Keeping the Peace

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If police concerned themselves exclusively with keeping the peace – that is to say, dealing with people who have caused harm to others or their property – then no one who isn’t a criminal would ever have to deal with them. Would not have any reason to fear them.

As it ought to be.

It’s not as it ought to be, because “offenses” have replaced crimes – and “crimes” now encompass “offenses” against the state.

These range from the petty to the serious. Examples of the former include traffic “violations” – which are considered “offenses.” You are issued a piece of paper demanding money as punishment – for what? For having offended the authority of the state.

The same goes for serious “offenses.”

If the state charges you with a “crime” that is in fact just another offense writ large, the attending paperwork will so describe the facts. The indictment will read: The state of (insert here) vs. John Smith. It is a confession before the proceedings even begin that there is probably no victim; i.e., no human being who has been harmed by the accused.

But the proceedings proceed, regardless.

This is bizarre, even hallucinatory. If no one has been harmed, then what is the offense? More finely, is it not an offense – a crime, properly speaking – to harm people (as by fining, indicting, prosecuting and jailing) people who’ve not caused any harm?

Consider what goes on in traffic court as a case-in-point:

You are called before the judge. The charge is read. You are accused of, let us say, “speeding.” This offense is defined in law as exceeding by even 1 mile-per-hour whatever the statute says the “speed limit” is.

You are already damned – assuming you are “guilty” of having driven even 1-mile-per-hour faster than whatever the “speed limit” is. The only legally relevant question is: Did you – or did you not – drive faster than whatever the “speed limit” is?

Not whether anyone was harmed. Whether there is a victim or even a  plaintiff (other than the government).

You can question the witness against you – who is the government agent who issued the so-called “ticket” and whose version of events is taken at face value as true (whereas your version is “hearsay”). What cannot be questioned is whether it matters that the state has produced no victim of the alleged “offense” – beyond the state, itself.

And the nature of that offense is solely that its authority was affronted – its rules (“statutes”) disobeyed.  Put more finely, it is irrelevant – legally – that you caused no one any harm. It is no defense. And it can be conceded in open court.

It does not matter.

The only thing that does – as far as “the law” is concerned – is whether the facts support the accusation that you transgressed the rules. It is a game – played by pedants with degrees most of us lack, organized by the pedants to render us largely helpless before its arcane procedural legerdemain.

It is the same with the higher “crimes,” too.

The state will assert – in its indictment – that you have done (or not done) something the state posits as “the law.” It does not matter whether “the law” is right – morally speaking, which would be (again) defined by the fact (or its lack) of someone who has been harmed in some way by the actions of the accused.

All that matters is whether “the law” was “violated.” It is like “violating” the rules of a children’s board game, except the consequences are often much more serious than paying a fine of $50 – in Monopoly money – before you roll the dice on either of your next two turns.

These consequences include the potential that you will be assaulted – perhaps murderously – by one of the state’s agents. They are styled “police” but this is disingenuous in that rather than policing they are enforcing. Their primary job, in plain language, is not to keep the peace. It is to actively seek out people who have “violated” a “statute” or committed a “crime” – irrespective of their peaceful actions.

And this is why they are a threat – implicit as well as actual – to the vast majority of peaceful people, who are not criminals in any moral sense. It is why people who’ve done nothing to cause harm to anyone – and know it – are nonetheless uneasy and often alarmed when they see one of these enforcers behind them or beside them. It is easy enough to understand why, for they know that the enforcer could gin up an excuse – there is always an excuse when there are so many “laws” and “statutes” and when innocence of having caused any harm is no defense – to “pull them over” and possibly, worse.

It is a kind of Jungian collective conscious instinctive affirmation of the understood danger of the situation.

This danger would disappear at a stroke if the “police,” as they are styled, were replaced by keepers-of-the-peace.  And these would not even need to be “official.” It could simply be every man who is willing and able to act defensively when the need for such arises. Those who fret that such would engender abuses sidestep the officialized abuse of “police,” which is systematic and far worse. They also forget to to remember that, in a moral society, it would be considered a crime to abuse anyone – that being defined as threatening to or actually harming someone who had not harmed anyone.

It it will take a kind of Great Reset – of consciousness as well as conscience – for this transition to take place.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t.

. . .

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  1. AGW enforcers for the luciferian death cult….the government, which is part of the WEF technocrat globalist satanists cabal.

    The thing people hate the most is religious fanatics….that is what the WEF globalist death cult is…. luciferion religious fanatics, pure evil.

    The freemasons are the political arm of the globalists, when you vote you get the choice of two or more freemasons…all members of the same luciferion death cult….no point in voting…..

  2. Kool-aid drinkers all over the planet. The skullduggery never ceases.

    Had a conversation with a professor at the local university who had recently visited Europe. Everybody in Europe is rooting for Ukraine he told me.

    Anybody but the Russians I suppose .

    Europeans must not be thinking either.

    You know that peace can only be won when you’re blowin’ ’em all to Kingdom Come, sing it, Country Joe.

    Propaganda works. 12,000,000 Ukrainians abandoned Ukraine and subsequently brainwashed all Europeans or something.

    Jokers to the left, clowns to the right.

    Stealer’s Wheel, good name for a rock and roll band.

    There are Bolsheviks in southern Saskatchewan, easy to spot.

    There are communists everywhere. Joe Hill was running around Utah.

    The Iconoclast was a communist publication here in America.

    The ineluctable conclusion is people are political animals which then makes them stupid.

    Then there is war. Fight tooth and nail.

    For some, it is good business.

    Fomenting discord always pays. Call 911.

    Julian Assange is with Martin Luther on this one.

    Here endth the streaming consciousness.

    • Well, I was there last october and I can tell you in the Czech republic, minds are mixed. Some fly the Ukraine flag, some fly russian flag, and I saw a truck with a z on it made from a finger swipe in the road grime on the side. I think central and eastern europe are less propagandized though, since they already know not to trust the gov.

      I worked as a cop for a year, I was really amazed at how many people just accept a search of their car on request. Almost every person accepted it, no one just said no thank you. Why? Just say no thank you! Respectfully decline, if they have nothing on you, the cop will leave. One guy did, but we had him on video with witnesses stealing liquor and groceries and said groceries were all over his car, so the search was happening without his permission because- we had probable cause that he was the thief. Video, visible evidence, and an angry employee pointing at him so a victim as well.

      The public is far too conditioned to defer to a uniform, I think this is the problem. The original American rebellious population is probably about half the country’s population at this point, so not enough to keep the Jeffersonian liberty flame in full force unless a real reset starts. Plus we have so many people from totalitarian regimes that do what government says on instinct, this will continue to be an issue for decades.

      • Europe as a whole has a slave mentality. If the United States had stayed out of World War 2, they would all be speaking German right now. I am not surprised the people roll over and submit to government searches. It is where the US is headed if we don’t get our heads out of our asses.

    • Hi libertyx,

      Yup. I came online as a conscious libertarian when I was 19 – the year I was “busted” for growing pot in college. I was arrested, charged with felony “possession/intent to distribute,” which could have sent me to prison for years and totally ruined my life. I “got off easy” with a misdemeanor conviction that was erased from my “record” after a few years – but the night I spent in a jail cell made me realize how viciously evil the state is. And has been, to millions of others who were “guilty” of the same confected “crimes” I was arrested for and were convicted and sent to prison.

      And for what? For “manufacturing” – that is, growing – some plants. For “possessing” them. As if either thing harmed a single living soul.

      I reasoned it all out – and have never looked back.

      • Compared to the J6 protestors you got off very easy. Years in solitary for protesting a stolen election. And you were very lucky.

  3. Eric, they use language to trick you into submission, the cop asks you if you “understand”, what you think that means and what it means to the cop are two different things, the cops uses that language to get you to submit to him, if you “understand” then that means you “stand under him”.

    “When police officers asks do you understand it doesn’t mean what we normally think it means do you stand under me/my authority. If you respond with yes then he can arrest you if you respond with no he can’t arrest you. ”

    Arrest and imprisonment is normally a felony if you do it, but the cop can capture you – which is kidnapping, a serious offense, then hold you in prison, another serious crime, then the court will demand bail, which is really ransom. While forcibly capturing you, the cop is committing felonious assault. If the cop shoots and kills you, he has committed murder in the first degree.

    The courts commit millions of felonies everyday just in course of their business, which is what it really is, a well organized extortion racket:

    extort (verb)
    ex·​tort ik-ˈstȯrt
    transitive verb
    : to obtain from a person by force, intimidation, or undue or illegal power : wring


    Pay your fine pleb. Pay your taxes owed oaf. Report to court, slave. Obey the cop, peon. Vote for Ziowhore A or Ziowhore B and be a good citizen.


    Black’s Law Dictionary:

    BLACKMAIL “term for extortion and it is a criminal act where a person will attempt to get money from another person by threats” (when the court demands money in lieu of jail, i.e. bail)

    KIDNAPPING “The forcible abduction or stealing away of a man, woman, or child from their own country, and sending them into another.” (think Gitmo detainees who are never charged)


    On the 4th of Jewlie Amerikans celebrate freedom, when in fact, they live under a brutal military dictatorship. Cops do not protect you, they protect an organized crime enterprise called government, which is the biggest murder machine in history. Every criminal pedopolitician is protect by cops.

    When you vote, you have committed the most evil act, because you are putting your stamp of approval on the most evil thing ever invented, you are condoning this system which is using your personal authority to force others to comply with immoral acts of state, see Larken Rose video “a message to the voting cattle”

    Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose


    It is way worse than we ever imagined, when you wake up in the matrix, you find you are a slave in a legal matrix, which maintains hell on earth, by political whores, all of them insane pedophilic thieves, war mongering, money grubbing lunatics who wear suits and ties, and make grand speeches into a camera and then electronically transmitted to your brain by a TalmudicVision.

    Right now, thousands of gentle Ukrainian teenagers are hiding out in the woods, to avoid being captured by army thugs and forced into conscription, and then die a horrible terrifying death on a front line in the Donbass because the evil insane pedoperv Biden and his Zionist lunatic staff, want war.

    The United States of Amerika is the most evil insane nation in the history of man, which makes war all of the time for profit, which is now is run by homos, faggots, and trannies, lesbians and other mentally ill sexual deviants, and is 10x more evil than Sodom and Gommorah.

    • In it’s entire history, the US military has been actively engaged in killing people for all but 20 years or so. Many if not most against its own people. In the so called “Civil war” about 650,000 Americans killed. In WWII, about 450,000, in both theaters.

      • Dr. Kevin Barrett, who makes a weekly radio show called False Flag Weekly News, tried to figure out how many the USA has killed just from the end of World War 2. Know one knew.

        Low estimate was 40 million, he says more like 60 million. He also said on PressTV that USA killed 27 million Muslims since 911:

        PressTV: “27 million Muslims killed due to US war on terror

        Some twenty seven million Muslims have been killed due to US wars following the September 11, 2001 false flag attacks in the United States, says Dr. Kevin Barrett, an American academic who has been studying the events of 9/11 since late 2003.

        Dr. Barrett, a founding member of the Scientific Panel for the Investigation of 9/11, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Thursday following the release of a study conducted by Watson Institute of International Public Affairs at the United States’ Brown University.

        The US war on terror has led to over 800,000 direct war deaths in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the Middle East, according to the study.

        US federal spending on post-9/11 wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere around the world stands at $6.5 trillion through fiscal year 2020, according to the study.”


      • The Templars are the military arm of the Globalist/WEF/technocrat luciferian death cult.

        The U.S. military is the Templar’s military force.

  4. The most absurd “crime” is the “crime” of daring to keep what is yours. To not allow the state to steal the fruit of your labor, investments, endeavors; to not pay the ransom they demand you pay on “the value of your property”; to not hand over half of your assets to them when you croak, -assets that you paid taxes on when you purchased them, with money that you paid taxes on when earned. Assets which you continue to pay taxes on, if they are things like real property or vehicles, etc.

    Taxes upon taxes, all is taxes!

    How can the state prosecute real crime, when they are the biggest perpetrators of real crimes, such as robbery, assault, murder, and kidnapping?

    And most around us are fine with this arrangement and state of affairs; in-fact, they call it “freedom”, and support and vote for those who administer such tyranny. They refer the knights and mercenaries and enforcers of this organized-crime syndicate as “heroes”; and they particpate in and vote for your condemnation when you are accused of the crime of not allowing yourself to be robbed, murdered or interfered-with by the state.

    Like our forefathers, the only way we will escape this bullshit in any of our lifetimes, is via physical separation.

    • The slaves are stupid….they continue to pay tax to a fake, corrupt entity, with no legal authority, that calls itself the government…a corporation set up to steal from the slaves…..the luciferion death cult that owns the corporation….the globalist satanists….. laugh at the stupid slaves…..

  5. To address the point of the article that the state has no right to arrest someone for breaking a law where no one was hurt I would say the following.

    Not all crimes involve actual damage to someone but the possibility of damage. Some examples.

    A person attempting a robbery points a gun at someone and hollers “I am going to shoot you” if a law enforcement officer or a law abiding person apprehend them before they shoot, has a crime been committed by the person apprehended? Why? No one was hurt.

    If someone is inside your house at 4am uninvited do you have a right to shoot them? Why if the only crime they have committed is trespass?
    And why is trespass ever a crime if no one is hurt?

    There are many types of crime that involve what most people consider to be criminal activity before actual harm to a person.

    If you pay someone to kill your wife and they instead go to the police are you guilty of a crime? Why? No one was harmed.

    In the matter of a ticket for speeding the requisite law for the maximum speed on that road was exceeded. The thinking is that driving over a certain speed is a hazard that may possibly lead to someone being hurt. The fine is to discourage that.

    Note that it is a civil offense and typically only given to the most egregious offenders that are way over the limit. If you are over the speed limit and harm someone then the offense can be a criminal one.

    Most traffic fines are meant to discourage behavior that can lead to injury if repeated.

    • Your statement:
      “If someone is inside your house at 4am uninvited do you have a right to shoot them? Why if the only crime they have committed is trespass?
      And why is trespass ever a crime if no one is hurt?”
      …shows not only your lack of common sense, but accentuates your naivete and outright stupidity.
      I am loath to call people “stupid” on public sites, but in your case, it is well deserved.
      If someone breaks into your house at 4am I’ll bet that you would invite them to sit down for a cup of coffee.

    • “Most traffic fines are meant to discourage behavior that can lead to injury if repeated.”

      When you talk of going through red lights or down one-way streets, yes.

      But since most traffic fines represent something easily quantified and thus set artificially low, and because other things like lane discipline are routinely ignored despite the hazard so long as the lane hog is under “the limit,” your statement is basically naive nonsense.

      • How is it nonsense? Traffic fines are meant to discourage driving habits that might lead to accidents. You don’t think driving too fast can cause accidents? It’s considered the number one reason for accidents. Sure a couple miles over the limit is no big deal but nobody gets tickets for that.

        • Cashy writes:

          ” Traffic fines are meant to discourage driving habits that might lead to accidents.”

          No. They are meant to generate revenue and assert control.

          “You don’t think driving too fast can cause accidents? It’s considered the number one reason for accidents. ”

          Yes, it is “considered.” By the insurance mafia. Which profits via this assertion – which has no basis in fact. It is loss of control that is the number one reason for “accidents,” as you style them. And such “accidents” can and do happen at any speed.

          A skilled, attentive driver is much less likely to have an “accident” – even if “speeding” – than a marginally skilled, distracted driver who is not “speeding.” But the latter is not the focus of opprobrium – and “tickets” – even when they do have “accidents” – while the former is, even when they do not.

          • “The old cliché, ‘speed kills’ is 100% accurate,” says Kevin Clayton, EMC Engineering Specialist. For every 10 mph of increased speed, the risk of dying in a crash doubles. In addition, as your speed increases so does your risk of serious injuries and damage to vehicles and property. In fact, speed accounted for approximately one-third of all traffic deaths in 2018, totaling 9,378 deaths.

            for every 10 mph of increased speed, the risk of dying in a crash doubles. In practical terms, increasing driving speed from 60 mph to 80 mph increases the risk of a fatal crash by 4 times.

            The Consequences of Speeding
            -It’s harder to drive through curves safely as driving speed increases because of centrifugal force.
            -Speeding increases the risk of a crash because it diminishes a driver’s reaction time. “Whether it’s rain, icy roads, or a deer or pedestrian stepping out in front of you, you are at a disadvantage the faster you are moving
            -The effectiveness of a vehicle’s built-in occupant protection equipment decreases as the force of the accident increases. This includes seat belts, air bags and the crushing abilities of the vehicle body.
            -The faster the vehicle is moving, the greater the rollover risk in vehicles with a high center of gravity.
            -Stopping distance is increased. This means that even if the driver can see a danger ahead, it may be impossible to stop in time before impact.

            • Cashy,

              I tire of attempting to explain to you the difference between asserted risk (i.e., what you or someone else worries might happen) and actuality. You repeat the insurance mafia’s claptrap about “risk of dying in a crash increases” with higher speed. It does not mean you will crash. It does not mean there is a greater chance of crashing. If it did, you must explain how it is that I have not crashed despite the fact that I “speed” literally every time I drive – and for 30-plus years now. You will of course retort with your usual generalities. I deal with specifics. With actualities. I have not crashed. Fact. Inarguable. I also “speed.” So – in my case – “speed” does not kill. Or even scuff the paint.

              • Haven’t crashed yet? Good for you. Hope you stay lucky because that’s all it is-luck.

                You said something about asserted risk vs. actuality. I posted actual statistics from 2018. Recorded statistics aren’t real enough for you? Then nothing ever will be.

                • Cashew writes:

                  “Haven’t crashed yet? Good for you. Hope you stay lucky because that’s all it is-luck.”

                  At what point do the facts outweigh your assertions? The fact is I have not wrecked in 30-plus years of regular “speeding.” That’s some pretty impressive “luck.”

                  Your “statistics” are generalities with lots of bias and unchecked premises, as I have explained already.

                  Everything you say is a kind of rote-recitation of the platitudes taught in government schools. “The people” rule. We live in a “democracy.”

                  It’s sad, really. A kind of stuntedness. Like a child who never attained the age of reason.

                  • You like others seem to think that your personal anecdote is some sort of example. I could just as easily list other examples of people that speeded all their lives and ended up in a serious accident.

                    I listed actual statistics gathered from real world results. The determination also makes sense, driving faster gives you less time to act, and results in accidents that are more serious due to the physics (mass/speed) involved.

                    You deny the science because you feel that you have some sort of moral right to endanger others.

                    • “you have some sort of moral right to endanger others.”
                      Sorry, couldn’t resist.
                      You mean like the state endangering the entire planet with nuclear war? You don’t know the exact source of your statistics, what data was used, or how it might be manipulated or misused. We’ve certainly seen enough statistical lies over the past three years in particular. I prefer Mark Twain’s evaluation, “Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics.

            • Kevin Clayton is a paid mouthpiece spitting up inane nonsense fit only for young children.

              “Speed kills” is completely meaningless drivel used to control a sheeplike population.

              Speed INAPPROPRIATE FOR CONDITIONS — on the other hand — is a true statement.

              Clayton’s — and your — formulation is designed to make you unthinking, obedient, and pay up.

              Mine is designed to make you think about what you’re doing. Speed TOO SLOW FOR CONDITIONS is also dangerous.

              Clayton doesn’t care about that (and evidently neither do you) because it doesn’t enable the state and insurance cartel to steal your money without harming anyone else or even presenting a clearly identifiable threat.

              • If you don’t like the speeding laws and insurance then go ahead and speed and don’t buy insurance. If you get busted just tell the cops that the conditions were fine for the speed you were driving and the insurance cartels are just stealing money. Let him know that taxation is theft and immoral!

                • Cashew,

                  Your attitude is one of flippant contempt for people who object to punishing people who’ve not caused anyone any harm. It’s the attitude of control freak authoritarians – and it’s why we live in an authoritarian, control freak society.

                  I have pointed out – several times, already – that “conservatives” like you are losers, politically. Because you are unwilling to oppose the Left except insofar as haggling over the degree of authoritarianism and at whom it is directed. You defend the status quo as “just the way it is” – and then insult people who think there is a better way than it is.

                  • But you’re wrong about conservatives being losers. Trump won. Filled the Supreme Court with conservatives that just made 3 momentous conservative decisions. And ended Roe v Wade. No I am not happy with the Republican Party but they are not really conservative anyway.

                    What I would like is to return to the rule of law. Follow the laws or try to change them. Why can’t you do simple stuff like buckle your seat belts and follow the speed limits?

                    I want a well ordered society of limited government. Not an anarchy where people decide for themselves what speed they drive on the roads me and my children share with them.

                    I’m fine with you doing whatever you want on your own property but in the public spaces follow the damn laws!

                    • Cashew writes:

                      “Why can’t you do simple stuff like buckle your seat belts and follow the speed limits?”

                      Why can’t you do “simple stuff” like wear a “mask”?

                      Or did you?

                    • Cashew writes:

                      “What I would like is to return to the rule of law. Follow the laws or try to change them.”

                      In other words, mindless obedience to “the law,” whatever it is. And acceptance of punishment for disobeying, because that’s “the law.”


                      “I’m fine with you doing whatever you want on your own property but in the public spaces follow the damn laws!”

                      And how will you prevent “the law” from ordering you about on your own property? As it already does? Your argument that it is sacrosanct because it is not a “public space” holds no water – precisely because people like you have already accepted the principle that “the law” – whatever it is – must be obeyed, so long as it is “the law.”

                      And if you object, then you’re the problem. A “whiner” or “malcontent.”

                      ” . . .but in the public spaces follow the damn laws!”

                      Put on your “mask!” Do not enter this store. If you own the store, close its doors! Do as you’re told. It’s “the law.”

                      Here’s a thought experiment. Let’s say your county passes a law requiring you to fellate the mayor. Will you fellate him? It’s “the law,” after all! I know the example is crude, but that is beside the point – which you seem unable to understand. Here it is, again: If the standard is “the law” – then if “the law” decrees you must fellate the mayor – and you say “the law” must be obeyed – then how can you object to being told “the law” requires that you fellate the mayor?

                      Do you see? Your mindless defense of “the law” leads down that road. The issue is whether “the law” is legitimate and that is not conferred by dint of it being “the law.”

                      “I want a well ordered society of limited government. Not an anarchy where people decide for themselves what speed they drive on the roads me and my children share with them.”

                      How do you “limit government” by empowering it? By accepting that government power exists to “keep you safe” (as opposed to protecting your rights) not only from the risks you fear but also from the fears of others? You take comfort in obeying whatever the arbitrary speed limit happens to be at the moment. But others think current speed limits are “unsafe” and would love to see them arbitrarily lowered. Some would like them reduced to zero.

                      Why should their fears not carry equal weight? And in fact, they do – in your system. If the shivering cattle vote to reduce the speed limit to zero then it’s “the law” and – according to you – just obey!

                      It’s s shame about your children in that they have a parent who is teaching them to love being told to obey “the law” – whatever it is – because it’s “the law.”

                      You would have done better to teach them how to think. Of course, that presumes you had developed that skill yourself, first.

                    • “What I would like is to return to the rule of law.”
                      You are such an easy target, I can’t resist.
                      That would be the “rule of law” that the Psychopaths In Charge use to justify their assumption of authority to KILL you if you disobey. Kneel or die.

                    • Indeed, John –

                      Cashew regurgitates all the bromides taught by the government in government schools. He does not question them or even examine them. Because that would take the critical thinking skills government schools work very hard to stunt.

                    • Cashy is a troll. His comments are all made in bad faith solely to sow discord regarding pro-liberty positions. This really became apparent a couple of weeks ago with “Somalia.” Since then he’s gotten worse. Virtually every comment is designed to agitate, but he occasionally pulls back just a little to try to disguise his game (like saying Mises and Bastiat wrote “good stuff” -Fuck you, Cashy, you disingenuous fuck). I gladly encourage any debate so long as it is conducted in good faith. That’s not Cashy’s game though. I don’t know that he’s even dedicated to a pro-state mindset. That may be just a persona he’s adopted. His game is simply to disrupt and he is to be treated like the rhetorical cancer he is.

                • Why must you promote enslavement like this? Are you stupid? Are you committed to the illusion of safety above all other considerations? Are traffic cops a fetish of yours? Do you just hate everyone else around you?

                  • “Are you committed to the illusion of safety above all other considerations?”

                    That’s a really big one. It’s everywhere in the blue collar factory world. It’s quite obscene.

                    The turtles at the top of the stack have convinced the turtles at the bottom of the stack that it must be so!

                    • Cashy is a product of “public education”. His slavish allegiance to government and “authority” is PROOF of Cashy’s indoctrination (brainwashing).

    • The crime is the threat of imminent physical harm which absolutely requires a violent response. You can’t wait until someone shoots you or hits you to respond. By then it’s too late.

  6. Its always the dogs. Doing what they’re programed to do since the days of caves and fire, to warn us of danger. the jackboots take this barking as evidence of a threat and act out on their boot stomping fantasies usually murdering an innocent family pet.

    The recent six episode show Waco is worth a watch. I was skeptical at first, but IMO it was a very fair portrayal of all sides. Thought it would be some Hollywood propaganda piece on the heroes in blue. It surprised me how poorly the FBI and ATF were portrayed. The narrative rang true, at least for me, it lined up just as I remember it from thirty years ago.

    The writers went to great detail showing the Davidians were a threat to no one. They were happy, healthy and minding their own damn business. The agents surveilling the compound begged and pleaded w/ their superiors not to go in hot, but to grab Korish when he was away from the compound. The ATF wanted a photo op to show how tuff they were on ‘gun crime.’ The whole fiasco can be laid at their feet. Of course no one was held accountable, no one lost their job, or went to prison. The show paints a disturbing picture of out of control power mad lunatics bent on murder of women and children. Add in a heaping helping of arrogance and hubris on the part of the SWAT team and tragedy ensued.

    Nothing has changed in thirty years. In fact, its much worse now as copfucks have learned this behavior is expected, even rewarded. I used to feel like women should never be police. I was young. Now older and putting aside childish beliefs I feel like police forces should be made up entirely of women (real ones, not fake). And not the dikey, lick lick types, only attractive feminine women should be policing the streets. Attractive females have a power to de-escalate situations that doesn’t exist in the roided monsters on loan from the DOD.

    I came to this conclusion when I was recently pulled over for doing 85 in a 55. As I was pulled over, I knew I was getting a ticket, and was pretty amped up about it. (I’m always on guard when being pulled over, putting my hands out the window for the copfuck to see) When the trooper exited the SUV I saw in my rearview she was an attractive, shapely young female. My whole attitude changed. I figured I was still gettin a ticket, but at least I wasn’t at risk of being shot. We had a very pleasant and professional exchange that resulted in only a warning. My wife sat there stunned and speechless as the trooperessss pulled away. We didn’t win the lottery that evening but I still feel pretty lucky.

    • Waco was the end of my shred of respect for Feds law “enforcement “. I kept waiting for repercussions from that travesty, nothing. No accountability for anyone involved including the decision makers. “Too big (powerful) to jail”

      • The Waco series does a really good job tying Waco and Ruby Ridge together. Must see Tee Vee IMO, which is pretty uncommon.

        I’m with you, Waco was when I lost any remaining respect for the feds. The recent lack of accountability is like a huge triple exclamation point. Anyone still giving respect to “the rule of law” needs their head examined.

          • Yes, and the POS got a 2nd term AFTER this happened. All the power players exonerated. Janet Reno, who approved the final assault, during congressional testimony:

            Reno stated – the tanks were “not military weapons…. I mean, it was like a good rent-a-car.”

            And the usual media left wing boot licking, painting the Davidians as right wing religious nuts. No mention of burning children to death by government action, nope, media’s attitude “they brought it on themselves”. Disgusting.

      • The fear on that poor Childs face, disgusting. This idiot belongs in the Fletcher Memorial Home for Incurable Wasters of life and Limb, sucking ice cream in a happy band of tyrants. How is this OK in any world? Maybe we really are living a simulation on an off world hell.

        Not all Dims love war, famine, child sex slavery, and high gas prices. Yet all of them voted for someone who does. But hey….No moar mean tweets. Right?

        If we had a real opposition party they would draft Articles of Impeachment by the end of the day.

    • I don’t think it was a coincidence that Waco occurred the year before the Clinton era “assault weapons” ban was passed. They wanted it for a very long time and had to create a violent event to portray a need for it.

      • His tongue actually came out and licked the poor child. She will probably have night terrors for some time. That father is a shameful POS for not knocking the crap out of Biden.

        The assault weapons ban, the new first time ever (in our lifetime) Republican congress, a possible new direction, then one day, for no reason at all, it went away. Because some right wing terrorists spun out of the Arizona desert and supposedly dropped a building full of ATF records using fertilizer and egg timers.

  7. I watched a few minutes of the congressional hearings while getting ready for work. The FBI director’s statement was eye rolling. Then again the house repugs did not do a good job questioning him as they lobbed imprecise accusations and emotionally loaded statements. This has the same effect of pounding on their chest while crying you big bully as the fbi is clearly anything but ashamed to the contrary they lie and are proud if it as the institution faces zero consequences. This complete ineffectiveness and inaction from our government is why I tuned out of politics and the news coverage thereof a few years ago.

  8. Never, ever forget what they did to Randy Weaver — who harmed no one.

    Weaver was accused of possessing a shotgun 1/4″ less than legal length. He was not accused of committing a crime with it. The charge was most likely an entrapment scheme, as the government wanted to use the gun charge to pressure him into becoming an informant against the Aryan Nation, which he was not a member of. He refused, and they indicted him.

    They fucked up the paperwork and gave him the wrong trial date. When he did not show up at trial because of the wrong date, they issued a bench warrant even though they knew he was given the wrong date.

    They then sent in tactical teams in military combat gear to crawl through the bush at his home. His dog, naturally barked at the strangers and was shot in front of Weaver’s 14-year-old son. Seeing his dog shot from the bushes and thinking he was also being fired at, Weaver’s son and a companion returned fire, killing the unknown government agent. Weaver’s son was also killed by the agent before he died.

    The government then laid siege to Weaver’s home, and FBI sniper and West Point grad Lon Horiuchi deliberately shot Weaver’s wife in the head with a scoped sniper rifle and she was holding a baby, unarmed.

    The government then mocked and taunted Weaver about his wife through loudspeakers for several days until he was convinced by a neutral party to surrender.

    Weaver was charged with murder, despite the fact that he had killed no one — whereas the government had killed his son, dog, and wife.

    When the case went to trial, Weaver was found “not guilty” of the bogus murder charge and also acquitted of the bogus gun charge the government tried to entrap him on.

    But his wife, son and dog remained dead.

    Remember that next time you see your “hero” cops with their “thin blue line” flags.

    Which are not American flags.

    • Amen, X –

      Or those people at Waco, Texas.

      Their “crime”? Being adherents of a “kooky” religion and thus the perfect props for a photo-op “bust” of “dangerous weirdos.” But what had these people done to harm anyone else?


      Their punishment? Burn them to death, notwithstanding that most were women and kids.

    • The federal agent who shot Randy Weaver’s wife was in a concealed position several hundred yards away from her. She was holding a baby at the time so he was not in danger at the time he fired. The agent who killed Randy Weaver’s son shot him in the back so he was not in danger when he fired. No agent was ever indicted. Randy was lucky to be defended at trial by Gerry Spence or he might have been railroaded.

      • Indeed, Rik –

        That bastard – Lon Horiuchi – remains a free man, too.

        What was done to Randy Weaver’s son and wife was judicially sanctioned murder. Just the same as at Waco. These were not isolated incidents, either. Armed government workers regularly murder innocent people in cold blood – and get away with it.

        • Americans have been ‘talking’ liberty, freedom, now for many decades. And each decade,,, each election things just get worse. First it was gun regulations,,, yes all we want to do is make things safer so no sawed off shotguns and from there the cancer has metastasized in to full blown gun ‘laws’. Like anything the mafia does we now have more killings than ever. And of course the answer is always more gun laws. It’s so bad in UK that they have Knife laws. No more pocket knives!

          Today they are nudging your cars away,,, eliminating gas stoves,,, and now air conditioners via the evil refrigerant. How many times are we going to fall for that?

          They are shutting down electric generating plants for their fake climate control scam accusing the burning of what they and many NPCs call fossil fuels. They drill down to 20,000 feet. Doubtful any fossils exist that far down. The moon of Saturn has lakes of oil,,, as far as I know Dino didn’t have space travel before they were wiped out.

          Mankind apparently abhors liberty and freedom. It needs a babysitter and most say governments are it. Problem is the babysitters takes over the houses then bicker among each other causing the wars. Those actually fighting each other have no clue why. We say we fight for freedom, but we know that is not the case. How can fighting in Syria and stealing their oil be a fight for freedom in the US? How can gun running weapons to Nazis be a fight for liberty?

          Likely the US will soon be fighting the evil Russians. Dead GI’s will be coming home and honored for fighting for freedom and the American way. The American way,,, what,,, mutilating kids?

          My free vacation in Viet Nam I saw many Americans dead fighting for freedom and the American way. Today we trade with and defend Viet Nam against the evil Chinese which supply the Walmarts with 2/3rds or more of its inventory. Insanity everywhere.

          • The folks being imported with zero immigration control have little to no concept of US constitutional law, it’s gimme gimme not respect individual rights. Law enforcement here in WA is a joke, “equity” enforcement = mayhem here.

      • Bob Barr, Trump’s Attorney General during the latter part of his presidency, was a high-level official in the FBI at the time and shielded Horiuchi and other agents from investigation and prosecution in order to “protect the image of the FBI. Horiuchi was also present at Waco.

  9. Enforcers is a good description. So is “AGW”. Over the years, I developed my own description which conveys my experience of what these people really are. They are the *violence* arm (or division, bureau, department, …, if you prefer) of the government.

    Plain and simple, these people are hired specifically to apply violence for *whatever* the government sees fit. Period. It doesn’t matter if the “whatever” is a matter of law (e.g., unconstitutional “mandates” or executive orders). It has nothing to do with morality or justice.

    Violence to be applied when and where the government says so *because* they say so. And that’s the extent of the situation. It really is as simple as that.

    For some people that’s good enough, they’re OK with it on its face value. Other people are not and dress it up with lofty ideology, poetic imaginations of heroic defenders, and various symbology. The former group I respect more and the latter much less. Be honest about it, at least. Not that I like it, one little bit but I like it a lot less without the honesty.

    So I will say that any such people that sign up for that job, are not right in the head. Even my wife will give pause and ask, “anybody?” with wide eyes. Her and I agree on 99% of all politics and morality — a rare situation apparently. She, being more generous and forgiving that I, is hesitant to “condemn” (or generalize) broad groups of people.

    My answer: I’m sorry but, for the few people that innocently signed up that are not *yet* wrong in the head, there will be two outcomes. One, they will realize the situation and quit or two, they will become fully wrong in the head. Period.

    Put it in perspective like this: take anyone of any moral fiber. Imagine that person decides to join MS-13… for any reason, e.g., “to bring more ethical or moral behavior to them” (etc). That person will not change MS-13, it is immune to such changes. That person will change or that person will leave. Joining in the first place is clear indication of something, at least mildly, not right in the head in the first place.

    “But my good friends mom and dad are in LEOs and they’re good people!” (etc, ad nauseum). They may be good people based on what they have done or not. But, remaining in that organization, they are not right in the head AT BEST and at worst are not really who you think (i.e., much, much worse).

    As I’ve said before, having lived in gangland territory, I could reason (to some extent) with actual gang members. They lived down the street, they have real constraints and face real consequences. AGW have no such limitations and, more often than not, cannot be reasoned with for that very fact. That makes them super dangerous.

    I lived for years within the “turf” (aka precinct) of the Rodney King beaters aka “The Foothill Division” and they are worse than anyone really knows, I promise.

    • Libertarianism is not and does not pretend to be a complete moral, or aesthetic theory; it is only a political theory, that is, the important subset of moral theory that deals with the proper role of violence in social life. Political theory deals with what is proper or improper for government to do, and government is distinguished from every other group in society as being the institution of organized violence. Libertarianism holds that the only proper role of violence is to defend person and property against violence, that any use of violence that goes beyond such just defense is itself aggressive, unjust, and criminal. Libertarianism, therefore, is a theory which states that everyone should be free of violent invasion, should be free to do as he sees fit except invade the person or property of another. What a person does with his or her life is vital and important, but is simply irrelevant to libertarianism.

      It should not be surprising, therefore, that there are libertarians who are indeed hedonists and devotees of alternative lifestyles, and that there are also libertarians who are firm adherents of “bourgeois” conventional or religious morality. There are libertarian libertines and there are libertarians who cleave firmly to the disciplines of natural or religious law. There are other libertarians who have no moral theory at all apart from the imperative of non-violation of rights. That is because libertarianism per se has no general or personal moral theory.

      — Murray Rothbard

    • Actually, American military personnel have much more restrictive “rules of engagement” than American police officers. Military personnel who train to become police officers are surprised that “qualified immunity” shields them from being responsible for behavior that would get them court-martialed for their actions.
      Both “absolute immunity” and “qualified immunity” must be abolished and replaced with a “bonding system” for all public officials.
      Please see my previous post on “carve-out” legislation which makes public officials and “law enforcers” more equal than us mere mundane citizens.
      Hell, even illegal aliens have more rights than us native-born citizens. Most people are unaware that illegal aliens are able to sue drug manufacturers while American citizens are not permitted such redress.
      My final point is that American “law enforcement” gets free training in israel, even being provided free trips to israel to “see how it’s done”.
      “We are all Palestinians, now”.

  10. ‘Keeping the peace’ is rather pointless, when overseas permawars are deeply ingrained US policy.

    Just months after its humiliating expulsion from Kabul, the US found a new foreign adventure in Ukraine. Predictably, after over $100 billion spent by “Biden,” the Ukies are stalemated and have zero hope of recovering lost territory.

    But the war is highly profitable for US defense contractors. ‘This is fine,’ they complacently declare, as Ukie cities burn, and materiel and corpses litter the wheat fields.

    Veterans from foreign wars in places such as Iraq, where every local is a potential terrorist, get recycled into US law enforcement after discharge. This feeds a system of militarized policing. Yet crime rates are soaring in the wake of the covid mindfuck.

    It’s turning into a very bumpy ride for the grossly misruled US empire. Its rulers delusionally think (or claim) that climate change is their greatest threat. They should worry about economic collapse — and the blame for it being placed personally on them.

    Merry Ceaușescu Christmas, chumps. :-0

    • Hi Jim,

      It appears that they’re pushing this “Climate change” narrative as a means of keeping people from turning on them while at the same time scaring the masses into giving THEM MORE MONEY & POWER. “If you give globalist technocrats and the government more money & power, drive an EV, eat bugs & frankenfood, and live in a 15 minute city, the planet will be saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaved!” (Sarcasm)

  11. There’s video out there of police officers in this country and around the world assaulting people who were protesting draconian COVID rules set by government or weren’t wearing face diapers if they were in large groups. Why, IIRC, even a police officer in Canada attacked a little old lady who was with the truckers protesting their petty dictator’s COVID jab mandates. Her crime? Apparently it was supporting the truckers that Justin Trudeau called RACISTS, WHITE SUPREMACISTS, etc., for protesting his vaxx mandates.

  12. A far better judicial system, and likely the one intended in the founding of this former republic, is to have few criminal courts, and lot’s and lot’s of civil courts. Wherein one who is harmed has opportunity to redress the harm. Criminal courts reserved for the most egregious harm, criminal activity in government, or a case where the plaintiff is dead.

    • Indeed John,
      That was probably the rationale for “a well regulated militia….” part of the 2nd amendment, having themselves being on the receiving end of unaccountable British authorities.

  13. “The vast majority of the disputes that the police initiate on behalf of their employer are also adjudicated by their employer, where the plaintiff, the judge, the antagonist (the police) and the only witness (also the police), all represent, and are paid by, the same party – the state. It is obvious that the state should not have this illegitimate authority against a hapless public. Additionally, every effort is made to ensure that a jury trial is barred.”

    No Victim No Crime – On a jury?… Nullify

    • 👍 Correct. None of the participants are unbiased. All have a conflict of interest that precludes any possibility of justice.

  14. This has been building for years. It will, eventually, come to a head or we will all be in the Gulag.

    What is particularly rich is that some of these Armed Agencies have on their vehicles, “In God We Trust”. What they don’t state is the obvious, “Everyone Else is a Suspect”.

  15. Major changes must take place, not only for “law enforcement” but for federal, state, and local governments in general.
    “Equal justice under law” must be the norm, not the exception. One case in point is the “carve-outs” that police and other public officials reserve for themselves, one example being certain types of weapons that are “off-limits” and unavailable to ordinary citizens but legally available to police and other public officials. California comes to mind with so-called “assault weapon bans” and “magazine capacity restrictions” which apply to the citizenry but not to police and public officials.
    Both “absolute” and “qualified immunity” must be abolished for ALL public officials, not just for “law enforcement” personnel. This “immunity” makes a mockery of “equal justice under law”‘.
    Replace “official immunity” with a “bonding agency” system where the basic cost of a bond is covered by the respective municipality or government agency while surcharges would be borne by the individual office holder himself. Failure to procure a “bond” would preclude the individual from working in that governmental capacity. No-bond=no job.
    Finally, a Constitutional Amendment is needed to reign in Congress and other federal government departments as well.
    To wit: Congress shall pass no law that does not apply equally to itself, the legislative and executive branches of the federal government, its agencies, divisions and subdivisions.
    Keep in mind that Congress routinely exempts itself from laws that is passes for “the rest of us”. A good example of this is the exemption that Congress gave itself concerning the COVID “jabs” that were pushed on “the rest of us”. THAT has to change.

  16. The two house cats are at the door about 5 o’clock every morning to go outside for their morning walkabout. After a few minutes, the birds start singing. By about 7 o’clock, there is a dead bird at the back door. One cat kills songbirds on a daily basis. Can’t be helped and nobody can stop the carnage.

    There is danger out there, no matter the species. Dogs and cats don’t always get along, some do, some don’t.

    Not everybody sees eye-to-eye, some people even kill other people… by the millions… been going on for centuries and it is doubtful it will stop anytime soon.

    Not a lot of tourism in Ukraine these days unless you want to fight like hell against the Russians. Go for it, fight for no country, just good pay, be the mercenary action figure!

    The Triad in China has a sordid history. If they decide to kill somebody, they’re gonna.

    Speaking of harming individuals, at Lew Rockwell today there is an article about the Kennedy assassination and problems surrounding the autopsy. Kind of a red flag.

    The Achille’s Heel of the Kennedy Assassination is the title.

    On the front page, easy to find at Lew Rockwell.


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