Great Deals on Leftover Electric Turduckens

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Ford Motor Co. is offering dealers bonuses of $5,000 to $6,000 per car on seven 2016 models to boost struggling car sales and clear lots for newer vehicles.

Four of the models are hybrid or electric cars.

In a deal that began March 17 and concludes today, April 3, the automaker is offering $5,000 on the 2016 C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid, C-Max Hybrid, Focus Electric and gasoline-powered Fiesta. There’s a $6,000 offer available on the Fusion Energi plug-in hybrid and gasoline-powered Taurus and Focus.

Under the program, Ford said dealers do not have to “keep the vehicle for 12 months and/or register them when reported sold to themselves” to be eligible for the incentive, according to a description of the deal issued to dealers.

The automaker said roughly 16,000 vehicles are eligible for the program.

Electric Turduckens aren’t the only ones not selling.

Ford Motor’s car sales plunged 24 percent in February from the year-earlier month to 50,650.


  1. “Under the program, Ford said dealers do not have to “keep the vehicle for 12 months and/or register them when reported sold to themselves” to be eligible for the incentive, according to a description of the deal issued to dealers.”

    “If you can’t dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.”
    ― W.C. Fields

    Every so often upper management comes up with some stupid goal that we all have to achieve. Along with that is the middle managers figuring out some sort of way to game the system. The more idiotic the goal the more likely someone’s going to game the system. Glad to see it’s everywhere, not just where I work. Look for a lot of dealer-to-dealer sales of these vehicles to get the numbers up.

    • Everything seems to be that way now.
      Certain numbers became indicators of a good economy so now things are done to make those numbers good. Then when people say the economy isn’t good they are told they are crazy, look at these indicators.

  2. Another good example of this is how companies were boycotting North Carolina because the state wasn’t forcing everyone to let the mentally-ill choose what bathroom they wanted to use based on what gender they ***think*** they are….

    I mean, regardless of one’s position on that, why would a corporation make a BUSINESS decision based on an issue that affects a fraction of one percent of the population?

    It’s ironic, too- They’re so indoctrinated with all of this liberal nonsense, and make decisions based upon it; but they’re less concerned with making a profit, and their businesses are crashing like never before because of the fact that their business decisions reflect the unrealistic fantasy world in which these new execs live.

    Yeah, maybe spend a little more time thinking about shelling out a few BILLION dollars to acquire that company whose only assets are a few servers and a name, and a little less time thinking about whether someone who wears a dress but who has a schlong should use the ladies room!

  3. Ya know? It’s depressing just knowing that these cars even exist. 🙁 I’d bet most self-respecting queers wouldn’t even want to be caught driving one of the aforementioned efeminizing neuter-mobiles!

    • These things are being manufactured not because of market demand but because of mandates that they be built. The problem with that is obvious, but none of the manufacturers are willing to say anything in public about it.

      • I know- that’s the most sickening thing.

        It doesn’t even surprise me anymore that the companies don’t say anything. They’re probably on board with all of the BS. Just like GM with their vice-president of diversity…..

        I was just having a convo with someone yesterday, and they were telling me how they had taken some college a number of years ago, but had gotten disgusted with the BS they were seeing, so they bailed. At some point, he decided that maybe he should “finish his degree”, so he looked into doing so more recently, and saw things like:

        In order to fulfill the general edumacation requirements part, he’d have to take at least 3 classes from a group of classes in the “awareness” category. “Awareness”! -Which of course, is basically a code-word for liberalism, and includes such things as LGBTQ(XTZ) studies; “diversity”; minority this and sensitivity that, and of course EN-VIRON-MENTAL-ISM (Can’t spell evironmentalism without “MENTAL”!)….

        So the guy said “Screw that!” and got on with his life. (Best decision he ever made).

        But his conclusion really verbalized what we are seeing. He said “What it appears that they are doing now, is insuring that those who are in a position to make good money, and or to advance in the corporate or state structure, are totally on-board with the liberal agenda, so that this garbage that we are seeing doesn’t even need to be forced, but will be complied with willingly”.

        And that is pretty much what we are seeing right now.

        Kids are getting indoctrinated in things like environmentalism and “social justice” even in KINDERGARDEN now…. And can you imagine the mentality of those who are willing to put up with all of the absurd rhetoric through high-school, college and even graduate school? Anyone who can endure that is either fully on-board withit/brainwashed, or is so devoid of any sense of true justrice and sanity, that they will tolerate anything just for what they perceive as personal benefit.


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