Discrimination against hybrids is even more stupid. Toyota’s Prius practically defines this category. Now Prius and other hybrids are be to be tossed away for insufficient piety in their adherence to zero emissions (except at power plants) dogma?

    How does EPA ‘administrator’ Michael Regan keep a low public profile as he issues his hardball, know-nothing, market-smashing fatwas? Regan — who bears a distinct resemblance to the notorious Ugandan cannibal Idi Amin — is a vandal, a malicious wrecker, who deserves contempt, mockery and disgrace. Idi’s yo daddy, BITCH.


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