Latest Radio: Liberty Conspiracy w/Gard Goldsmith 03/12/2023

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Here’s the audio of my talk the other night with Gard Goldsmith, who hosts the Liberty Conspiracy podcast from an undisclosed location:

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  1. The problem is that Eric is not talking to the people who need to hear his wisdom, he is talking to the choir. We all agree with you Eric, the person you need to convince are these emotional woke NPCs who are unable to reason or connect two dots. They might listen to you but could they understand you? Their emotions trump facts:

    “The problem isn’t that Johnny can’t read. The problem isn’t even that Johnny can’t think. The problem is that Johnny doesn’t know what thinking is; he confuses it with feeling.” ― Thomas Sowell

    If I was able to get the attention of these Libtards and patiently explain to them that CO2 is not warming the earth, would they listen? They might listen, but would they understand? The media excels at jerking the emotions of the populace, confusing them with half truths or outright lies, until the mass horde is up in arms supporting the candidate that will implement their agenda.

    Our culture is so far gone it is spending billions to sequester carbon dioxide, a life gas, which is at geologically low levels. Increasing CO2 has the huge benefit of greening the planet and increasing crop yields. More plant life is good for humans. Current CO2 levels are 7x below normal levels.

    So why are humans being so stupid? They are emotionally branded by the global warming narrative, put into a religious fervor to save the planet by ending CO2. At the helm of this insanity are emotional children damning us, because they are hopelessly brainwashed at an emotional level, where facts and reason can have no effect on their emotional branding.

    If you challenge any mainstream truth you are instantly labeled a terrorist, a Russian operative, an antisemite, a denier, a heretic, a disrupter, a Trumper, etc. The problem with the truth movement is that it occupies a part of the internet space far removed from the very people who need to hear an alternative narrative. We are the choir in our own little church in a small corner of a vast informationplex.

  2. Mister Gardner brought up the subject of tort cases to absolve damages and resolve dispute.
    I’ve long thought that civil court is the ONLY remotely justifiable part of government. But could be easily handled by private organizations as well. Both parties must agree to the decision of such court, so there is no coercion. Their fee could be per time spent. Which would encourage both parties to get on with it. Such a private party court would depend on its reputation to gain the trust and agreement of both parties. Do well or die. Unfortunately, government courts are held to no such standard. It’s insisted that “all rise” when “his honor” enters the court, whether deserving of that “honor” or not. Most often not.
    This is in actuality how this nation was founded. Since the FedGov was given no power to enforce criminal law, except impeachment and treason. A nation with abundant courts, and few laws. With nothing preventing contracting that work to private parties, with Congressional approval. And all the ABC bureaucracy scattered to the wind. Instead, we have become “a nation of laws”, many of which explicitly give power to the ABCs.


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