Latest Radio: Liberty Conspiracy w/Gard Goldsmith

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Here’s the audio of my appearance earlier this week on Gard Goldsmith’s Liberty Conspiracy show. We talked about good ideas vs. bad ones, the latter defined as those requiring force to get people to go along with them – among other things!

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  1. Host says Moses said men to be ruled under the law. Has anyone ever wondered why men (the human animal specie) is ruled by laws and no other animal is?

    Think about it, do Gorillas have laws or holy books? Do Gorillas pray to god for shelter, or food or to get to heaven? No? Why is that? Have you ever wondered if humans evolved on this planet, then why do humans have 4,000 unique diseases while the rest of the primates do not? How can monkeys and apes be so strong while we are so weak?

    Consider this as an alt hypothesis to the Bible and Evolution – humans were created by space aliens, who engineered us as a slave race, and part of this earth slave hominid package is we would be ruled by laws, with prisons, to force us into compliance of being slaves. If you do not follow the laws then you are either killed, flogged, tortured, or put into the gulag.

    Humans were put here on earth, by a superior race (aka the gods) and from Day 1 we were slaves, have always been slaves, always under the law, etc. The Bible myth confuses the issue, we were illegally and immorally created, by an evil race, and thus with our sentient brains tend to do evil. In fact many like to do evil, like Lindsey Graham.

    Libertarians dream of the day of self rule, liberation from the evil we slave under. I sincerely doubt that will ever happen, because that is not part of program for us. We are slaves, have always been slaves, and we are now slated for extinction. I think the conspiracy theory that the human pop of 8 billion being trimmed to 500 million is not only valid, but underway. I think that with Ai and robots coming on line, we will have outlived our usefulness, and by 2100 organic humans will be a small minority.

    Ray Kurzweil (Google tech chief) says in his futurist books that by 2045 robots will be indistiguisible from humans. Unbelievable? So are the cell phone or the personal computer. Ai is here now. How long until Ai figures out that we are the threat to it?

    Humans are the only animal with a holy book, that says in the end we all die.


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